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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces

Continuous Drain Commercial Dehumidifier

Continuous Drain Commercial Dehumidifier


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W hether your business place is a construction site, a shop, a hotel, or an office building, it is important to provide your employees and customers with excellent working conditions, which should include clean air, optimal humidification, and proper heating or air cooling, depending on the season.

Individuals who spend the majority of measured time within the range set in ASHRAE 55-1898 (30% – 60% RH) experienced lower stress responses at the office and better sleep quality than those who did not.

Razjouyan J, Lee H, Gilligan B, et al.

Among the most serious problems that affect large spaces is humidity, as these areas are rarely well-vented and allow for moisture to build up. While the key is at hand, finding the best commercial dehumidifier can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. This is why we have put all our efforts into reviewing and ranking the most performant models available today. We have consulted 4 professionals as well, who shared their honest opinions and helped us highlight the advantages and drawbacks of each product.

Thus, we invite you to take a look at our top and scroll down through our complete reviews to find a product that will suit you.

What Industries Require the Use of Commercial-Grade Dehumidifiers?

There are several industries that actually depend on dehumidifiers because high moisture levels would otherwise affect production or cause damage to materials and gear. This is the main purpose for which commercial dehumidifiers exist – to serve these industrial-grade applications and handle significantly tougher working conditions than their residential use counterparts.

Everything from operating temperature to area coverage and even moisture removal capabilities are superior for commercial-grade products as opposed to their classic opponents. However, this isn’t to say that the superior humidity control of commercial-grade models doesn’t come in handy for residential use too. In fact, if you have a very large basement that you want to solve humidity issues for, it’s likely better that you opt for a dehumidifier of the sort to make sure that RH levels are corrected and stay within safe parameters.

Now turning to the matter at hand, let’s see what are some of the industrial applications for which these heavy-duty dehumidifiers were designed. Keep in mind that these products are suited for basically any space where dehumidification is needed. If their height won’t allow installation in that specific area, the only application for which they’re not recommended is crawlspace dehumidification. Other than that, almost anything is on the table. However, some of the industries that these products were specially manufactured for include:

  • Automotive;
  • Chemical processing;
  • Archives;
  • Pharmaceutical production;
  • Freezer facilities;
  • Food and drink industry processing;
  • Waterworks and utilities.

Did you know that ACs have dehumidification functions as well? Check out our selection of vertical window air conditioners and get two functions in one for cooler and less humid summers.

Top 11 Commercial Dehumidifiers Compared

Area Coverage
Moisture Removal
Processed Air
Drain Hose Length
Automatic Defrost
Automatic Restart

Best Overall
26,000 cu. ft.
235 PPD @ Saturation / 130 PPD @ Standard
325 CFM
25 ft.

Editor’s Choice
8,000 sq. ft.
296 PPD @ Saturation / 143 @ Standard
353 CFM
3.28 ft.

Best for Basement
8,000 sq. ft.
232 PPD @ Saturation / 110 PPD @ Standard
353 CFM
6.56 ft.
7,500 sq. ft.
155 PPD
112 CFM
6.56 ft.

Best for the Money
6,000 sq. ft.
130 PPD
180 CFM
Not Included
5,200 sq. ft.
95 PPD
265 CFM
5 ft.

Best for Water Damage Restoration
2,300 sq. ft.
180 PPD @ Saturation / 85 PPD @ Standard
210 CFM
15 ft.
1,500 sq. ft.
125 PPD @ Saturation / 76 PPD @ Standard
235 CFM
20 ft.
600 – 900 sq. ft.
150 PPD @ Saturation / 76 PPD @ Standard
235 CFM
15 ft.
110 PPD
10 ft.
1,800 sq. ft.
95 PPD
259 CFM
Not Included

