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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer

Rustic Patio with Ceiling Fans

Rustic Patio with Ceiling Fans


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F or a long time now, homeowners have known about the dash of style a new ceiling fan can bring to any room, and by purchasing one you’ll also be inviting an energy-efficient product into your home. Furthermore, thanks to the continuous upgrades in design and functions, you have a wide array of models to choose from, and from plenty of companies.

Whether you want one that is remote controlled or has pull-chains, one that has a light kit or one without, those aspects, and many more are present within the models in our comparison list. Simply scroll down and see for yourself.

Is an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Worth It?

With any new purchase that comes to mind, you have to balance whether or not it’s worth making. Otherwise, you might be spending your money on an item you don’t really need. You also have to take into account how long it will last and if the benefits outweigh the investment. Technically, as long as you size it right, there are only perks to reap with this addition. Some of the prominent reasons why you ought to invest in an outdoor patio ceiling fan include:

  • You’ll be cool even on those pesky torrid days: During the summer months, there’s no other place you would rather spend your time than on the patio, looking at the beautiful scenery outside while relaxing. However, the overwhelming heat might make it downright impossible to drink your icy lemonade here. This is where the outdoor fan steps in to save the day. Install a large enough ceiling fan for the patio, and you will feel the cooling breeze blow down on you to spend more hours outside comfortably and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Safer than their floor standing counterparts: If you have small children, you want to keep them safe. Pedestal and tower fans might be great for the patio too when it comes to the amount of airflow they produce, but they pose an issue for families with small kids because the youngsters might tamper with them and get hurt. On the other hand, ceiling fans are completely out of reach, so you won’t need to worry about monitoring the kids each time they go out on the patio because there won’t be any safety concerns present.
  • Pest control: The fan creates a powerful wind in its area, making it difficult for insects to fly through it. So, you can count on the ceiling fan to ward off pests like bugs and insects that are ever present outdoors, especially when the weather gets warm.
  • Lighting: Most ceiling fans also serve as extra outdoor lighting sources due to the light fixtures they feature. With this type of fan installed on the patio, you have visibility at night and you keep cool at the same time. What more could you ask for?

If you can’t install this kind of product for whatever reason (maybe you’re in your college dorm), try a pedestal fan instead.

Top 7 Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio Compared

Diameters Available
Light Included
Switch Type

Best Overall
52″/ 60″ / 70″ / 88″ / 99″
Damp, C-UL-US Listed
Standard / Angled

Editor’s Choice
Wet, ETL Listed

Best with Lights
Wet, 1-UL Listed
Angled / Flush / Hugger / Standard
Damp, UL Listed
Standard / Angled

Best for Home
Damp, ETL Listed
Angled / Flush / Standard
Pull Chain
Damp, ETL Listed
Standard / Angled
Pull Chain
Damp, ETL Listed
Flush / Angled / Standard
Pull Chain

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fans?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Monte Carlo Maverick Max 3MAVR: When it comes to being the best on the list, the Maverick aces it. Not only does it have speed and diameter variety, but it also comes with a remote, a rod, pitched blades, and an Energy Star certified motor, all working together to reach an airflow high of 8244 CFM.
  • Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O: This sleek, sharp-edged model has worked its way up to the ‘favorite’ label, thanks to its multi-speed, capable, reversing motor, that, coupled with the 65-inch diameter of the pitched blades, can produce an airflow of 9222 CFM.
  • Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove: The Kensgrove attracts not only with its stylish design but also with its high 9330 CFM airflow provided by the silent, DC-type motor. And the 29-degree blade pitch isn’t something to glaze over either.
  • Casa Vieja Delta-Wing: With a 52-inch diameter and 9-degree pitched blades that can be reversed, the motor of the Delta-Wing can provide an airflow of 4326 CFM for the room you choose to install it in. Other helpful features are the Damp rating and the included rod with which you can mount the unit normally or angled.
  • Hunter Key Biscayne: An appropriately-sized model for any room, the Biscayne brings a 5291 CFM airflow and it’s also Energy Star certified. You can enjoy using it without worrying about the electricity costs and knowing you are being environmentally friendly.
  • Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II: The Twin Breeze is your best option if you’re dealing with large rooms. The 74-inch diameter, the motor, and the pitch-adjustable blades provide good airflow, and the included rod gives two mount options.
  • Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch: With the rounded, wicker blades and the attractive performance features of the Belmar you get both a good-looking unit and good air circulation.

