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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House

Box Fan in Bedroom Window

Box Fan in Bedroom Window


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W hen it comes to picking the right fan, size matters. We all want a powerful beast that can chill the room in a second, but few of us are willing to put up with a huge structure that, on top, can be super loud. Luckily, box fans are the perfect compromise between power and size, and, the good news is, they come at affordable prices.

Our research focused on finding the best box fans on the market, and in this direction, we have analyzed over 80 models. We looked into their construction, motor strength, airflow limits, and noise values, and highlighted their pros and cons, so keep reading to get accurate information that will help you make the best decision.

If you’re looking for a unit with a bit more “juice” in it when it comes to cooling capabilities, then a high velocity fan might be a better option for you.

Top 11 Box Fans Compared

Blade Diameter
Maximum Airflow
Room Coverage
Number of Blades
Speed Settings
Power Rating

Best Overall
4,650 CFM

Editor’s Choice
3,460 CFM
2,163 CFM
Medium to Large

Best for the Money
2,400 CFM
Medium to Large

Best for Window
1,800 CFM

Best for White Noise
459.8 CFM
Up to 500 sq. ft.
236 CFM
Up to 300 square feet
153 CFM
350 CFM

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Box Fans?

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  • B-Air FIRTANA-20X SAFF-20: If you are looking for industrial power, this unit is strong enough to provide it. It has a solid construction that will last over time, even if you use it in tough conditions. The airflow can cover the space of a warehouse or a professional garage. Moreover, as it can be mounted on the wall, you can keep the floor clear for your activities.
  • Lasko 20″ 2264QM: You can keep your house comfortable during the summer while maintaining your energy bills low. This fan is less expensive than an air conditioner and cheaper to run, and we must confess that we were impressed with its capabilities. Reliable and easy to customize, it will make a nice addition to every house, garage, or business space.
  • Air King 9723: With a hefty airflow capacity of 2,163 CFM, this is a floor fan you ought to consider for medium to large spaces. It might not be the most discrete unit, but if you intend to use it in a workshop or a garage, or you simply don’t mind that white noise so much, this won’t be an issue for you.
  • Hurricane Classic Floor Fan 20: It can do a terrific job in any medium or large space, including homes, garages, or greenhouses. The clean design allows it to blend with any décor. It comes with a strong housing and reliable motor, designed to increase both its performance and lifespan. Moreover, the airflow is excellent, and the energy consumption rate remains low even at the highest speed.
  • Genesis 20-Inch Box Fan: The high airflow makes this Genesis model perfect for medium-sized rooms. Whether you’re interested in using it to cool off or simply for air circulation, it’s sure to do the job just fine. The asking price is fairly decent too, another plus since it makes this fan a viable option for a wider range of customers.
  • Holmes 12-Inch HAPF624R-UC: It is a medium-priced unit that offers high airflow and extra functions, being able to cover small to medium rooms. It has a sleek appearance and features a handle for easy transportation. Furthermore, the package includes a remote that will allow you to take full control over your comfort without getting up from your bed or couch.
  • Vornado 573: With a modern design that guarantees it perfectly complements any décor and small size so that you won’t have trouble finding a spot to place it, this Vornado fan is a must-have if the space doesn’t exceed 300 square feet. It does cost a bit more than similarly performing units, but considering that it’s made by one of the most renowned brands on the market, this comes as no surprise.
  • Black & Decker 9 inches BFB09W: It is inexpensive and energy-efficient, so if you are on a budget, it is a great pick. Plus, the quiet motor makes it suitable for small bedrooms, nurseries, or desktops, where you can get your well-deserved rest or do your work without being disturbed by the noise. Not to mention that it has been ETL-certified, so it’s safe to use.
  • Comfort Zone CZ9BWT: If you need spot cooling and not a fan that can produce hefty airflow, this Comfort Zone entry is perfect for you. It comes at a very cheap price, but this is to be expected because it only generates 153 CFM. So, for dorm rooms or bedrooms, and generally light use, this is the perfect budget pick to go for.
  • Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator: It is produced by a renowned brand in the industry and comes at an excellent price, so if you are looking for the best report between performance and price, you have found it. Most customers buy it for spot cooling, as it is super quiet and will run perfectly on a desk. Moreover, it is sleek and tilts 90 degrees, so it can circulate the air in the entire room.
  • O2COOL Treva 5-Inch: If you are looking for a fan that can accompany you on your trips, this model is an excellent choice, especially as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a sturdy plastic construction and comes with 5 blades specially designed to increase its power while maintaining the power consumption low. It is powered by batteries, so you will be able to enjoy it even during power outages. Plus, it comes in 5 colors, you can pick one to go with your room.