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Commercial Dehumidifiers?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi: The most trustworthy of all, with a high capacity and quick action, this commercial dehumidifier is everything you need to ensure a safe environment in large building spaces. It is enough to program it and take from there as it can evacuate the water on its own. Plus, you can always know how it is performing from afar as it can transmit all the info through Wi-Fi.
  • RinKmo 296 PPD: Indeed a heavy-duty dehumidifier, it doesn’t only draw a large amount of moisture, but it can also handle very large areas without sacrificing performance. Starting with the straightforward design and the series of smart settings, it proves to be a helping hand in drying tasks or restorations after a flood.
  • COLZER CFT4.0D: It can do the job of 2 average dehumidifiers with maximum efficiency. The metal housing makes it practically indestructible, while the electronic panel makes it expedient to use. Plus, it integrates many smart functions, so it can run independently for long periods.
  • Kesnos 155 Pints PD606A: Although it doesn’t cost as much as its better-ranked opponents do, it doesn’t mean that the Kesnos dehumidifier is not in their ranks performance-wise. Considering that it handles spaces upward of 7,500 square feet and it boasts quite a fierce moisture removal capability, all while maintaining a reasonable asking price, it’s actually one of the best options to go for. So, tread lightly because this just might be the right dehumidifier for your damp garage or warehouse.
  • Waykar 130 Pints YDA-858E: We liked all the smart settings it provides, especially considering the cost that is more than half of what other models cost. It incorporates most of the useful and indispensable features and it is very easy to use. However, it’s best to have it work in a space smaller than advertised because it might not completely rise to the hype of the manufacturer.
  • Aprilaire 1852 Pro: Most buyers pick this dehumidifier for its good price and performance, but there’s no doubt that the simple upkeep plays an important role as well. The fact that it can function as a part of the HVAC system is also a bonus, while the good service assurance makes it even more attractive.
  • AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifier: It draws less energy than the competition and comes with a timer, so the expenses of running it will be lower. Additionally, the hardwearing construction warrants that it can run in different conditions and keep doing a good job even after years of utilization.
  • XPOWER XD-125: As it comprises a pump, it can handle all the hard work without supervision. You will only have to program it and check once in a while if everything is working as it should. The control panel will let you check the parameters and adjust the settings with ease.
  • BlueDri BD-76P-RED: It is available at an excellent price and can be put to work in a broad variety of spaces, so you will make a good investment no matter if you are planning to use it on a construction site or restore your whole house after an unfortunate floor. Plus, it is toughly built and covered by a long warranty.
  • Active Air AADHC1002P: Truly useful dehumidifier that can handle large amounts of water, it is of great efficiency in removing moisture from walls, pieces of furniture, or simply the air. It’s straightforward and reportedly accurate, although it can sometimes show wrong levels of humidity until you restart it.
  • Frigidaire FAD954DWD: For a small space, this dehumidifier can work wonders. It is up for prolonged use and can face pretty tough situations. It is made by a trustworthy brand, Frigidaire, so you can expect full coverage when it comes to repairs. A responsive customer support service is at your disposal too.

If you have a camper, know that moisture issues can exist in it too. Instead of taking chances and letting mold growth appear, get an RV dehumidifier and keep humidity levels in check.

1. Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 High area coverage and water withdrawal rate
👍 Easy to adapt due to the multiple smart functions
👍 Sturdy construction
👍 Built-in pump
👍 Large pump basinet prevents accidental spills
👍 Multilingual control panel

When it comes to producing commercial models, Dri-Eaz surely knows the business. This is one of their most dominant products, designed to ensure optimal water withdrawal for restaurants, hotels, construction sites, or warehouses. In this direction, it was equipped with strong housing and advanced dehumidification technology that allow it to run in low-grain environments. It uses smart sensors to measure temperature and humidity and can adjust its operations to reach optimal parameters fast and efficiently.

Another model from Dri-Eaz worth looking into is the Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution that is suited for areas of up to 7,000 square feet. Due to its low profile, this commercial-grade dehumidifier is perfect for the crawlspace too. So, if you need moisture reduction in multiple places, including the narrow portion underneath your home, it might be a better option than the 7000XLi. See how these Dri-Eaz products compare to each other and pick the one that best suits your needs after you check out the comparison matrix we provide later in this review.