To keep a good air circulation even in one of the rarely visited rooms of the house, get a solar attic fan to help you out.

1. Monte Carlo Maverick Max 3MAVR

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 5 Diameter Sizes
👍 6 Speed Levels
👍 8244 CFM Airflow
👍 13° Blade Pitch
👍 Reverse Function
👍 Remote and 6″ Downrod Included


👎 No light kit
👎 Remote batteries not included

The first model we’re going to analyze is the Monte Carlo Maverick Max 3MAVR. It comes with a sophisticated look, thanks to the combination of the balsa wood blades that are carved by hand and the sleek steel finish of the hardware. You have 8 color options to choose from for the fixtures and the blades, those being Dark Walnut with Silver or Matte Black, Weathered Oak with Aged Pewter, Koa with Silver, White with Brass, all Matte Black, or all Matte White for those who prefer a simple color palette.

Engineering & Performance

The Maverick can be mounted either in a standard position or angled, both with the help of the 6-inch downrod. It boasts an 85 by 28-millimeter direct current motor that has more power while managing to use a smaller percentage of energy. It offers 6-speed levels and it is also reversible. All those functions are controllable with the use of the included remote. The blades are balanced and pitched at 13-degrees for a maximized and quieter performance.

There are 5 blade spans available, from a 52-inch to a 99-inch, making the CFM airflow range from 5889 for the smallest option to over 17000 for the biggest one. All are indoor and outdoor approved, with a Damp rating, meaning that the outdoor area you’ll use it in has to be covered, and they are Energy Star certified for energy efficiency. To give an example of an estimated cost of use, for the 70-inch version, you’ll be looking at 8 dollars per year with average use . The only downside is that it doesn’t feature a light fixture, but this isn’t much of a problem. If you want the best outdoor patio ceiling fan out there that does come with this feature, we recommend that you look into the Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove instead.

For an even more targeted approach to cooling off, try using an outdoor misting fan during summer.

Performance Test Ratings

Setting it up took about an hour, and there’s nothing complicated that isn’t covered in the accompanying manual. The airflow is hefty, that I can assure you of. After testing it on all 6 speeds, I would recommend the 3rd and 4th settings because they do the job without the airstream being too much. The aerodynamic blades really help with proper air distribution, so there’s no denying that a lot of thought was put into the design of this Monte Carlo patio ceiling fan. Speaking of, what surprised me was how strong the blades actually are. I initially didn’t expect this seeing how real Balsa wood is used in their manufacturing, but the material does prove superior to plastic. A design perk that caught my eye almost in an instant is how well the motor mechanism is hidden, which really adds to the overall appeal of the product. Considering the substantial airflow this fan produces, especially on the higher speed settings, I expected it to be loud. Luckily, this wasn’t the case at all, it stayed quite discrete regardless of the option I picked.

Andreas Hale – HVAC Systems Expert, Tester and Reviewer

Monte Carlo Maverick Max 3MAVR Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 70″ × 70″ × 10″ Weight: 11.68 lbs.
Materials: Wood, Steel Available Colors: 7
Available Diameters: 52″/ 60″ / 70″ / 88″ / 99″ Mount: Standard / Angled
Bulb: No Light Switch Type: Remote
Required Battery: 2 AAA, Not Included Air Circulation: 8244 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 30W
Rating: Damp, C-UL-US Listed Certifications: Energy Star
Features: DC Motor, 6″ Downrod, 6 Speeds, 3 Balanced Blades, 13° Blade Pitch, Reverse Function Warranty: Lifetime

2. Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 6 Speed Levels
👍 9222 CFM Airflow
👍 9° Blade Pitch
👍 Reverse & Dimming Function
👍 Remote and 6″ Downrod Included