Free up floor space and get yourself a window fan that is completely out of the way. Efficient for air circulation and quite a reliable companion during hot days, this is an option worth considering.

1. B-Air FIRTANA-20X SAFF-20

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Durable all-metal construction
👍 Excellent airflow makes it suitable for large spaces
👍 Offers 2 mounting options, either on the floor or on the wall
👍 Can be disassembled for cleaning
👍 360-degree rotation

The most powerful air circulator in this top, it offers industrial quality and can be used in large locations like professional garages, gyms, or warehouses. The impressive 4,650 CFM airflow allows it to cover large spaces where it can maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Place it directly on the floor, as it comes with a sturdy stand, or fold back the stand and hang it on the wall to save floor space.

For a 20-inch model, it is fairly lightweight at 12 pounds, so it is easy to move around, especially as it comes with a carry handle. Moreover, the tilt function is highly versatile, as it allows you to rotate the fan at 360 degrees vertically, so you can direct the wind towards the desired position.

The metal construction makes it resistant to any environmental conditions and ensures a longer lifespan. It measures 24 inches in height and has a footprint of 6 x 22.3 inches, so it is rather large, but we must consider that strong wind comes with a performant motor, which is usually larger and has more robust blades. This model includes 3 metal blades that rotate at high speed to remove the heat and provide a comfortable breeze.

If you’re really yearning for a cooling sensation, then you’d better look into a portable evaporative air cooler that gets the job done more effectively.

It offers 3 speeds and, we must confess, it isn’t the quietest. If you use it in your home, it will produce a white noise, which is appreciated by some users, but others might find it disturbing at a maximum value of 70 decibels. Nonetheless, in large storage spaces or garages for which is recommended, the noise shouldn’t be a problem.

The 5-foot long cord is shorter than the average. The good news though is that it is high-quality so it won’t get easily deteriorated. The power consumption rate is higher, reaching a maximum of 157 watts, but the truth is that you cannot keep a warehouse covered with a 50-watt motor. However, a timer would have been handy in reducing energy consumption, but it isn’t included.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee and customer support but the carefully crafted structure will last for years. The small grid spacing prevents accidents if there are pets in its area. Moreover, it is simple to disassemble for periodical cleaning, so you can keep it in perfect shape and maintain its performance over the years.

B-Air FIRTANA-20X SAFF-20 Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 20” Area Coverage: Large
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: High: 4,650 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 157 watts
Noise Level: up to 70 dB Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 5 feet Housing Material: Metal
Dimensions: 24” x 6” x 22.3” Warranty: 1 year

2. Lasko 20″ 2264QM

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 High-velocity motor
👍 Long-lasting metal construction remains light despite its sturdiness
👍 Extra safety features
👍 Easy to mount on a wall or set on the floor
👍 Wide tilt angle
👍 User-friendly controls


👎 Lacks a timer
👎 Makes a bothersome humming noise from time to time

Not only highly powerful but versatile, it can be used in a multitude of places, including living rooms, garages, greenhouses, or kitchens. The quality-price report is excellent, especially if we take into account the durability of the construction. Moreover, it offers multiple adjustment settings and is easy to assemble, as the instructions are short and clear, so you will figure it out in no time.

Ideal for Large Spaces

Indoors or outdoors, you can pick where to set it as it can handle both. It was designed to provide comfort for large areas, and many buyers pick it for their business place. The 20-inch head comes with 3 long metal blades that cut through the air and increase the wind. The strength is amplified by the open cage that allows the air to circulate more efficiently. Moreover, the following features make it one of the most reliable models on the market:

  • High airflow – up to 3,460 CFM at the highest speed. If this is too powerful for the purpose you have in mind, the Lasko 3300 might be a better option for you. Learn more about it and see what differentiates these two Lasko box fans by checking out the comparison matrix we provide later in this review.
  • Durable metal construction – the housing is built of tubular steel, which is highly resistant to mechanical factors, rust, and corrosion
  • Portable design – it weighs only 14.5 pounds, therefore can be moved around by a single person

The noise level is moderate but it is certainly lauder at the highest speed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a white noise generator, you will find it in Lasko 20″ 2264QM that can provide a comfortable environment for your sleep. Apart from that, we should mention that it is energy-effective as well, as it draws a decent 130 watts value, and this only if it is used at its maximum capacity.