Fast Moisture Removal

Many customers choose it for water damage refurbishments, as it can provide quick water withdrawal and work continuously without overheating or losing power. Plus, it comes with a high-quality pump, which provides efficient drainage by lifting the water and allowing evacuation into a sink or out the window. Its popularity is amplified by the following specifications:

  • Extra-large coverage – can provide moisture withdrawal for up to 26,000 cubic feet, being a perfect choice for whole buildings
  • Outstanding water withdrawal capacity – draws up to 235 PPD. If you need higher moisture removal, then look into the RinKmo 296 PPD since, as the name suggests, removes 296 pints of moisture per day at saturation conditions
  • Crossflow technology – ensures optimal dehumidification even if you have to deal with a low-grain environment
  • Powerful fan – produces an excellent 325 CFM airflow, which reduces water withdrawal time

It can run at temperatures between 33F and 100F so it won’t freeze in extremely cold conditions. Furthermore, the pump bassinet is very generous, so it can control the surplus of water produced by defrosting in case a blackout occurs. Thus, you can be sure that all its work won’t be wasted and the humidity won’t be raised again by accidental spills.

Indestructible Construction

It is an industrial unit, so it should be able to run for extended periods in harsh circumstances. Moreover, as you will invest good money into it, it should last for many years, and preserve its performance. Our investigation revealed that it is fit for the job, and this is easy to see if you look at the following features:

  • Rotomolded poly housing – is resistant to dings and dents and won’t get damaged if exposed to high humidity
  • Heavy-duty hose and cord – the first one measures 25’ and the second 40’, being appropriate for use in large spaces
  • Performant 3M HAF filter – is anti-microbial treated and will fight mold and mildew spores and microorganisms
  • Strong semi-inflatable wheels and handle – make it easy to transfer from one job site to another, even if stairs need to be climbed

Though it is bulky and rather heavy, at 121 pounds, with the ergonomic handle, it is easy to maneuver. Plus, if you purchase 2 units, they can be stacked one on top of the other to condense the space they take on the floor when stored. To provide this option, the handle easily folds down.

Smart Functions

Now, that we have analyzed its construction and capacities, it’s time to inspect its design. Is the control board easy to reach and operate? It is. It features 4 buttons and an LCD that allow you to set the desired functions, like, for instance, the moisture level it should reach. Nevertheless, what’s truly impressive is the multitude of smart functions:

  • Self-thaw – it triggers when the cold kicks in and shields the inner coils against cold and freezing
  • Self-diagnosis – generates error codes that can be used for easy troubleshooting
  • Self-restart – in case a blackout occurs, it learns the last settings and resumes on its own
  • Timer – helps customize run time and decrease energy expenses
  • Digital humidistat and thermostat – analyze the parameters on the premises and allow the unit to adjust its functions accordingly

Apart from all that, you can select the language, as it offers information in English, French, German, and Spanish. It also includes a wireless function that allows it to connect with a special monitoring system (sold separately) that will help you track the site state.

Long Service Contract

The housing is backed by a limited lifetime service contract, and you will perhaps never have to use it, as it is one of the most solid models. Conversely, if something should happen with the compressor or the coils, note that they are covered for up to 6 years, which is a very generous offer. Moreover, you get 1 year for parts and labor, and the pledge that the manufacturer will stand behind their offerings.

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000Xli Test Feedback

It works exceptionally well considering the asking price. It really does remove a little over 150 pits at saturation conditions, and it fared wonderfully in my parent’s 6,000 square feet warehouse where we tested it. The only negative is that it’s louder than advertised, but for industrial and commercial applications, this isn’t a big problem.

