Control your cooling costs

Are your cooling bills going up? Air conditioning represents up to 40% of a building's peak electricity use and can weigh heavily on your bottom line. Adding Ice Bear AC modifications to your air conditioning system can cut your cooling costs by up to 40%, and reduce your building carbon footprint without compromising comfort. Ice Bear batteries are one of the greenest and smartest energy investments you can make to save money, improve your building and increase the comfort of its occupants.


Icy smart

Ice Bear charges by making ice during off-peak hours when rates are low. When demand peaks and rates go up, your Ice Bear battery turns off the AC compressor and uses the stored ice to provide cooling instead. A smart-grid controller allows you to monitor your energy use and to control the performance of your system. The results speak for themselves: a 95% reduction of your peak cooling electricity use and immediate savings!

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Save up to 40% on your cooling bill

Ice Bear technology delivers significant energy cost savings. Utility sponsored programs can significantly reduce or even eliminate your upfront investment. Taking control of your cooling costs has never been easier or less expensive!

1. Get more for less

Ice Bears’ efficient cooling technology reduces your overall energy use by taking over for your AC for up to 6 hours a day. By making ice when rates are low and using the stored ice to cool your building when rates are high, your Ice Bear batteries also use cheaper electricity than your air conditioner. You get more cooling for less money!

2. Get free or low-cost equipment

In areas where air conditioning stresses the grid, Ice Energy partners with utilities to deliver free Ice Bears and reduced-cost, efficient new AC units to building owners. You get an unbelievable deal and start saving from day one. You also help your utility better manage cooling demand in your community. It is a win-win and an easy way to improve your bottom line.

3. Put little or no money down

Ice Bear’s groundbreaking technology can also qualify for clean energy incentives such as the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the Self Generation Incentive Program in California. These programs let you save on equipment and installation costs, and make Ice Bear storage a great investment, whether or not your utility has partnered with Ice Energy.

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Ice Bear batteries green up your business

Ice Bear batteries are not only a good financial investment, they also let you achieve your sustainability goals. They lower CO2 emissions by up to 40%, reduce nitrogen oxides emissions by up to 56% and support renewable energy integration into the grid. Ice Bears can easily be recycled and do not use any hazardous or toxic material.

Ice Bears benefit your community too

While Ice Bear batteries help you save money and protect the environment, they also make a difference for your community.

Create jobs

Ice Energy trains and hires local certified HVAC contractors to install and maintain Ice Bears in your area, durably boosting the local economy. Ice Bears are also American-made. They are manufactured in Hammondsport, New York.

Help electric rates stay low

Ice Bears reduce the need for new and expensive peaking power plants and new power lines.

Help prevent blackouts

By switching AC compressors off when demand peaks, Ice Bears reduce stress on the grid, especially during heat waves.

Help your state or region reach its CO2 emissions goals

Ice Bears allow utilities to integrate more renewable energy resources into the grid and lower emissions.

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Quick & easy installation

 Ice Bears integrate seamlessly with your existing cooling system. They are compatible with most 4-20 tons commercial AC units and are installed on rooftops or on the ground by local certified HVAC contractors.


Operations & maintenance

Ice Bears are commercially proven and require minimal maintenance. A smart-grid controller monitors your energy use and controls the performance of your system. Most fixes and repairs can be performed remotely.

Don't take our word for it

Ice Bear units have been operating in the field since 2005, providing over 34 million hours of cooling to governments and businesses in a variety of industries. Here are some of the organizations who have installed Ice Bear units.


Azusa Pacific University

Burbank Unified School District

Colorado State University

Pine Street School, Redding CA

Rother School, Redding CA


City of Azusa

City of Burbank

City of Glendale

City of Los Angeles

City of Redding

City of Riverside

Fort Bliss


Wilson Creek Winery

Ponte Winery

New Belgium Brewery


Bob’s Big Boy

Boston Market

Carl's Junior


Panda Express

Round Table Pizza

National Retailers







Commercial & Industrial

Fritz Ford - Riverside, CA

Lithia Chevrolet - Redding, CA

Redding Subarau – Redding, CA

Shasta YMCA

Fitness 19 - Redding, CA

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness - Fort Collins, CO

Ice Bear 20 Case Study

Santa Ynez, CA

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