👎 One mount option
👎 No light kit included

Next, we have our favorite, the Minka-Aire Xtreme H20. With just a glance you can see the difference from the usual shapes, as this one has a sharper, more clean-cut design. It presents itself in a variety of 5 colors, namely Wet Nickel, Coal, All White, Oil-rubbed Bronze, or Smoked Iron. This model has a steel and ABS plastic build for the fixtures and blades, respectively. The motor is a 123 by 30-millimeter size, and DC-type to ensure a silent run. The blades come in a number of 8, with a 65-inch span and a 9-degree pitch, reducing the mounting option to standard only, with the 6-inch downrod, so as to allow enough space for optimal performance. The Xtreme H2O is Wet rated, and so it is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Its airflow CFM goes from 3800 on the lowest setting, to 9222 on the highest. With average use, meaning 6565 CFM and 32 Watts use, you can expect to have a yearly cost of 9 dollars .

Functions & Extra Features

The functions for this unit are 6 different speeds, forward/reverse blade rotation, and light dimming, all controllable with the use of the included RC400 remote. For an extra charge, you can get several other downrod sizes (3.5, 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 inches), a WC400 wall control, an LED light addition, and also a BD-1000 Bond Hub to connect your product to a smart home assistant to enable voice control.

Even if the models in this article could do ok in almost any room, check out these garage ceiling fans if you want a more specialized unit.

Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 65″ × 65″ × 13.5″ Weight: 19.84 lbs.
Materials: Steel, ABS Available Colors: 5
Available Diameters: 65″ Mount: Standard
Bulb: LED Switch Type: Remote
Required Battery: N/A Air Circulation: 9222 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 57W
Rating: Wet, ETL Listed Certifications: N/A
Features: DC Motor, 6″ Downrod, 6 Speeds, 8 Blades, 9° Blade Pitch, Reverse Function, Dimming Function, Wall Control, Voice-Activated Warranty: 1 Year

3. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 9 Speed Levels
👍 9330 CFM Airflow
👍 29° Blade Pitch
👍 Reverse & Dimming Function
👍 Remote & Light Kit Included


👎 Blades are thin
👎 Downrod not included

For those who are trying to find the best option that has lights included, go no further than this Home Decorators Collection model. Its large ABS plastic blades coupled with the metal canopy and fixings make for a heavy-duty, intimidating look that comes in 3 color schemes: Espresso with Bronze, Light Gray with Nickel, or all Matte Black. When installing it, you can have it at an angle, flushed, or in the standard position, but it doesn’t come with a downrod, so you have to purchase that separately. While doing so, choose a longer one (at least 6 inches) to allow enough space for it to reach the highest airflow. The blades are 8 in total and are driven by the DC-type motor that has 9 speeds for you to choose from. Lighting-wise, the main star here, this unit has a dome-shaped Samsung 14 Watt LED, which is preset at a warm white, 3000K temperature, and protected by a frosted opal glass case. You also have the option to dim it as much or as little as you’d like. That, and changing the speed level is done with the help of the remote provided.

Rating & Average Cost

The Kensgrove can be used both inside and outside, as it has a Wet 1-UL rating. With a 72-inch blade span, you’re set even for bigger areas, and the highest speed level that it can reach comes to the airflow of 9330 CFM, a bit better than even our runner-up, the Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O that goes up to 9222 CFM. The blade pitch is also an interesting detail, seeing as it is set at 29 degrees, meaning that you’ll get good coverage from the top, all the way to the bottom of the room you install it in. It is Energy Star certified, and the approximate cost per year is roughly 9 dollars, given that you’ll be using it at an average of 5983 CFM.

