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Chromotherapy Sauna – Color Therapy Explained and Benefits


O ne of the features that infrared saunas commonly include is chromotherapy. The benefits of this healing therapy include spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental properties, which makes it quite sought-after in this day and age when people seek new means to repair health problems and improve their state of well-being. If you are looking for an infrared sauna for home use and want to understand more about this therapy some models come with, or if you already have a sauna that features it and want to know what are the properties of each color to benefit from its healing properties to the fullest extent, continue with us and you will find all the info that interests you.


What Is Color Light Therapy?

Definition: The scientific discipline of utilizing colors to adapt the vibrations in the human body to particular frequencies, which outcomes in better wellness and harmony. Each color in the spectrum holds frequencies of a particular oscillation, each being connected to various physical manifestations.

It is considered to have roots that date thousands of years back, being used by ancient Egyptians, in Indian medicine, and even in customary Chinese healing. The sun’s light can be sequenced into seven colors, which are the main colors of the spectrum. Imbalance in these colors has implications for human health as it can lead to physical and mental manifestations of a wide range. This is where color light therapy comes in, working on different energy points to aid balance the body through the full range of visible light.

See here the best infrared saunas with chromotherapy to enjoy the provided health benefits to their fullest extent and get the chance to easily toggle between color settings so that you target specific issues to solve them.

Medical Benefits

  • Seasonal affective disorder assistance: SAD is a disorder of an affective nature that generally triggers when the days become shorter in wintertime, the lack of sunlight disturbing our natural internal clock. The affliction affects individuals as it causes inexplicable mood fluctuations, and even affects the sleeping patters. This, in turn, affects a range of other health aspects as well. Chromotherapy aids as it offsets these effects, regulating the mood and helping you sleep soundly, just like you do throughout the rest of the year.
  • Faster healing: Even though it is not as efficient as LED light therapy that is utilized for healing post-surgical wounds, scars, burns, and other issues of the sort, color light treatment provided by saunas does help accelerate the repair functions of the body. Thus, you can heal quicker just by sitting and basking in the color emitted.
  • Pain relief: Some of the symptoms that are connected to chronic pain incorporate muscle strain and swelling. These are easily solved by color therapy, and the combination with the curative benefits of infrared saunas adds to the efficiency of the session toward complete pain relief.
  • Muscle tension relief: Regardless if you have muscle tension because of a strenuous workout or it is a symptom of chronic pain, through color light therapy you can dissolve the knots that cause it so that you can relax the muscles and heal them in a natural manner.
  • Better blood circulation: If you pair using the right color feature with the added benefits that come with using the infrared sauna, you can even experience enhanced blood circulation. This, in turn, helps regulate blood pressure so that the fundamental system in your body functions properly.
  • Did you know that alkaline water hydration can improve blood circulation as well? See here the best alkaline water ionizers at the moment and learn more about the positive effects the water produced has on your body, and you won’t ever go back to the plain, likely polluted water that runs from your tap ever again.

  • Inflammation and swelling decrease: Some color settings help reduce swollen or inflamed areas quicker. A single session won’t make a huge difference, but if you do 2-3 sessions per week, you will likely get rid of the problem over one or two weeks tops, depending on the gravity of your situation.
  • Better sleep quality: Instead of turning to medications and pharmaceuticals to treat your insomnia-related issues or to simply improve the poor quality of your sleep, use this natural remedy. As it helps relax your muscles and boost your overall mood, you are likely to fall asleep faster and rest better as well.
  • General mood improvement: There are certain colors that rouse the endocrine system and control hormone imbalance. Mood swings are less likely to occur as of undergoing color light therapy, so you will feel more optimistic and be in a better state of mind because of it. Seasonal changes and depression benefit from chromotherapy as well, individuals who suffer from mood disorders reporting considerable changes after sauna sessions.
  • Just as effective in mood improvement is aromatherapy. You can benefit from it in your own home by using an essential oil diffusing system that disperses calming aromas in the room.

  • Better mobility: The combination of infrared sauna use and chromotherapy assists lubricate the joints better, and it relaxes the muscles. Thus, your range of motion and flexibility see a considerable improvement, which helps lower injuries related to workouts and physical chores.

Cosmetic Benefits

Chromotherapy is rapidly growing in popularity for its anti-aging properties as well, what it is most commonly sought-after from this point of view being the fact that it assists to reduce the aspect of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and age spots. So, the cellular regeneration that benefits other parts of your body also helps improve the way your skin looks so that you not only feel but look younger for years to come. Moreover, when paired with the benefits of infrared light exposure, chromotherapy can help heal skin scarring and lesions caused by conditions like acne and psoriasis.

