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Apex MR-1050

Apex MR-1050 Picture

Apex MR-1050 Picture

S ince it has antioxidant properties, alkaline water balances the radicals in our bodies, slowing the aging process and holding back various diseases. Its decreased acidity makes it a source of health for our bodies while offering fresh and uncontaminated water. This is where a water filter will do its job the best. Below, we present the Apex MR-1050 evaluation, a product that is sure to please and amaze you from the beginning. Proudly crafted in the USA, by a popular and trustworthy brand, it features ingenious and safe technology so to offer you healthy drinking water.


Temperature Maximum Feed Pressure Capacity Flow pH
41°F to 100°F 41°F to 100°F 750 Gallons 0.75 gpm < 3 ppm
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5-Stage Filtration System

Using an industry-leading combo of filters, it reduces impurities in tap water, such as the unpleasant chlorine and debris, maybe the most common sediments lurking in the water. Apex clears away dangerous metals like lead and mercury, along with pest killers too, to provide you with crystal clear, fresh, and clean tap water. More to be mentioned, the system helps balance the pH of water, transforming it into alkaline so that it can bring even more healthy effects on your body.

Despite being just a single filter, it encloses 5 stages of filtration to enlarge space but also to provide neat and bright alkaline water.

  • MicroFlet Pad – This first stage is meant to cut out the tiniest particles like rust, dust, and sand, to enrich the water’s quality.
  • 5 Micron KDF Layer – Thanks to the second stage, microorganisms are controlled, while bacteria and heavy materials will be quickly removed.
  • Granular Activated Carbon Layer -The third layer eliminates the chlorine odor and taste, as well as the organic chemicals and chloramine.
  • Alkaline Layer – The Alkaline beads add beneficial minerals like magnesium and potassium, to provide you with mineralized water.
  • Calcite Layer – The fifth phase is meant to deliver water with the proper amount of calcium, which leads, further, to an improved metabolism.

Apex MR-1050 Picture
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Design & Installation

When buying a countertop filter, the design is one of the aspects to pay attention to, since the unit will be placed in sight. The MR-1050 boasts a very compact and slim design so it will take a fraction of your counter space. Measuring only 6 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height, it manages to keep a low profile without overcrowding the counter.

As for mounting, it easily matches most standard faucet nozzles and the installation can be performed without any assistance from a professional. All you have to do is tighten the collar of the system to the tap nozzle in your kitchen. Once attached to the water spout, it is ready to sanitize the water and turn it into a healthier one.

Check out the top-rated countertop water filters here to compare the reviewed product with other top of the line selections and form a clear opinion regarding what system suits your needs.

Safe & Eco-friendly

Given that we are referring to a product designed by such a reputable company, all the materials used in the manufacturing process have been carefully selected after rigorous tests. So, we can discuss a BPA-free and lead-free formula, making the tap water safe for drinking. The final product comes with all the required certifications that state it as risk-free.

Together with all these, it is a trustworthy choice meant to eradicate the multitude of plastic bottles booming into landfills. By having your own filtered water at home, you will no longer purchase water bottles, so pollution will be considerably diminished.
Apex MR-1050 Picture

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There were many details that convinced us of the quality, the convenience, and the outstanding results of this water purification system. Not only can it eliminate chlorine’s taste and odor but it can also raise the pH level up to 8.5. Moreover, some of its upsides are represented by the easiness of setting up and cost-effectiveness. Even though the annual maintenance is a bit higher, it is undoubtedly a recommended water filtration system.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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