Lillian Davies – Product Tester and Reviewer

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi vs. Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi
Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution
  • Area coverage: 26,000 cu. ft.
  • Maximum dehumidification rate (saturation): 235 PPD
  • Air movement: 325 CFM
  • Drain hose length: 25’
  • Automatic defrost:
  • Automatic restart:
  • Operating temperature: 33°F – 100°F

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Rating:
  • Area coverage: 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Maximum dehumidification rate (saturation): 136 PPD
  • Air movement: 180 CFM
  • Drain hose length: 25’
  • Automatic defrost:
  • Automatic restart:
  • Operating temperature: 33°F – 100°F

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution Rating:

Often ignored, the space under the house can easily turn into a hazardous place, where vermin and mold can multiply and, in time, find ways to move in the house. To protect your family, check out the best crawlspace dehumidifiers and ensure humidity is kept under control.

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 26,000 cu. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 235 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 130 pints/day Processed Air: 325 CFM
Power: 954 watts Filter Type: 3M HAF
Drain Hose Length: 25 feet Power Cord Length: 40 feet
Housing: Rotomolded polyethylene Operating Temperature: 33°F – 100°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: Limited lifetime on body, 6 years for compressor & coils, 1 year for parts & labor

2. RinKmo 296 PPD

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 The fact that it remembers and retakes the settings
👍 Drainage can be done in two ways
👍 It has a large surface coverage
👍 It can be easily relocated
👍 The large display provides intelligent humidity control


👎 A few customers have reported that they were displeased with customer support staff
👎 It’s fairly loud, so you likely won’t be able to work with it running in your proximity

Large areas with increased humidity need to be handled by models with a high moisture intake rate like this one. Able to cover up to 8,000 sq. ft., it’s among the most powerful that can absorb water not only from the air but also from walls or furniture. Its compressor ensures it can collect no less than 296 pints in 24 hours, that is 143 PPD according to the AHAM standard. This makes it even more efficient in terms of moisture removal than the top-rated Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi that draws 235 pints at saturation and 130 pints according to the AHAM standard. Don’t be afraid to use it in construction sites, warehouses, basements, etc. The fan circulates around 353 CFM, which is an outstanding performance. It can be used in extreme conditions, with a maximum temp level of 95 degrees and humidity exceeding 80%.

In terms of construction, we are talking of a solid metallic housing that is not prone to rust or damage, measuring 19.5 (W) x 15.7 (D) x 32.5 (H) inches, significantly more compact than its competitors. Hence, you can squeeze it in confined spaces where other bulkier models wouldn’t fit. Don’t assume you will have a hard time moving it, as it includes two recessed handles on the sides and four solid casters.

It’s very intuitive, particularly due to the large touch-pad panel that displays all the settings and features. You will there find readings of the current humidity and temperature, and pictograms of all of its settings. Drainage can be done in two ways:

  • manually, in the 3.17-gal. bucket
  • automatically, using the integrated pump and the 3.28 ft. drain hose

It is packed with some smart features that guarantee optimal working conditions:

  • Auto On/Off: to ensure it will not work in vain, the machine starts and turns off at required times, to preserve the set humidity
  • Auto Stop: in case drainage is done manually, it will turn off when the bucket is full
  • Auto Defrost: it performs upkeep as it defrosts the ice that builds up on the coils in the cold season
  • Auto Restart: in case the power goes off, it remembers the settings and retakes them when the power comes back on
  • Timer: set it to work for a certain period from 1 to 24 hours
  • Error codes: it shows codes of the problems it encounters for effortless troubleshooting
  • The protection policy provided lasts for two years

Sometimes, the increased indoor temperature is strongly related to a high moisture level. See our smallest window air conditioners and get improved comfort, less moisture, and lower energy costs, all at a fairly good price.

RinKmo 296 PPD Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 8,000 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 296 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 143 pints/day Processed Air: 353 CFM
Power: N/A Filter Type: Washable
Drain Hose Length: 3.28 feet Power Cord Length: N/A
Housing: Scratch- and dent-resistant metal Operating Temperature: 41°F – 100°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 2 years


Check Price at Amazon

11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Multiple smart functions
👍 Portable design
👍 Suitable for large job places
👍 Fast water withdrawal in large areas
👍 User-friendly electronic panel
👍 Accurate digital humidistat


👎 No pump
👎 Can reach high energy consumption rates

This model offers a complex electronic panel with multiple smart functions that make it easier to customize for specific operating conditions. It comprises a digital humidistat, which is very accurate in tracking humidity values in the room. The two arrow buttons that are situated next to the large LCD screen lets you set the preferred level and the system will run continuously until it is reached. It also incorporates a temperature sensor, which can be used in conjunction with the self-thaw function to reduce freezing effects. Additionally, a timer is available to help save on running costs. Considering that this unit does eat a lot of power, with a peak usage rate of 1,400 watts, it’s a welcomed feature.