The color red reigns supreme for skin youth preservation as it stimulates collagen production, which helps reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines. For toning and tightening the skin, yellow is the setting that you should use. Blue softens the skin if it is tightened, and soothes inflamed, red areas of the skin. Violet purifies the skin, which helps treat pimples even for those who have very oily skin. Green helps fade pigmentation and it evens out patches of uneven skin tone. Last but not least, orange provides nutrients that help lift dull complexions so that you look better and radiate healthfulness.

If you cherish skin health, always keep indoor humidity levels at a healthy 30%-40% minimum to ensure proper hydration of the skin. In case air moisture levels are lower, use a humidifier to increase them as needed.

What Each Color Is Used to Heal

Each color has specific curative properties. Know what each is suited for to make your sauna sessions as fruitful as possible and benefit from healing to the fullest extent. What we recommend from the get-go is that you not alternate too quickly between colors, switching from one to another in 1-2 minutes as they won’t get to make their effect properly. Instead, per session, either use a single color option or switch from one color to another option in the middle of the session. Moving on, here are the color options used in most infrared saunas:

  • Indigo: Has a tranquilizer impact. There are reports that associate it with handling issues of the eyes, nose, and ears, as well.
  • Violet: Used to cure psychosis, urinary maladies, and health problems associated with the lymphatic system and the spleen. Its calming nature soothes organs and relaxes muscles. Renowned for its meditative qualities.
  • Red: Used as support for the nervous and circulatory functions. Perfect for those who have low blood pressure as it raises it. It also comes in handy for increasing the pulse and breathing rates through its exciting nature.
  • Blue: Considered to be efficient at decreasing of any sort of pain. Through its nature, it has a calming, relaxing effect. These qualities often make it the go-to for relieving stress, colds, rheumatism, liver disorders, pain in the stomach, muscle spasms, migraines, and nervous tension.
  • Orange: People who suffer from asthma and bronchitis often find relief in this chromotherapy color option. Another property it flaunts is that it helps activate and eliminate localized fat.
  • Another means to get rid of localized fat, especially in the abdominal area, is to wear an infrared sauna slim belt. You can keep it on while you do normal day-to-day activities or spruce its properties by working out while you wear it. What is sure is that you will have a flatter, better-toned abdomen in no time.

  • Pink: Boasts purifying properties as it triggers and removes contaminants in the bloodstream.
  • Yellow: Used to cleanse the skin. It also helps the metabolism, reinforces the nervous system and eases indigestion, and aids in treating lymphatic disorders, glandular ailments, and hepatitis.
  • Green: Sought-after for its positive calming impact. Helps those who feel overwhelmed by stress and are generally in a bad mood to feel better.

These are the main color options you will find in most infrared saunas. With some models, however, there are a few extra options put at your disposal, which generally include the following:

  • Strong pink: Strengthens the veins and arteries, which makes it act as a body cleanser.
  • Strong yellow: Puts internal tissues to work, and helps strengthen your body to fend off disease more effectively.
  • Strong green: Offers regenerative stimulation to help you heal faster. Other benefits include antiseptic properties, as well as anti-contagious capabilities.
  • Strong blue: Soothing and relaxing color that helps reduce stress levels, as well as nervous tension. Another benefit associated with it is the lubrication of the joints.

Who Should Avoid Chromotherapy?

While its curative characteristics are not to be denied, the truth is that there are situations that require avoiding use as negative effects can emerge. For one, make sure that you don’t ever overdo it, especially if you benefit from chromotherapy while using the infrared sauna. If your sessions pass the indicated 20-minute time span, not only are you likely to dehydrate because of the excess sweating, but the color therapy can overexcite your nerves, cause inflammation, high fever, and even palpitations.

Individuals who suffer from health problems like gout, colds, paralysis, or rheumatism can use color light therapy but must stay away from the blue, violet, and indigo settings as these cause cooling, which will worsen their current health state instead of aiding in rehabilitation.


Now that you are informed regarding the properties of each color and how color light therapy can benefit your health, you know how to utilize this feature of the infrared sauna to heal your body and mind through it. Sauna sessions on their own are healing wonders, but with added features of this nature, you can further enjoy their benefits for a healthier, happier, more positive you. A feature that is available even with some outdoor saunas, we advise that you opt for a model that comes with it as it does not add that much to the final price of the product and presents more important advantages in the long-run than money can buy.

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