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Alkalux 2507


I f you haven’t purchased a top of the line water ionizer until now because of the high pricing these systems generally come at, you can now forget about this detail thanks to the Alkalux 2507 that comes at maybe half the price of other variants in its operational range. However, the low price doesn’t imply that this is a lesser quality product, which makes it all the more appealing for purchase. If you seek to get more info on the system before you jump in and make the purchase, take a few minutes out of your time to read this article.

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The electrolysis process happens when the water reaches the plates of the ionizer, which electrically charge the water, and this model uses 7 high-quality plates covered in titanium to ensure the best results and the longest durability. The plates offer over 240 sq. in. of plate surface area to handle large amounts of water.

It comes with a self-cleaning feature that removes residues that gather on the filter while the water runs through them. The advanced technology it uses enables it to offer you not one, but six healthy water options that will suit your needs for a wide range of household activities. You will have the option to choose between:

  • Three types of alkaline water;
  • Two types of acidic water;
  • One type of non-ionized purified water.

The lightest alkaline water is good for drinking, while the medium and strong settings are better suited for cooking. The light acidic water is good for washing your body, the strong acidic is good for household chores, and the purified water is suited for drinking and taking medications.

Alkalux 2507 Spec Sheet
pH Levels 3.5 – 10.0
Filters Activated carbon filter, ceramic filter
Plates 7, titanium covered
ORP Range -780 mV
Filter Change Approx. 6 months
Operating Pressure Range 0.1 – 0.5 MPa
Display LCD display
Wattage 180W
Warranty 7 years
Dimensions 15.7” W x 4.5” D x 16.4” H
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Ionization properties

These machines are good at adjusting the pH level in the tap water, which makes the water healthier and regulates the acid levels in the human body. Moreover, alkaline water can manage to minimize oxidation as it is electrically charged water that is absorbed deeper in the tissues and cells of your body. Depending on the quality of your tap water, this system offers an ORP capability of -780 mV. Moreover, it’s able to produce water with a pH level ranging from 3.5 to 10, so there will always be a type of water to match your needs.

Filtration properties

Everybody is aware of the benefits of alkaline water to the health, from protecting bones and tissues to neutralizing the acidic reflux. These benefits are increased by the filtration properties of the machine, which combines the cleaning powers of two types of filters.

The first one is an activated carbon fiber filter, and the second is a composite ceramic filter. Both filter media work against a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and some heavy metals commonly found in tap water. Although it includes a self-cleaning feature, both filters need to be replaced from time to time in order to yield at high standards and not let any kind of impurity reach your glass.

Alkalux 2507 Image

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Ease of use

With the large LCD control panel and the voice prompt that guides you through the menu, you will not have trouble operating it. The LCD display shows the status of the device, the pH concentration level, and the filter replacement status, while the voice notifications make it easier for you to choose the desired function. Installation is very easy as you simply connect the device to the faucet, and although it was designed to sit on the left of the sink, the long hose it comes with allows you to place it on either side of the sink.

Warranty and Support

Backing it provided for 7 years by the manufacturer, which might not be as impressive as the lifetime warranty top-rated models come with, but still exceeds industry standard. Considering its build quality and the positive reviews it has received, you are sure to be more than satisfied with the purchase. There’s even a 75-day trial period provided so that you can test it and see how easily it handles purifying and ionizing the water. In case any operational aspect displeases you, return it and receive a full refund.


Simplistic in its design so that even first-time owners won’t be confronted with issues operating it, the Alkalux is a system we are compelled to recommend as it combined quality performance in terms of filtration and ionization with a rather reasonable price tag that makes it acquirable by a wider range of customers. It doesn’t ask much in the way of maintenance either, which is a plus seeing how upkeep tasks generally take time and end up costing money as well.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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