Customizable Design

The value of any appliance is raised by its design. It should be easy-adjustable and provide enough options for the user to adapt it to his/her needs. Our analysis showed that this unit meets the standards and deserves every penny. It is suitable for a multitude of places where it can perform its best due to the following features:

  • Wall mount option – allows you to hang it above the floor and, thus, free up more space
  • 90-degree pivoting head – choose the angle at which the air flows
  • Adjustable fan speed – it offers 3 speed options

The power cord measures 6 feet, therefore it is long enough to allow relocation. The manual controls are placed at hand and are straightforward so you can easily figure out how the fan works. Furthermore, the stand is sturdy and reduces vibrations, thus absorbing eventual metallic noises.

Safe Technology

It has built-in safety features and functions on a patented safety fuse technology, so you can confidently use it in any room of your house as it won’t overheat or produce electrical damage. It has been ETL-listed and the power cord is highly qualitative. Furthermore, as the stand is equipped with rubber pads that provide great adherence, the risk of it tipping over is reduced as well, while your floors are protected against scratches. Additionally, it is backed by a 1-year warranty, so you will be covered against eventual manufacturing flaws.

Lasko 20″ 2264QM vs. Lasko 3300

Lasko 20″ 2264QM
Lasko 3300
  • Blade diameter: 20”
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Airflow: 3,460 CFM (maximum)
  • Area coverage: Large
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Rated Power: 130W

Lasko 20″ 2264QM Rating:
  • Blade diameter: 20”
  • Number of blades: 5
  • Airflow: 1,985 CFM (maximum)
  • Area coverage: Medium to large
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Rated Power: 107W

Lasko 3300 Rating:

If you want an even better portable solution to keep cool this summer, you might be better off with a small portable air conditioner that takes up little space and has the room feeling cool in less than 15 minutes.

Lasko 20″ 2264QM Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 20” Area Coverage: Large
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: High: 3,460 CFM/ Low: 3,160 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 130 watts
Noise Level: Moderate Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 6 feet Housing Material: Tubular Steel
Dimensions: 25” x 12.6” x 22” Warranty: 1 year

3. Air King 9723

11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Durable build – the body is made from steel, the grilles from impact-resistant plastic, while the blade are made from polypropylene
👍 Low power draw – only 87 watts on the low speed
👍 The snap-on stabilizing feet keep it steady on the surface to prevent the unit from falling over and getting damaged easily
👍 Backed against defects for 1 year from the moment of purchase


👎 The simplistic design might be a plus for first-time users, but those who seek a modern air circulation unit won’t find it too appealing
👎 It’s fairly noisy

Despite the simple design, this Air King fan is a worthy option to consider seeing how it is rated to produce hefty airflow. In fact, its capacity when it comes to this most important performance aspect is 1,463 CFM on the lowest speed (there are 3 speeds total), and a whopping 2,163 CFM peak. This should suffice to convince you of its prowess, especially considering that this high airflow recommends it for medium to large spaces.

It is indeed a bit too noisy, some users complaining that even on the low setting it gets distracting, but this isn’t a worrying issue. If you use it in a garage or warehouse, the white noise won’t pose a problem at all. It’s appropriate for residential use too, but only if you don’t mind that hum. But let’s go back to analyzing the positives since this is the only notable issue with this unit. It features a top-mounted rotary switch that you turn to select the speed setting you prefer. This simplistic design makes it as user-friendly as it gets.

It is fitted with a powerful 1.25 HP permanently lubricated motor that won’t need any upkeep down the road. Since the cord is 8 feet long, you likely won’t need any extensions to plug it in and position the unit wherever you prefer in the room. It’s a 20-inch model that is encased in a steel body with impact-resistant plastic grilles and features polypropylene blades. This specific mixture ensures you are making a long-lasting acquisition.

It doesn’t tilt or oscillate, so you can only rely on it for spot cooling. However, seeing how it only weighs 12.8 pounds and even features a convenient carry handle, you won’t have any trouble moving it around for precision spot cooling, so this isn’t necessarily an issue. Since it only draws 87 watts on the lowest speed, using it won’t add much to the bills, so you can go ahead and run it as much as you like. Repairs are covered free of charge during the first year after you acquire the product.

