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The Power of Ice

By shifting when energy is used, storage saves money, reduces emissions, increases efficiency, improves reliability, and makes better use of clean, renewable energy.

For utilities, it means the ability to use cleaner, more efficient and less expensive off peak power to produce and store energy to meet peak demand, providing the equivalent of thousands of megawatts of clean peaking power.

In turn, this helps reduce overall demand on the electric system, lowers stress on the grid, and reduces the risk of brownouts and blackouts – even on the hottest days.

And, because power generated at night is cleaner, more abundant, and less expensive, it also means improvements in efficiency and savings in electric system operating costs. And this helps to keep consumer electricity rates as low as possible.

For businesses and building owners, storage delivers reduced daytime energy consumption, increased efficiency and lower energy costs, a smaller environmental footprint, longer equipment life, and more consistent cooling comfort – no matter how hot it gets outside. Along with these benefits come hundreds of family-wage, green collar jobs for the communities where utility-scale storage projects are installed.

This new approach to meeting peak energy demand helps utilities to deliver reliable, affordable electric service to their customers in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner – now and into the future.

That’s the power of Ice.

Intelligent, utility-scale energy storage.

A business model that makes sense for everyone. 

At Ice Energy, utility companies are our customers.  Simply put, we sell aggregated blocks of distributed energy storage and the associated load shifting benefits, on a multi-megawatt scale, to utilities, who fund the installation of individual Ice Bear units directly on customer buildings within their service territory.  

The utility owns and operates the asset – just like it would a meter, transformer, or other piece of utility equipment. Through our branded Project Cool Move deployment program, Ice Energy handles all site identification and acquisition, installation, and maintenance. And the customer enjoys all the economic, environmental and performance benefits of adding storage to their facility – at no cost to them.

These distributed resources, when aggregated and managed in real time as a single resource, deliver cost-effective, grid-scale storage and performance to utilities. A fleet of aggregated and centrally controlled Ice Bear energy storage units can help a utility to better manage its load, levelizing demand across peak and off-peak periods.

Using lower-cost, off-peak power to meet peak demand reduces the need for high-cost, on-peak power and delivers significant savings in operating costs to the utility and the customers and communities they serve. 

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