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 34.25″ × 10.75″ × 12.25″ Weight: 26.52 lbs.
Materials: Frosted Opal Glass, ABS, Metal Available Colors: 3
Available Diameters: 72″ Mount: Angled / Flush / Hugger / Standard
Bulb: Samsung LED Switch Type: Remote
Required Battery: 2 AAA, Included Air Circulation: 9330 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 33W
Rating: Wet, 1-UL Listed Certifications: Energy Star
Features: DC Motor, 9 Speeds, 8 Blades, 29° Blade Pitch, Reverse Function, Dimming Function Warranty: 1 Year

4. Casa Vieja Delta-Wing

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 3 Speed Levels
👍 4326 CFM Airflow
👍 9° Blade Pitch
👍 Remote & 6″ Downrod Included


👎 Reversing needs to be done manually
👎 Can be noisy on the highest speed

Moving along, we have the Casa Vieja model with a farmhouse appropriate look, thanks to the intense dark walnut-colored blades that have a paddle-resembling shape, and the dark bronze fixtures that match the downrod. Its blades are made entirely of solid wood and they have a 9-degree pitch to facilitate the air cutting motion, the same pitch as the blades of its better ranked opponent, the Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O. The package provides a 6-inch rod to mount the unit either in the standard position or at an angle, on ceilings with a slope of maximum 25 degrees to avoid improper performance. The AC-type motor is 153 by 18 millimeters and the included remote allows for 3-speed levels. The 3 pitched blades have a reversing function that can be done manually. With this model, there is no light feature added.

Delta-Wing’s 52-inch blade span allows for an airflow of 4326 CFM, and seeing as it uses 42 Watts, the efficiency rests at 102 CFM/W with the maximum speed, and the yearly cost comes at $12 . A Damp rating allows it to be placed indoors or in covered outdoor areas, and it is under no circumstances appropriate for use in high humidity or saltwater exposure.

For a quieter operation during the nights when you have a lighter sleep, these bedroom ceiling fans might be a good option.

Casa Vieja Delta-Wing Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 52″ × 52″ × 8.5″ Weight: 16.14 lbs.
Materials: Wood, Metal Available Colors: 1
Available Diameters: 52″ Mount: Standard / Angled
Bulb: No Light Switch Type: Remote
Required Battery: N/A, Not Included Air Circulation: 4326 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 42W
Rating: Damp, UL Listed Certifications: N/A
Features: AC Motor, 6″ Downrod, 3 Speeds, 3 Blades, 9° Blade Pitch, Manual Reverse Warranty: Lifetime on Motor

5. Hunter Key Biscayne

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 3 Speed Levels
👍 5291 CFM Airflow
👍 13° Blade Pitch
👍 Light kit and two Downrods Included
👍 Forward/Reverse & Dimming Function


👎 No remote
👎 Light is very dim

The model that we found to be the best home option is the Hunter Key Biscayne. It has wide, PVC-covered plywood blades attached to a canopy, and a light fixture covered by a painted white glass case with black details, similar to the design of a Japanese light lantern. It comes in 2 color schemes, Burnished Gray Pine blades with Weathered Zinc fixtures, or Grey Pine blades with Onyx Bengal fixtures. The features that make the Biscayne home-friendly have to do with the size, performance, and extra features, so let’s dive in.

The package comes with 2 downrod options, a 2-inch, and a 3-inch so that you can adjust the height without an extra cost, and the mount options are at an angle, flush, or the standard position, all compatible with 9-foot ceilings or taller. Although the 172 by 20 millimeter-sized motor is an AC type, it comes with WhisperWind technology, so you’re going to enjoy a quiet operation at any of the 3-speed levels available. The adjustment in said levels can be done with one of the pull chains, the other being the on/off switch. In the middle it has the two 9.80 Watt E26 LED lights that are preset at 3000K, and that can be dimmed with a compatible remote (separate purchase). The 5 blades on this model have a 13-degree pitch and can be reversed to match the changing of the seasons.

With the 54-inch diameter, the Biscayne can reach an airflow maximum of 5291 CFM, using only 47 Watts. It’s a Damp, ETL rated unit and Energy Star certified, with a 74 CFM/W at an average use of 3506 CFM, so the cost you’ll have at the end of the year is a total of $13 .

In the following, we will provide a comparison between the Hunter Key Biscayne and two other successful patio ceiling fans from the same brand, namely the Hunter Bayview and the Hunter Cassius. So, if a different design is what you prefer or a distinct airflow capacity, and one of these alternative products comply with your demands, go with one of them instead.