Nevertheless, if we consider its ability to cover up to 8,000 sq. ft., the power usage rate can seem decent, as, usually, for this surface are used two units instead of one. The water withdrawal rate is outstanding, reaching up to 232 PPD or 110 pints according to AHAM norms, so we have ranked it among the fastest models. The fan can supply up to 353 CFM, and the air will be drawn through a high-density filter, designed to capture dust and other particles that can end up inside the system and gradually reduce its performance.

The case is built of strong metal that stands bends and scratches. It is provided with 2 semi-inflatable wheels that ease transportation from one work site to another and a large rugged handle for easy manipulation that attenuates a bit the discomfort of its bulky construction. These features, along with the self-restart allow you to set it functioning in any place and forget about it, as it is not prone to rust and can restart its system if a blackout arises.

The only defect we could find was the lack of a pump. It does offer permanent drainage but it’s based on gravity, so it requires a floor drain. The 6.56-foot long hose and 5.9-foot long power cord are pretty short as well when compared with the other models. However, it does make up for this through easy maintenance, as it features an error-detection function that signals malfunctions and allows you to obtain troubleshooting tips through error codes. Plus, the whole system is covered by a pretty good 2-year service assurance, which is offered by a reliable brand.

COLZER CFT4.0D Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 8,000 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 232 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 110 pints/day Processed Air: 353 CFM
Power: 1,400 watts Filter Type: Washable high-dense filter
Drain Hose Length: 6.56 feet Power Cord Length: 5.9 feet
Housing: Scratch- and dent-resistant metal Operating Temperature: 41℉ -95℉
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 2 years

4. Kesnos 155 Pints PD606A

11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Auto defrost function handles melting ice that accumulates on the coil
👍 Automatic humidity control – set a moisture setting and it will automatically adjust its operation to preserve your chosen humidity level
👍 Among the budget-friendly top-rated commercial dehumidifiers
👍 Full tank indicator comes in handy if you don’t opt for continuous draining


👎 It gets a bit too loud when it runs
👎 The manual is written in poor English, so it’s a bit difficult to follow instructions at times

We are usually accustomed to paying quite a lot to enjoy quality, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. When it comes to commercial-grade dehumidifiers, the best example is the Kesnos 155-pint model that considerably reduces RH within 24 hours, all at a fraction of the cost you would pay for its competitors. It is suited for very large spaces of up to 7,500 square feet. Considering that the asking price for this product is approximately $500 and that dehumidifiers rated for much smaller areas can come at double the price, like the XPOWER XD-125, it’s easy to see why we rank the Kesnos so high.

It does make a hefty amount of noise when it runs, but this shouldn’t take away from its overall quality. The internal humidistat is quite precise, and you can adjust humidity from 10% to 98% with this dehumidifier. Its most convenient feature stands in the automatic humidity control. You just set the moisture level that you prefer, and the Kesnos will turn on and off automatically as needed, adjusting its running speed in the process, to uphold your preferred RH.

Automatic draining of the collected water is possible thanks to the included 6.56-foot drain hose. If you don’t opt for auto draining for any reason and rely on the bucket to collect the moisture, at least the dehumidifier features a LED indicator that shows when emptying is due. The unit will turn off when the tank fills too, so there’s no risk of the collected moisture spilling. It features a 24-hour timer that you can use to program when it should turn on or off. This specific feature also helps reduce running costs, aside from giving you more control over the dehumidifier’s operation.

