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Bawell Platinum

A re you in the market for a great water ionizer? Then, take a look at the Bawell Platinum and see what it can do for you. The high-quality components and technologies guarantee the best results in filtering and ionizing your regular tap water. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it a hassle-free addition to your house and multiple water types so you can use it for many chores.

Ionization properties

The pH is the one targeted in order to get the desired level of acidity or alkalinity. This unit allows you to obtain, as a result of the ionization process, a pH with values between 3 and 11.5. Thus you can control the water you get depending on the purpose. If you are going to use it for cleaning around the house, it is always better to lower the pH so it can act more efficiently on the dirt. On the other hand, for drinking, you will want alkaline water.

You should also check the ORP, which means the oxidation-reduction process, and can tell you how efficient is this unit in producing water that can protect the tissues and cells in your body. At -800, you can rest assured, that this machine is the best you can get for your health.

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Technical specifications

If you take a look at the functioning mode of the unit, you will discover 7 solid titanium platinum-coated plates that cover a total surface area of 144 sq in through which the water is electrically charged. The device can handle a water flow rate of 2 gallons of water every minute and it comes with an automatic reverse cleaning that happens at every startup and shutdown. There is a voice indicator that plays every function of the unit and you have the possibility to adjust the volume level of the voice.

It comes with 5 power settings that offer a total of 40 different alkaline and acidic water levels, as there are 8 pre-programmed levels on each power setting. Therefore, you can obtain Weak Alkaline, Medium Alkaline, Strong Alkaline, Ultra Strong Alkaline, Purified Water, Weak Acidic, Medium Acidic, and Strong Acidic.

Overall Dimensions (inch) 78.7 x 47.2 x 125
Anti-Oxidant Potential Range +600 – -420 ORP
Maximum Operating Temperature 140°F
Number Of Filter Systems 1
Number Of pH Settings 5
Maximum Power Usage 160 Watts
Water Pressure 70-350Kpa
Number Of Electrodes 5
Flow Rate Per Minute 3 liters
Warranty Lifetime
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Bawell Platinum Image

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Filtration properties

The filter life counter on the front of the machine will let you know with a voice notification when you should replace the filter. For added safety, it’s made with BPA-free materials that have been approved by the health institutions, and it includes an electrolytic antibacterial system that kills germs and bacteria from the water. It uses an internal dual filtration technology that combines a granular activated carbon filter and a pre-activated carbon filter. The filtration stages are:

  • First Stage – The first filter can last for 5000 liters or 1320 gallons of water, which means more than a year at 4 gallons of water every day
  • Second Stage – The second filter can handle 6000 liters or 1585 gallons, reaching a lifespan of a year and a half at filtering 4 gallons per day

Both the granular activated carbon filter and the pre-activated carbon filter can remove a wide range of contaminants like chlorine, harmful pesticides, industrial solvents often found in tap water, volatile organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, radon, benzene, arsenic, mercury, lead, chromium, and bad taste and odors caused by various pollutants. You can also forget about dangerous toxins and micro-pollutants that get into the tap water for various reasons and can pose a threat to your health.

Warranty and Support

To encourage you to opt for their product, the manufacturer is offering you a generous lifetime warranty on parts and labor, and 60 days when you can have your money back in case you are not satisfied with the product. The official website contains a phone number so you can contact a technician for support and you can find filters and accessories available for purchase.

Bottom Line

As can easily be seen, this is a high-end machine. Tremendous care was put into manufacturing it, starting from the housing, which is not only strong but stylish as well, and ending with the electrodes and the filters. It can produce both alkaline water and acidic water therefore can be used for multiple purposes. In the first case, alkaline water is the best drinking water you can get, while in the second case, you can use acidic water for cosmetic treatments and cleaning.

Furthermore, as it has antimicrobial proprieties, you can connect this machine to a well water source and enjoy it without fear that it may be contaminated. Last but not least, it is able to purify and alkalize a large volume of water in a short time, so it is the best choice for large families.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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