Hunter Key Biscayne vs. Hunter Bayview vs. Hunter Cassius

Hunter Key Biscayne
Hunter Bayview
Hunter Cassius
  • Airflow: 5291 CFM
  • Available diameters: 54″
  • Wattage: 47W
  • Mount: Angled / Flush / Standard
  • Style: Contemporary Rustic

Hunter Key Biscayne Rating:
  • Airflow: 5803 CFM
  • Available diameters: 54″
  • Wattage: 46W
  • Mount: Standard / Flush / Angled
  • Style: Contemporary

Hunter Bayview Rating:
  • Airflow: 4031 CFM
  • Available diameters: 52″
  • Wattage: 38W
  • Mount: Standard / Flush / Angled
  • Style: Contemporary

Hunter Cassius Rating:

Hunter Key Biscayne Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 54″ × 54″ × 10.07″ Weight: 30.2 lbs.
Materials: Metal, Plywood, PVC Available Colors: 2
Available Diameters: 54″ Mount: Angled / Flush / Standard
Bulb: LED Switch Type: Pull Chain
Required Battery: N/A Air Circulation: 5291 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 47W
Rating: Damp, ETL Listed Certifications: Energy Star
Features: AC Motor, 3″ & 2″ Downrods, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades, 13° Blade Pitch, Forward/Reverse Function, Dimming Function Warranty: Lifetime on Motor

6. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 3 Speed Levels
👍 4450 CFM Airflow
👍 Adjustable Blade Pitch
👍 Light kit and 4″ L Downrod Included
👍 Reverse Function
👍 Can be mounted without light kit


👎 Light and fans don’t have separate wiring
👎 No remote

If large rooms are prevalent in your home and you need a product that can provide a strong enough airflow, let us present to you the Harbor Breeze model. This professional, yet cozy-looking unit is made of durable ABS blades, with a brown wicker pattern, and bronze metal fixtures. The glass that encompasses the incandescent light is frosted alabaster, giving off a nice glow when turned on. Size-wise, its look alone can get you thinking, and rightfully so, because with a double fan build it’s prepared to tackle any room that needs fresh air circulation.

Assembly-wise, the Twin Breeze II can be mounted either at an angle or in the standard position, thanks to the 4-inch L downrod provided. The motor is an AC type and it sports 3-speed options, adjustable with a pull on one of the chains in the middle, and the blades come in a number of 6, with adjustable pitch and a reversing function for optimal comfort during use. The rating is Damp, ETL listed, so you must be sure to use it only indoors or in covered outdoor areas. With 72 inches in blade span it can provide an airflow of 4450 CFM in rooms of over 400 square feet. It has an efficiency of 57 CFM/W and the cost of usage comes at $11 per year .

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 74″ × 53″ × 11.2″ Weight: 28.8 lbs.
Materials: Alabaster Glass, ABS, Metal Available Colors: 1
Available Diameters: 74″ Mount: Standard / Angled
Bulb: Incandescent Switch Type: Pull Chain
Required Battery: Not Required Air Circulation: 4450 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 40W
Rating: Damp, ETL Listed Certifications: N/A
Features: AC Motor, 4″ L Downrod, 3 Speeds, 6 Blades, Pitch Adjustable, Reverse Function Warranty: Lifetime

7. Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch

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7 Best Rated Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Patio to Cool During The Summer


👍 3 Speed Levels
👍 5070 CFM Airflow
👍 12° Blade Pitch
👍 3″ Downrod Included
👍 Reverse Function


👎 No remote included
👎 No light kit included

Up next we have the first of two Honeywell products on this list. This model has a traditional look to it, with a classic blade shape and wide canopy. The materials consist of metal for the fixtures and a sturdy plastic for the blades, with a wood grain imprint on one side. Color-wise it only has a dark gray, almost black option, the detail work being the aforementioned wood texture.

When it comes to putting it together, the Belmar is no hard feat, and it can be mounted flush, at an angle, or in the standard position with the help of the 3-inch rod provided. The rooms that are appropriate to install it in are those with a size between 12 by 12 feet and 18 by 18 feet. The reversible blades are 5 in total and have a 12-degree pitch, and the motor is an AC-type that runs at 3 speeds, adjustable with the help of the pull-chain mechanism. For an extra charge, you can add a light kit and a compatible remote for easier control. It’s very similar performance-wise to the Honeywell Duval 52-Inch, so if you want a viable alternative that mostly differs when it comes to a few design aspects, you might prefer this other Honeywell product more. Check out the comparison table below to learn more about this alternative ceiling fan.