Want something a bit more modern for air circulation and to cool off a bit during hot weather? Then check out the best tower fans since these units are fitted with the latest features, like timers, automatic shut-off, oscillation, digital displays, and more.

Air King 9723 Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 20” Area Coverage: Medium to Large
Number of Blades: 5 Airflow: High: 2,163 CFM; Medium: 1,900 CFM; Low: 1,463 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: High: 166 watts; Medium: 117 watts; Low: 87 watts
Noise Level: High: 62 dB; Medium: 57 dB; Low: 53 dB Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 8 feet Housing Material: Steel
Dimensions: 24” x 6.38” x 23.63” Warranty: 1 year

4. Hurricane Classic Floor Fan 20

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Strong plastic construction
👍 High airflow makes it suitable for large rooms
👍 Lightweight design
👍 Adjustable speed and noise level
👍 Great 1-year warranty


👎 Doesn’t offer a tilt option
👎 Lacks a carry handle

It is important to maintain good ventilation in your greenhouse to grow strong and healthy plants, so if you’ve decided to go for a box fan, this 20-inch model from Hurricane is an excellent pick. It is built of sturdy plastic that won’t get damaged by humidity, so you will never have to deal with rust and corrosion issues.

The high-quality motor actions 5 plastic blades at a maximum speed of 1,100 rotations per minute, being able to deliver a huge 2,400 CFM airflow, perfect for medium to large spaces. Furthermore, the power consumption remains within decent limits with a maximum rate of only 55 watts, so it can provide continuous ventilation without raising the energy costs too much. Nevertheless, a timer would have been useful for timed operations.

If you are wondering if you can lift it and easily carry it around, the answer is yes, as it only weighs 7 pounds. It measures 20 inches in height and has a footprint of 20 x 3.5 inches, so it is a medium-size unit that isn’t difficult to maneuver. The power cord is as long as 5 feet, shorter than the average, but still suitable for the size of the fan. It will allow you to reach a wall outlet, even if it is placed higher on the wall. Plus, it is ETL-listed so you can rest assured that it will run in the highest safety conditions.

The knob placed on the left corner of the unit allows you to adjust fan speed, which can variate among low, medium, and high. As expected, you will notice different noise levels, which can range from low to moderate. If you are going to use it inside your bedroom, we recommend the low speed, although the high speed can be an excellent option for white noise enthusiasts. Even if you won’t be able to adjust the wind direction vertically, as it doesn’t offer a tilt option, you can easily reposition the unit on the horizontal so it can blow air in the desired direction. However, the carry handle is missing, and many buyers agreed that it would have made the fan easier to transport.

Hurricane Classic Floor Fan 20 Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 20” Area Coverage: Medium to Large
Number of Blades: 5 Airflow: High: 2,400 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 55 watts
Noise Level: Low to Moderate Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 5 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 3.5” Warranty: 1 year

5. Genesis 20-Inch Box Fan

11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Low power draw – run it as long as you want without fearing the costs might be high
👍 Powerful motor makes it perfect for cooling fairly large spaces
👍 Features adjustable stabilizer feet that let you even put it in a window or set it on an uneven floor
👍 Durable copper motor – built with durability in mind


👎 Dial markings are a bit unclear
👎 The handle is a bit awkward to grasp

Perfect for medium-sized spaces, this Genesis entry is quite popular not only for the hearty airflow it produces but for the cheap asking price. It’s among the value deals available at the moment, so if you want to be smart about your money, you ought to consider acquiring it. When you set it on the high speed, it yields a 1,800 CFM. This is why we are so confident that it suits larger spaces compared to some of its competitors.

The casing is metal, so it won’t damage easily. It features adjustable stabilizer feet. These let you set the fan up on an uneven floor or surface, or even in a window if you want to free up space. It features 20-inch diameter blades (5 of them, to be specific) and a durable copper motor that work together to provide the hefty airflow we previously mentioned.

What stands out is the low power draw that makes it truly energy efficient since on the highest speed it is rated at only 53.8 watts. It is a bit loud when you use it on high though – makes 66 decibels. The cord measures 6 feet in length, so chances are slim that you might need to use extension cords to plug it in. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year assurance against defects.

