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Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB_PF2

Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB_PF2 Picture

Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB_PF2 Picture

Y ou don’t necessarily need an intricate whole house water filter system to remove health-threatening contaminants as there are more simplistic products that deliver clean drinking water on demand. The Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB is a system you can confidently rely on for this specific purpose, the travel, standalone filter dispensing clean water on demand. It does require manual refilling, which is inconvenient, but there are several capacity options to pick from depending on the size of your household to ensure it won’t be a frequent occurrence.

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Spec Sheet

Capacity Filtration Rate Size Material Serves
3.25 gallons 4 gallons per hour 23” H x 9.5” D 304 stainless steel 2-4 people
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It measures 23 inches H and 9.5 inches D and considering that it is a countertop system, you benefit from its design as it won’t take up much space where you place it. An interesting fact regarding its design is that the upper chamber can nest within the lower chamber so that it will stand at a small 15.25-inch height for more convenient transport and storage. Considering that it weighs only 8 pounds when it is empty, relocating it whenever you need won’t be problematic either. Its 304 stainless steel construction adds to its design appeal while ensuring it won’t rust or decay in any way as time passes.

Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB_PF2 Picture
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Its portable design gives you a run for your money as it ensures you will benefit from water filtration at home, at work, or anywhere else you go. Performance-wise, since it delivers a maximum 8 gallons per hour purification rate if you expand it and it can hold up to 3.25 gallons of water, it caters to households where 2 to 4 people reside. There are no features worth talking about, however, as it boasts a simplistic design. Just fill it with water from the tap and use the dispenser to fill your glass with clean drinking water.

  • Multiple capacity options: There are 5 capacity options that you can pick between depending on the size of your household and hydration habits. These 5 options include a 1.5-gallon model, a 2.25-gallon model, the 3.25-gallon model we are reviewing right now, a 4.5-gallon model, and a 6-gallon model.
  • Expandability: The system as it comes includes 2 water purification elements, but you can add as many as 4 elements, so you will almost double its filtration rate as it goes from 4 GPH to 7 GPH.
  • Filtration versatility: In its lower chamber, you can install up to four filters for fluoride and arsenic reduction, while in the superior chamber, you can install a total of four ceramic elements. This design grants it the possibility to remove a wide range of contaminants.
  • Included with the purchase: Upper and lower chamber, spigot, two ceramic filter elements, rubber gasket for base protection, two washers, two blocking plugs, stainless steel lid, two wingnuts.
  • There is no need for current, plumbing, or chemicals to make it operational. Just fill it with water, and it will proceed to filter out any contaminants so that it will dispense clean water.
It can be utilized to cleanse rainwater, tap, well, pond, basically all water regardless of the source.

Berkey Royal RB4x2-BB_PF2 Picture
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Each set of two filters provides up to 23,000 liters of purification prior to the requirement of replacement, so you won’t spend too much money on maintenance routine with this portable system. Here are some of the health-threatening contaminants it helps remove:

  • Volatile organic compounds;
  • Chlorine taste and odor;
  • Heavy metals;
  • Cysts;
  • Viruses;
  • Hazardous chemical contaminants;
  • Parasites.

Warranty & Support

It is backed by a 6-month warranty on parts and labor, while the filtration elements are covered for 2 years after the acquisition date. Considering that it is a travel water purification system, the duration of the warranty agreement is quite satisfying, especially if you take into consideration the fact that it does not come at an exuberant price either. Furthermore, you can feel free to contact customer support over the telephone or email for any issues related to the functioning of the system, and you will receive immediate, professional help.

Final Thoughts

For small- to medium-sized households of 2 to 4 people, the Berkey Royal could just prove to be the go-to when it comes to on-spot water filtration. Reliable and not as demanding as most systems when it comes to upkeep, all that it requires is replacing the filters after every 23,000 liters of water are purified. This feat is made all the more impressive considering that the product is sold for less than $500. Best of all, it does its job at cleaning the impurities from the water without depleting it of beneficial minerals, so your body continues to receive everything it requires during hydration.

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