The span of the blades is 52 inches, reaching an impressive 5070 CFM airflow at the maximum speed, and since it uses 56 Watts, the yearly cost reaches $15 . The Belmar is energy-efficient at 89 CFM/W and it can be used both inside and outside thanks to its Damp ETL rating.

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch vs. Honeywell Duval 52-Inch

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch
Honeywell Duval 52-Inch
  • Airflow: 5070 CFM
  • Available diameters: 52″
  • Wattage: 56W
  • Mount: Flush / Angled / Standard
  • Style: Traditional

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Rating:
  • Airflow: 5022 CFM
  • Available diameters: 52″
  • Wattage: 55W
  • Mount: Flush / Angled / Standard
  • Style: Tropical

Honeywell Duval 52-Inch Rating:

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Specifications Sheet

Dimensions: 52″ × 52″ × 15.12″ Weight: 14.52 lbs.
Materials: Metal, ABS Available Colors: 1
Available Diameters: 52″ Mount: Flush / Angled / Standard
Bulb: LED Switch Type: Pull Chain
Required Battery: Not Required Air Circulation: 5070 CFM
Voltage: 120V Wattage: 56W
Rating: Damp, ETL Listed Certifications: N/A
Features: AC Motor, 3″ Downrod, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades, 12° Blade Pitch , Reverse Function Warranty: Lifetime

Buying Guide

Choosing a ceiling fan might not seem so complicated at a first glance, however, it’s a quite tricky process. You need to consider plenty of aspects before getting your wallet out, and this is the exact part of the article that is specifically created to help you choose what’s best for your home.

Motor & Blades

The first components you need to think of are obviously the ones that move the air around in the first place. And those are the motor and the blades.

With the motor, there are 3 categories available, and those are:

High – These are the ones with a higher power, that can operate silently and for a prolonged period of time. Their only understandable downside is that they are pricier.
Medium – These are the ones that operate well and quietly (although on the highest speeds they might get noisy) but are recommended for a maximum of half a day of continuous run time.
Economy – These are the ones that are suited for lower ceilings and for a continuous run time of a maximum of 8 hours. They might be noisy at times, but they have the most affordable price.

With the blades, here’s what you need to consider:

Are they made from quality materials? Wood, metal, plastic, all these materials (and their variations), as long as they are properly sealed, have a contribution, from being sturdy or lightweight to being humidity-resistant.
Are they pitched? Blades at a steeper degree can work with more air than regular ones and contribute to a higher CFM.
Are they balanced? This factor affects how swiftly they move and prevent any wobbling.


This aspect refers to the possibility of using the fan from the hot summer months to the freezing winter ones. If the motor and blades can be reversed, that affects the temperature of the air, thus allowing you to use the product whenever without restrictions.

Another function that is helpful, but only applicable to those models with included or purchasable light kits, is the dimming of the lightbulbs to fit your room ambiance.


Here we’re referring to the blade span, which should be chosen according to the size of the area you install the unit in. A helpful guide to follow is:

A maximum of 75 square feet – Between 29 and 36 inches
Between 76 and 144 square feet – Between 36 and 42 inches
Between 144 and 225 square feet – Between 43 and 49 inches
Between 225 and 400 square feet – Between 50 and 54 inches
Over 400 square feet – From 55 inches to anything higher


This part has to do with how much space is available when mounting your fan so that you can enjoy a proper airflow. The recommended measurements are at least 7 feet tall ceilings (ideally an 8 or 9 feet one) with an 18-inch space allowance from any wall or obstruction. Seeing as most of the models on our list come with a rod in the package and have multiple mount options, we’ll do a short detailing on what each one means:

In this case, the rods are between 3 and 5 inches and they allow a good amount of space between the highest point of the blades and the ceiling so that they can rotate properly.

Here, the rods are longer, appropriate for rooms with higher ceilings, somewhere between 6 and 120-inch sizes.