Genesis 20-Inch Box Fan Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 20” Area Coverage: Medium
Number of Blades: 5 Airflow: High: 1,800 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: High: 53.8 watts; Low: 41.5 watts
Noise Level: High: 66 dB; Low: 59 dB Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 6 feet Housing Material: Metal
Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 4.5” Warranty: 1 year

6. Holmes 12-Inch HAPF624R-UC

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Offers premium functions, namely a timer and remote control
👍 Fairly quiet on low speed, but can produce an optimal level of white noise if set on high speed
👍 The grill rotates to increase the airflow
👍 Great room coverage


👎 Doesn’t offer a tilt or oscillation function
👎 The base doesn’t keep it steady in place

Holmes has managed to produce a compact but very powerful device that can cover rooms as large as 500 square feet due to its innovative design. It features 5 wide blades that generate high airflow, which is increased by 40% by the rotating grill. Thus, it can reach 347.3 CFM at the lowest speed, 421.7 CFM at medium speed, and up to 459.8 CFM at high speed, while maintaining a low or moderate sound level.

If you want a white noise machine, setting it at high speed will help you obtain the desired sound. Nevertheless, if you need silence during the night, you can select the low speed or the sleep mode that will dim the intensity of the operations. The housing is built of strong plastic and comes with a built-in oversized handle that makes it simple to transport. The controls include a button for speed, one for the timer, and one that allows you to switch between sleep and breeze modes. Nevertheless, this model includes a remote as well, which offers the same controls so you can manage everything from distance.

The power cord is long at 6 feet, therefore you can plug it into a wall outlet or a power strip. Furthermore, it is UL-certified, so it has been tested against electrical flaws. The unit is lightweight at only 5.51 pounds, and fairly portable as it measures only 19.6 inches in height and has a footprint of 7.1 x 18.1 inches.

The energy consumption rate is higher than in other 12-inch fans, reaching a maximum value of 50 watts, but you can adjust it by setting the fan at a lower speed or using the built-in timer to shut it off automatically after up to 8 hours. Plus, besides all the extra features, it comes with a super generous warranty that will cover manufacturing flaws and a wide range of mishaps for 3 years.

Holmes 12-Inch HAPF624R-UC Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 12” Area Coverage: up to 500 sq. ft.
Number of Blades: 5 Airflow: High: 459.8 CFM; Medium: 421.7 CFM; Low: 347.3 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 50 watts
Noise Level: Low to Moderate Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 6 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 7.1” x 18.1” x 19.6” Warranty: 3 years

7. Vornado 573

11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Suited for air circulation in spaces up to 300 square feet
👍 You can position it for horizontal or vertical airflow
👍 Works well with any décor due to the modern flat-panel design
👍 Mechanical switch control for easy navigation of the 3 fan speeds


👎 A bit expensive considering the small airflow capacity
👎 Noisy when set on the highest setting

Small yet powerful, perfect for air circulation in spaces that don’t exceed 300 square feet in size, the Vornado 573 is a dependable fan that you surely won’t regret acquiring. It does come at a spicier price than similar products performance-wise, but because it’s durable, reliable, and made by one of the leading brands in this niche, the cost is understandable.

The sleek design goes well with any modern décor. The grille is removable, which lets you access the blades and easily clean the whole unit when the dust starts to settle on it. While it might indeed be noisy on the highest speed featured, on the lowest it makes only 53 dB, so you’ll barely be able to hear it run.

The design of the casing lets you position it for either horizontal or vertical airflow, which expands the fan’s usability. Either place it on a flat surface or opt to prop it into a window if you want it to move the cool air in. Although it’s small and the diameter of the blades is only 7.6 inches, expect it to push the 236 CFM generated up to 60 feet away, which is quite impressive.

Using Vortex Action airflow, it creates a cooling experience that can’t quite be compared to what any other fan provides, all without relying on oscillation (this is a proprietary Vornado technology). Furthermore, it is guaranteed to be free of defects for 5 years. This makes it a bit easier to accept the high asking price since it is a good indicator of just how qualitative the product is. Additionally, you are spared any costs involved with repairs within this warranty period.

Vornado 573 Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 7.24” Area Coverage: up to 300 square feet
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: High: 236 CFM; Low: 147 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: High: 48 watts
Noise Level: High: 62 dB; Low: 53 dB Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 6 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10” x 7.2” x 10.3” Warranty: 5 years

8. Black & Decker 9 inches BFB09W

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Strong plastic construction
👍 Compact and quiet, perfect for spot cooling
👍 Energy-efficient
👍 The clean frameless design fits any décor
👍 ETL-certified for safe use


👎 Suitable only for small spaces
👎 Makes an annoying pulsing sound at times

Keeping a comfortable temperature in your baby’s room during the summer is essential for their health and well-being. Nevertheless, some criteria must be considered before making the decision, as you will want your child to be able to rest and remain safe during the fan’s operations. In this case, this unit from Black & Decker is the most suitable, as it comes with an ETL certification, which states that its electrical circuits are high-quality and safe. Furthermore, the motor is super quiet and will maintain peace in the room. The fan is provided with 3 plastic blades and 3 speeds. Although the lowest is the quietest, the medium and high speeds aren’t loud compared with other models.