It monitors the need for defrosting and automatically melts any ice formation on the coil to guarantee a prolonged lifespan. After it restarts, it comes back on with your pre-selected settings. Therefore, power outages won’t be a hassle anymore because you won’t have to reinsert your preferred humidity control options.

It features recessed handles and 360-degree easy-roll wheels to make moving it from one area to another as effortless as possible. When it comes to backing, it’s pretty standard – 1 year for parts and labor. You can extend it to 2 years by registering the product on the manufacturer’s website. Moreover, you receive lifetime support, so whenever you have a question about the product, you will receive prompt assistance from customer support staff.

Kesnos 155 Pints PD606A Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 7,500 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 155 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): N/A Processed Air: 112 CFM
Power: 640 watts Filter Type: Washable
Drain Hose Length: 6.56 feet Power Cord Length: N/A
Housing: Sheet metal Operating Temperature: Up to 95°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 1 year

5. Waykar 130 Pints YDA-858E

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 It looks modern, more appealing than the rest of the models
👍 The washable filter is a nice touch
👍 The water reservoir has a large capacity
👍 The timer lets you set it and let it run unsupervised


👎 Seems very loud even on the lowest speed setting
👎 The drain hose doesn’t attach too securely

It’s advertised as a model that can cover 6,000 sq. ft. but from our expertise, it should be used in spaces smaller than that. Still, it manages to retain around 130 pints of water daily. You will also like its design, which doesn’t resemble the other models, this one boasting a more modern and elegant housing, with rounded corners and a large grille at the front, that hides the reusable filter. Plus, it features wheels for easy relocation and two recessed handles so you can place it anywhere needed. It can handle extremely moist spaces reaching 80%, so don’t be afraid to use it for water damage repairs or for drying a construction.

The integrated humidistat enables it to sense environmental humidity so you can have real control over it and make the correct settings that will eventually reduce the level. Once it reaches the targeted moisture, it will turn off only so it can turn on back again when it starts to increase once again. Hence, you can leave it unattended and it will surely get its job done.

It works in any condition, no matter the season, as it self-defrosts in the winter when the coils accumulate ice and can handle excessive heat up to 95 degrees in summer.

  • Power Outage Restart: It also turns on again once it regains power, in case of a shortage
  • Automatic Drain: The 6.5 feet long hose can eliminate the retained water by simply placing it in sewage at a lower height
  • Manual Drain: It has a 5l reservoir to collect the water in case the auto drain is not available. Don’t worry about overfilling as you will be announced by a light indicator whenever you must empty the reservoir. When that light appears, the motor automatically stops
  • Customer Support: Don’t hesitate to resort to the help of the service team, as you will benefit from lifetime tech support and a 30-day money-back warranty, along with 1 year of free repairs, with the option of extending it to 2 years

Waykar 130 Pints YDA-858E Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 6,000 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 130 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): N/A Processed Air: 180 CFM
Power: N/A Filter Type: Washable Filter
Drain Hose Length: Not included Power Cord Length: 6.52 feet
Housing: Durable plastic Operating Temperature: 41°F – 95°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: N/A Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 1-year full/30-day refund

6. Aprilaire 1852 Pro

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Very long 5-year service contract
👍 Self-restart after an electrical malfunction
👍 Works in cold environments
👍 Can be integrated into an HVAC system
👍 Long-lasting filter


👎 It is relatively slow
👎 Doesn’t feature a timer

It presents a hard-wearing metal case that can resist scratches and dents and comprises corrosion-resistant aluminum coils. The feasible design allows you to integrate it into the HVAC system and provide water removal for your entire business place, particularly as it can cover up to 5,200 sq. ft. Nonetheless, you can decide not to duct it, if you need to cover an individual space, as it offers permanent drainage and comes with a 5’ hose. Thus, no matter the option you pick, you will avoid water reservoirs or buckets that usually fill too fast and need to be drained multiple times a day.

It packs an 8 amperes motor and supplies a notable 265 CFM airflow. Regarding the dehumidification rate, 95 PPD is a good value, but we must agree that it is not very fast. Though, you can enhance its functioning if you use it in an area of reduced dimensions or, if you buy 2 units, for your extra-large business place.