The rod disappears from the equation and the canopy is snugly fit to the ceiling cover, thus being “flush” against it. This option goes well with ceilings lower than 8 feet, but it can have a negative say in the amount of air circulated.

With this mounting, the fan is set at an angle to suit sloped ceilings or beams.

Ratings & Certifications

The rating refers to the usability of the product in certain circumstances. There are 3 types of ratings with electrical products and those are Dry, Damp, or Wet. Since the models on our list only present Damp or Wet ratings, we’ll go into detail only for these.

Damp – With this rating, you can place the unit in rooms with higher humidity such as a kitchen or a bathroom, and you can also install it outdoor if the area is covered, and no water can reach it directly.
Wet – With this rating, you can place the unit anywhere, even in areas where there is a possibility of direct rainfall, as the components can resist well and you won’t risk anything.

Certificate-wise, the applicable one, in this case, is the Energy Star, which guarantees that your product is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an outdoor ceiling fan worth it?
If you’re someone who can’t handle heat well, such a product would do wonders for you in the torrid summer months, and it is an alternative to the AC which would be rendered useless once taken outside of the house.

What does a ceiling fan in reverse do?
When utilizing the reverse function on these fans during the colder months, the motor goes clockwise (it is advisable to run it at lower speeds) and causes an updraft that steers the warmer air downwards.

Will an outdoor ceiling fan keep mosquitoes away?
Yes, other than the cooling and warming abilities, another perk of using it is that you’ll stop every insects’ flight ability in its tracks with the draft created.

How long do outdoor ceiling fans last?
They usually last somewhere around a decade, but with utmost care and maintenance when needed they can even last up to 20 years.

How many blades are best for an outdoor ceiling fan?
The general number used in outdoor settings is 3. For a quieter run, a number between 4 and 6 works well, but anything higher should be left for indoor use.

Does the number of blades on a ceiling fan matter?
As previously mentioned, more blades mean a silent operation, and it also means a higher balance while they spin.

Can you put a ceiling fan on a pergola?
Yes you can. But depending on the pergola, you should find a fan with an appropriate rating. To be completely safe, go for a Wet rated one and install it without worry.

Can I use a ceiling fan in a garage?
Yes, it is ok for this kind of use, and thanks to their ratings, any fan on our list can be installed without a second thought. As long as you find the right dimension for your garage size, of course.


Seeing as we’ve reached our final thoughts, we’ll leave you with a few short recaps of the models that stood out the most.

Best Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fan for Sale: Monte Carlo Maverick Max 3MAVR

Although it is the priciest model here, the money you spend is justified. The Maverick comes with diameter options for the smallest to the biggest room in your house. The reversible motor runs quietly, but powerfully, reaching an airflow of 8244 CFM at the highest of the 6-speed levels, and it is aided by the 13-degree pitch of the blades. For convenience, you also get a rod to mount the unit and a remote to control its every function.

Editor’s Choice: Minka-Aire Xtreme H2O

If you’re into models with a more modern and well-defined look, the Xtreme H2O is a top option. Its large, 65-inch diameter makes for an imposing unit, and with the pitched blades, it can guarantee a 9222 CFM on the highest setting while still being energy-efficient. It has 6-speed levels, a reversing, and a dimming function, all controlled with the provided remote. A 6-inch rod is also included to facilitate the installation process.

Best Patio Ceiling Fan with Lights: Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

When you need better air circulation and also a better lit room, the Kensgrove answers your problems swiftly. With a 9330 CFM airflow, a silent motor, and a Samsung LED light, your needs are going to be met. The light is dimmable and the motor has 9 speeds, both adjustments adding to the ambiance and silence. The second interesting detail is the 29-degree blade pitch that guarantees full room coverage.

Best Patio Ceiling Fan for Home: Hunter Key Biscayne

The model that is best suited for a modest home, the Biscayne, comes with a 54-inch diameter, a good airflow, energy efficiency, included light kit, and two rods of different sizes, and it can be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to its Damp rating. The motor comes with 3-speed levels and the functions it is capable of are forward/reverse and dimming.

Landon Callahan
Landon Callahan
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