• Reliable Energy Storage. Proven Customer Satisfaction.

    Reliable Energy Storage. Proven Customer Satisfaction.

    Ice Bear fleets are proven, reliable, and distributed with no single point of failure. 98% system capacity availability to customers life-to-date.

  • Cost Effective

    Lowest Cost Distributed Energy Storage

    Ice Bear fleets are cost-competitive compared to traditional peaking generation and other energy storage systems. Pricing is turnkey and final, no overages or unexpected costs.

  • Fully Dispatchable. Infinitely Flexible.

    Fully Dispatchable. Infinitely Flexible.

    Utilities easily dispatch and control the Ice Bear through the integrated CoolData™ controller, without disrupting grid architecture or existing systems.

  • Clean Technology. Cleaner Communities.

    Clean Technology. Cleaner Communities.

    Ice Bears’ mature technology has no emissions, support the integration of intermittent renewables, and can consume clean, off peak, night-time energy.

  • Local Solutions. Local Benefits.

    Local Solutions. Local Benefits.

    Made in the USA. Ice Energy hires and contracts locally, nearly half of all costs are re-invested in the local communities we serve.

Energy Storage Doesn’t Get Any Cooler Than This

Clock Fleet Operating Hours

Ice Energy’s proven Ice Bear system is the most cost effective and reliable distributed energy storage solution for the grid. The Ice Bear delivers up to six hours of clean, firm, non-fatiguing stored energy daily and is fully dispatchable by the utility. Ice Bear projects are job engines, creating long-term green jobs in the hosting communities.
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