The frameless design makes it lighter and more compact. Thus, it measures only 11 inches H, 11 inches W, and 4 inches thick. With these dimensions and a weight of only 3.7 pounds, it can be easily carried from one room to another and even packed for travel. It doesn’t feature a carry handle, but it certainly doesn’t need one. The white plastic housing lends it a clean look and offers excellent protection for the circuits inside, so you can even place it in the window. Plus, with a long power cord, which measures 5 feet, you can position it in a safe spot so it doesn’t tip over.

It doesn’t tilt. Nevertheless, as it is easy to maneuver, you can turn it towards the space you need cooling, so you can control the horizontal direction of the air. The airflow is strong enough for a small room like a nursery, but if you place it near the place you and your kid are positioned, you will get an excellent amount of cool air. Besides that, we should mention that it is energy-efficient, with a maximum energy consumption rate of 19 watts. The assurance is great as well, with 1 year being offered for eventual repairs.

Black & Decker 9 inches BFB09W Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 9” Area Coverage: Small/Spot Cooling
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: N/A
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 19 watts
Noise Level: Low to Moderate Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 5 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 4” Warranty: 1 year

9. Comfort Zone CZ9BWT

11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Carry handle and 2.5-pound weight make it easy to relocate
👍 Easy upkeep – just wipe it clean with a dry cloth
👍 Consumes only 24 watts when on the highest speed
👍 Perfect for those who only seek targeted cooling – covers small spaces only


👎 Some users reported occasional rattling noises coming from it
👎 Vibrates at times when it runs

If you don’t have much of a budget set aside for this purchase and you don’t need a fan that produces a necessarily hefty breeze, this Comfort Zone model might be the one. It is fitted with 2 running speeds, and on the highest, it generates 153 CFM airflow. This aspect combined with the fact that it’s suited for targeted cooling makes it the right option when you only need a small fan for use in spaces like a tent, dorm room, or kitchen.

The 3 blades it rotates measure 9 inches in diameter and are made with impact-resistant plastic, just like the encasement in which they sit. Since it is made with this material, upkeep won’t be much of a fuss either. Just use a dry cloth to wipe the fan when dust or dirt settles on it, and it’s as good as new. It features a built-in carry handle, and since it only weighs 2.5 pounds, moving it is the easiest task possible.

Considering that it only produces 41 dB, you can even take a nap in its proximity without the fan posing a distraction. We must also emphasize that it consumes a mere 24 watts on the high speed, which is another plus since running it even 24/7 won’t cost much.

The cord of this unit measures 5 feet in length, so chances are that you won’t need extension cords. Since it measures only 10.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 11 inches, you can place it on any surface you like since it won’t take up considerable space. Furthermore, Comfort Zone covers it against defects for 1 year.

Comfort Zone CZ9BWT Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 9” Area Coverage: Small
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: High: 153 CFM
Speed Settings: 2 Power Rating: High: 24 watts
Noise Level: High: 41 dB Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 5 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10.5” x 4.5” x 11” Warranty: 1 year

10. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Affordable price
👍 Durable plastic construction
👍 ETL-listed for safety
👍 Great airflow for small rooms
👍 Quiet run


👎 Some users reported that a weird smell came from it with time
👎 Produces a slight vibration at times

One of the most popular choices on Amazon, this little device is preferred for its versatility and great price. The design is compact and attractive, with a strong plastic housing that measures only 10.9 inches in height, 10.9 inches in width, and is as thick as 6.3 inches. The head’s diameter measures 9 inches, and it includes 3 high-quality plastic blades, which are actioned by a reliable motor. It can deliver a maximum airflow of 350 CFM, which is perfect for small rooms or spot cooling. Furthermore, it can pivot 90 degrees so you can direct the cool air at a comfortable angle.

Fan speed can be adjusted and you have got three options, each with a different noise level and power consumption rate. At a maximum of 35 watts, it is energy-efficient even at the highest speed, but you can save even more money if you choose the low or medium speed. The noise decreases accordingly, making it suitable for bedrooms as well. It is ETL-listed so it is safe to use, especially as it comes with an auto shut-off function, which is rarely found in such affordable models.