It comprises a washable MERV 8 filter, which is very sturdy and useful against impurities and large floating particles. Proper care and cleaning will extend its life, so you will only have to put a new one once a year to preserve the system in good shape. It has rollers for easy transfer, but it doesn’t have a handle, so carrying it on the stairs may be problematic. Nonetheless, it requires minimal upkeep and can stand cold air down to 40F. Additionally, it is backed by a very generous service contract that can be used in case of manufacturing flaws or mishaps.

The self-restart will show its value as well, as it won’t allow for long periods of pause within the water withdrawal process. Plus, it eats less power than the competition, with a peak of 638 watts, so running it for longer periods will be less expensive. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to program its functioning time as no timer is available.

Aprilaire 1852 Pro Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 5,200 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 95 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): N/A Processed Air: 265 CFM
Power: N/A Filter Type: Washable MERV 8
Drain Hose Length: 5 feet Power Cord Length: 8 feet
Housing: Scratch- and dent-resistant metal Operating Temperature: Down to 40°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 5 years

7. AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifier

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Watertight constructions
👍 Powerful airflow can cover large spaces
👍 Very high moisture removal rate
👍 High-quality water pump


👎 Lacks wheels
👎 Be careful when you stack multiple units on top of each other because they might slip

Removing moisture after a flood can be a problematic task, expressly if the space you are attempting to dry is ample. You will need a forceful unit that can work continuously for days in high-humidity conditions without being influenced by cold or rust. Tests revealed this model from AlorAir to be the best in these circumstances, as it has a very sturdy construction and comes with a pump to help drain the gathered water. The coils are epoxy-covered, therefore they will preserve their heat transference ability for longer.

The housing is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which is practically indestructible, very resistant to bumps and water. The system is completely sealed with rubber bands and can be immersed in the water without getting wrecked or developing rust and corrosion. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until the water is eliminated completely to start the restoration process. The fan is actioned by a 5.4 amperes motor that generates a high airflow of 210 CFM. Consequently, it can handle up to 2,300 sq. ft. The water withdrawal rate is impressive, with up to 180 pints of water that can be removed daily, or up to 85 pints conferring to AHAM standards.

It includes a 15 feet hose and 19.6 drain pipe and comprises a solid pump that will raise the water to a height of 14.7 feet. The cord is long as well, measuring 19.6 feet, so you can place it far from the wall for increased efficiency. Regarding its size, we have observed that it is more compact than most versions in its class and more lightweight, so it is easier to lift, chiefly as it comes with 2 rugged handles. Nevertheless, the burden is still serious, and it could use a set of wheels for easier transportation.

The electronic panel is straightforward, with only 4 buttons that allow for easy setup and function selection. It self-restarts and can function in subzero settings. The system can work at temperatures between 33F and 105F. Plus, the service assurance is very generous, as the company offers 5 full years for repairs.

AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifier Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,300 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 180 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 85 pints/day Processed Air: 210 CFM
Power: 640 watts Filter Type: Washable MERV 8
Drain Hose Length: 15 feet Power Cord Length: 19.5 feet
Housing: Rotomolded polyethylene Operating Temperature: 33°F – 105°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 5 years

8. XPOWER XD-125

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 A strong pump can send the water to a considerable height
👍 Can operate in cold environments
👍 Easy to set up as it requires minimal assembly
👍 Self-thaw function
👍 Resistant housing and coils


👎 No self-restart function
👎 No timer

In areas that have been flooded, the dampness level is so high that only a commercial model with a strong pump can resolve it. You need a powerful motor and a pump that can quickly get the collected water out of the room, and XPOWER offers them, along with a long 20’ drain hose and a purge function.

The advanced electronic panel allows you to set the humidity standard between 26% and 90%, and the unit will work to bring it to the selected value. You can follow its progress on the LCD, which, apart from the RH value, will display total working hours as well. It cannot resume its run, but the self-thaw mode is present and will periodically heat the coils to maintain them in good shape if the temperature drops down to 41F or even lower.

