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3M AquaPure

3M AquaPure Picture

3M AquaPure Picture

A n overwhelming modern issue that seems to be affecting more and more households as the days pass is that of poor water quality. Thankfully, no matter the contaminant types you are dealing with, there is a solution for you to solve your problems and be able to drink clean water when you’re at home. Alas, drinking water isn’t the sole concern as we use tap water for cooking, washing fruits and veggies, and cleaning ourselves. Thus, its quality impacts us in more ways than one.

Water that tastes better and looks clearer is what the 3M AquaPure line of water purification products promises to deliver and offers, their wide range of systems catering to the demands of households where clean water is not achievable without external help. Their line of whole house water filters is what we will focus on here as these are the products that ensure clean water before it is outputted through taps or being used by household appliances.


General presentation

Picture Performance Data
Cartridge Lifespan Micron Rating Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
Approx. 6 months 5 microns 20 GPM 100 PSI 100°F
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Other mention-worthy information:

  • Heavy-duty head assembly and plastic housing ensure long-lasting durability despite the cheap asking price.
  • Includes 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet connections that allow it to satisfy the needs of families without hassle.
  • Features a built-in pressure relief valve that conveniently depressurizes the housing when cartridge change-outs are performed.
  • It can accept other cartridges besides the AP810 model, more precisely AP811 and AP814 that tend to rust and dirt removal, and AP815 and AP817 that tend to taste and odor removal.

Filtration Technology

As aforementioned, the AP810 cartridge is included with the system, which means that you will benefit from dirt and sediment removal. It ensures a 20 GPM flow rate, and it contains two different micron layers for extra purification. The way these layers work is that near the exterior is where large-sized particles are trapped, progressively finer ones being entrapped near the core of the filter.

Remember to change it every 6 to 12 months as its filtration capabilities will start to drop by that point, and you will notice pressure reduction as a consequence of delaying replacement. If you notice a sudden drop in flow rate, replace it immediately even if the minimum of 6 months haven’t passed yet.


General presentation

Picture Performance Data
Cartridge Lifespan Micron Rating Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
Approx. 6 months 5 microns 8 GPM 125 PSI 100°F
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System Analysis

  • Protects from scaling which is associated with hard water. However, if hard water is a pressing issue, we recommend you opt for a water softening system that is specifically designed to soften hard water.
  • Designed to allow use on city and well water systems, which adds to versatility in use.
  • See here the best whole house water filters for well if you want to check out other systems that can tackle the contaminants that are typical for this type of water supply.
  • The built-in pressure relief valve endorses fast cartridge changes as the housing is depressurized.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty on parts and labor so that you don’t spend money out of your pocket if repairs or replacements caused by malfunctions are needed.
  • The 3/4” NPT inlet/outlet connections are to thank for the high, unrestricted flow rates provided by the system.
  • Third-party certifications are awarded for the water quality improvements it provides, including NSF and WQA certifications.
The AP11T plastic housing of the system can be used in conjunction with other cartridges besides the AP110, more precisely the AP117, AP124, APS117, AP1001, AP420, and AP1003.

AP903 & AP904

Both systems belong to the AP900 series, which means that their specifications and features are common. What differs is that they incorporate different media for water purification, which means that they cater to different decontamination needs.

General presentation

Performance Data
Capacity Micron Rating Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
100,000 gallons 5 microns 20 GPM 125 PSI 100°F

Other mention-worthy information:

  • Both models feature the Sanitary Quick Change that endorses fast and simple replacement of the cartridges when the time comes for the procedure, without requiring the use of a special wrench.
  • Systems feature 1-inch NPT connections that are to thank for the high flow rates and the easy installation process.
  • Both models come with electronic countdown timer fridge magnets that serve quite a convenient purpose as they remind you when cartridge changing is due so that you don’t accidentally skip on this important procedure.

Filtration Technology

AP903 Picture Details Regarding Filtration
It uses a carbon block filtration media which features a non-woven pleat media to diminish sediment particles down to 5 microns for water quality enhancement.
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AP904 Picture Details Regarding Filtration
It uses a scale inhibition and carbon block filter media with a non-woven pleat to not only reduce sediments it encounters down to 5 microns but to get rid of chlorine taste and smell while eliminating scale build-up.
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SS4 EPE 316L

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General Presentation

  • The housing is compatible with 4 double open-ended type cartridges so that you have your pick and choose the filtration media that caters to your specific needs or go for all of them, these 4 models comprising the AP110, the AP124, the AP117, and the AP420.
  • Designed to be utilized for municipal and well water systems, which means that regardless of the water source you use, it will cater to your needs.
  • As it features 1.5-inch vertical NPT connections, it provides flow rates of up to 32 GPM.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction ensures that it won’t suffer degrading as time passes even if the environment is harsh where it is installed.
  • Depending on your exact cartridge selection, it will handle temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compatible Filter Cartridges

  • AP110: Features a graded density design and grooved surface which increases its capacity to hold dirt while boasting a longer lifespan than similar cartridges. The maximum operating temperature it can withstand is 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can reduce algae, turbidity, rust, sediment, particulate, and dirt down to 5 microns in size.
  • AP124: This carbon block with sediment filter media can reduce dangerous pollutants, including rust, corrosion, dirt, sediment, and particulates. It lowers sediment down to 50 microns nominal and boasts a polypropylene rigid construction that eliminates the unloading of sediments caused by water pressure fluctuations.
  • AP117: Requiring replacement approximately once every 6 months, it won’t need you to tend to it too often. It features gaskets on both ends to seal within the housing and prevent impure water bypass. The polypropylene used in its manufacturing ensures sediment reduction, and it is capable to lessen chlorine taste and smell as well.
  • AP420: Grooved surface design increases its lifespan and the total surface area that touches the water running through your pipes. It tackles sediments under 5 microns in size and requires replacement only twice per year, all while the scale inhibition media prevents the dangerous scale from building up on your water heater.


What we like the most about 3M AquaPure is that it has released a wide range of water filtration systems to cater to the needs of all potential customers. Best of all, their products come at reasonable prices that make them more affordable options when compared to their direct competitors. Before we end, let’s see what the manufacturer brings to the table once again.

The AP801-C boasts a 20 GPM flow rate that ensures water pressure won’t lower after you install it, and it is compatible with a variety of cartridges to let you pick according to the water quality issue you are confronted with – the compatible cartridges include the AP810 meant for dirt and sediment removal, the AP811 and AP814 meant for rust and dirt removal, and the AP815 and AP817 meant for chlorine taste and scent removal.

Another solution is provided by the AP903 and AP904 that incorporate effective filter media to tackle sediment deposits and other contamination issues. As hardness is quite a common issue, 3M provides a solution to soften the water and ensure the longevity of appliances that use it in their operational process like the washing machine and keep the plumbing scale-free, more precisely the AP11T. Overall, regardless of your water-related problem, you are bound to find a solution if you look into what this manufacturer has to offer.

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