In terms of convenience, we should mention that it has a long 6 feet power cord and is lightweight at only 2.6 pounds, so you will be able to change its place whenever you wish. It is provided with a carry handle and has an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t gather dust. Moreover, the manufacturer presents it as being 25% quieter than its competitors, and the customers’ reviews confirm it, so we recommend it for quiet nights. Not to mention, that it comes with a great 1-year warranty that is offered by a reliable brand.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 7” Area Coverage: Small/Spot Cooling
Number of Blades: 3 Airflow: High: 350 CFM
Speed Settings: 3 Power Rating: 35 watts
Noise Level: Low Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: 6 feet Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10.9” x 6.3” x 10.9” Warranty: 1 year

11. O2COOL Treva 5-Inch

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11 Best Rated Box Fans to Move Air Through the House


👍 Compact design makes it perfect for travel
👍 Can cover emergencies as it is battery-powered
👍 Tilt option
👍 Durable plastic construction


👎 Warranty is short
👎 Low room coverage

In terms of portability, this model is chief, as it is not only lightweight and compact but works on batteries, so it doesn’t depend on the presence of an electric outlet. It measures 7.1 inches in height, 6 inches in width, and is only 2.9 inches thick, so you can easily pack it in your bag and take it with you at school, on camping, or in your hotel room. At only 0.6 pounds, it keeps the luggage light, while providing the best comfort for your activities. You can easily place it on your desk or a nightstand, as it is quiet as well and won’t disturb your work or your sleep. Moreover, as it tilts, you will be able to get coolness from the right angle and thus maximize its airflow.

The housing is built of durable plastic and is provided with a built-in stand, specially designed to provide stability, whether you choose to run it at the lowest or the highest power. The five high-quality blades have a special design, which increases the airflow while reducing energy consumption and, thus, prolonging the battery’s life. Moreover, as it works on 2 D batteries, it is always at your disposal, regardless if the power is out due to a storm, a hurricane, or high winds. The batteries are easy to replace by sliding out the battery door and inserting them in the specified positions.

The airflow isn’t specified but, according to the customer’s reviews, it is high enough to produce great cooling in a small room and super-performant if you use it for spot cooling. It features 2 speeds and its sound doesn’t get higher on either of them. Besides that, the convenience is increased by the cordless design that makes it easy to maneuver. It is accompanied by a decent 6-month warranty during which the manufacturer offers to repair or replace it in case a mishap occurs. Plus, it comes in 5 modern colors to please every taste.

O2COOL Treva 5-Inch Specifications Sheet

Blade Diameter: 5” Area Coverage: Small/Spot Cooling
Number of Blades: 5 Airflow: N/A
Speed Settings: 2 Power Rating: N/A
Noise Level: Low Carry Handle:
Power Cord Length: Cordless Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 2.9” x 7.1” x 6” Warranty: 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Are box fans effective?
Considering that most box fans are more efficient than window fans when it comes to CFM, yes, they are effective. If you want to get rid of that nasty cooking smell, a box fan might just be your best answer, especially if you place it near a window so that it can push the air out of the room quicker. Higher CFM means better air circulation, and that the breeze the unit produces is stronger, making you feel cooler. Therefore, even when it comes to helping you get over torrid days, this type of fan is the way to go.

Is a box fan better than a standing fan?
Each type has its ups and downs. Box fans are generally cheaper, provide a sufficiently powerful airflow, don’t cost much because they are energy-efficient, and aren’t pretentious when it comes to maintenance. On the downside, they tend to be noisy and they don’t look that great design-wise.

Standing fans come in a wide variety and chances are that you will easily find the perfect one for the room you want to use it in. They are also safe to use, generally oscillate, and some models (tower fans like the Dyson AM05 Hot & Cool, for example) even provide heating capabilities for year-round use. Woefully, maintenance is a bit more demanding with them, and they’re not the best in terms of durability.

Now you can see why there’s no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on what you need in your specific situation and the budget that you have available for the purchase.

Is it bad to sleep with a fan blowing on you?
You should avoid sleeping in the direction in which the airflow from the fan comes since this can indeed lead to some unpleasantries. To be specific, if you sleep in the fan’s sight and it bows on you, then you are going to wake up with pain in your muscles caused by tension, cramping, and stiffness.

Does a box fan pull air?
Yes, so if you want to use it for cooling, what you should do is place it in the window facing outward so that it pulls the hot air out of the room. Don’t expect any significant temperature drop since the only system capable of providing this is the AC. However, the box fan does a decent job at lowering the temperature by a few degrees when used right, and the breeze it produces has a direct cooling effect if you sit in its general direction.

Should the fan be on when the AC is on?
If you want to save serious money during those torrid summer months, then you should always run the fan and the AC together. It might sound like a paradox, but yes, running two appliances at once can indeed save you money. Since the fan circulates the cold air produced by the AC better, the cooling system won’t have to work as hard to lower the temperature indoors. Therefore, it won’t draw as much power either, and seeing how the AC generally wastes a lot of energy, this is a plus.

Does putting a wet towel over a fan make it cooler?
Yes, this ingenious trick actually works, so you can go ahead and use it on those extra hot days when you feel like you’re melting inside the house. Just take a towel or cloth and get it wet, but not dripping wet, and they lay it over the fan. As the air will start to blow through the towel, the air will feel immediately cooler.

Does putting ice in front of a fan work?
Just like the trick with the wet towel, this one works too. If you put a bucket or bowl of ice in front of the fan, the wind will become cooler and subsequently, so will the breeze produced by the unit. It will feel like you have improvised a veritable AC system, all at a fraction of the cost this installation would normally take.

Which way should a fan face?
The direction it should face depends on the temperature outdoors. When it is cooler outside than it is in the room, you ought to face the unit so that it blows air inside, and preferably run it through the night and early in the morning since this is when temperatures outdoors are at their lowest. When the temperature outside starts to soar, make sure the fan faces out the window so that it sucks out the warm air in the room rather than bringing in even more hot air from the outdoors.


As you have seen, all the products from above have been either ETL or UL-listed, so they are safe to use. We made sure they comply with the highest quality standards and have durable constructions that would make up for your expense. Additionally, we compared the prices and airflow capabilities of tens of products, making sure that only the best enter this top.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a unit with specific features, a second look at the following fans can help you decide:

Best Box Fan for Sale: B-Air FIRTANA-20X SAFF-20

Now it’s easy to ensure a comfortable atmosphere in any workspace without using expensive air conditioners that run at high energy consumption rates. This fan offers everything you need: a resistant all-metal housing, exceptional airflow, and a wall-mount option. The small grid spacing is perfect for keeping pets and children from getting hurt. It is as powerful as they come seeing how it is rated to produce 4,650 cubic feet per minute tops. Best of all, it doesn’t draw an absurd amount of power when it runs despite the high performance – rated at only 157 watts.

Editor’s choice: Lasko 20” 2264QM

This top-rated fan from Lasko is hands down our favorite for multiple reasons. For one, it works in large spaces, providing that cooling breeze you seek during hot days. Secondly, it doesn’t make much noise when it runs. Since you will likely run it when you’re in the room, this is a nice perk because it won’t distract you from your activities. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that it can be mounted against the wall, helping you save space if needed. Evidently, the quality guarantee that comes with all Lasko products doesn’t hurt either. When you buy from this manufacturer, you know you’re in for a lasting investment.

Best Box Fan for Window: Genesis 20-Inch Box Fan

If you prefer to opt for this setup rather than place the fan on the floor or any other flat surface in your home, then the 20-inch model from Genesis is your go-to. The reason is that it features adjustable stabilizer feet that specifically make it suited for window installation. Moreover, it is fitted with a 6-foot cord that is probably sufficiently long to reach the nearest outlet without you having to rely on extension cords.

Best Box Fan for White Noise: Holmes 12-Inch HAPF624R-UC

Among all the products we reviewed, this Holmes fan received the best ratings when it came to white noise. Not too loud or too discrete on its highest speed setting, it is the machine you should opt for if you find it easier to fall asleep with a soothing sound in your ears. If, however, you are in the mood for silence on any given night, you can always set it at the lowest speed or turn the Sleep mode on.

Best Box Fan for the Money: Hurricane Classic Floor Fan 20

What makes this Hurricane fan the best for the money is the cheap asking price combined with its relatively high performance when it comes to air circulation. Rely on it to produce quite a hearty airflow of 2,400 cubic feet per minute when you set it on the highest of its 3 speeds, which is more than sufficient for medium to large spaces. This alone proves that you are dealing with a value deal that you must seriously consider especially if money is tight.

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