With a water withdrawal capacity of 125 PPD and an airflow of 235 CFM, it will do its best in a medium-size space of up to 1,500 s. ft. Thus, it is the correct option for underground rooms, attics, shops, or construction sites, at which it was already tested and did exceptionally well. Alternatively, you can go for the Frigidaire FAD954DWD since it’s very similar in performance – it works for spaces of up to 1,800 square feet. The housing is made of rotomolded polyethylene, which is the standard in the industry for its strength against parameter variations and its resistance to bumps and scratches. Two strong semi-inflatable wheels were added to absorb the shocks and slickly roll the unit on any terrain. A rugged handle will help you move it without bending and will prove very efficient if you need to carry it on the stairs.

It comprises a washable high airflow filter that will strain contaminants and remove microorganisms and mold spores. The 25’ cord allows you to find a good spot for it in the room. Moreover, the whole system is backed by a good 1-year service contract that can be used in case of manufacturing flows or other mishaps that are specified in the agreement.

XPOWER XD-125 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 125 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 76 pints/day Processed Air: 235 CFM
Power: N/A Filter Type: High airflow filter
Drain Hose Length: 20 feet Power Cord Length: 25 feet
Housing: Rotomolded polyethylene Operating Temperature: 33°F – 100°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 1 year

9. BlueDri BD-76P-RED

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Heavy-duty housing
👍 Large rollers and rigid handle make it easy to reposition
👍 The pump helps raise water to a higher level
👍 Restarts on its own after a blackout
👍 Stackable design


👎 Some parts of the instructions manual can get a bit confusing
👎 It’s quite noisy

It is a versatile model that can be used in any location, whether we are talking about a construction site where the excessive dampness must be drawn fast, or in a cellar that was flooded and needs to dry out for the restoration to begin. The case is built of molded polyethylene, therefore it offers excellent protection against scratches and bumps, allowing for use in extreme circumstances. It rolls on two semi-inflatable wheels and integrates a rigid handle, so you can move it around if the whole space has been flooded.

It has a notable water withdrawal ability of 150 PPD in a space of up to 900 sq. ft. It isn’t the best area coverage, but many models promise to cover thousands of sq. ft. and prove to be ineffective. Tests revealed that, although this unit can perform well in bigger parts of the building, if used in a space under 900 sq. ft., it is exceedingly fast and performs as described. Additionally, it comes with a pump, which is already an extra, but very useful if you don’t have a ground drain.

It can work for days in cold environments, with values that can fluctuate from 33F to 100F. It has self-thaw and will resume on its own in case of a blackout. The electronic panel is located on the top, allowing for quick access to settings. It comprises an LCD as well that will show humidity points and count the hours of continuous use.

The stackable design will help you save space in your storage if you decide to buy more than one unit.

BlueDri BD-76P-RED Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 600-900 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 150 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): 76 pints/day Processed Air: 235 CFM
Power: N/A Filter Type: Washable air filter
Drain Hose Length: 15 feet Power Cord Length: 25 feet
Housing: Molded polyethylene Operating Temperature: 33°F – 100°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 10 years for housing

10. Active Air AADHC1002P

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 It can be easily moved despite the heavy weight
👍 It defrosts automatically
👍 The filter increases the efficiency in improving air quality
👍 It works with various external humidistats


👎 The large top handle makes it hard to fit in crawl spaces
👎 It sometimes shows incorrect readings

It can help you get the optimal humidity level and increase the quality of the air in indoor spaces like office buildings, basements, or greenhouses. The metal housing will not be affected by humidity as it is coated in a layer of protective paint. It has large wheels so it can be easily relocated and even moved up and down the stairs either by grabbing the large top handle or the two side flipping handles. The dimensions are reduced, measuring only 22 x 18.3 x 27.5 inches so to fit confined spaces.

It can retain up to 110 pints per day and it works in any environmental conditions, with temperatures reaching 86 degrees and humidity levels up to 80%. The front display shows the actual levels and makes it simpler for you to make the settings based on them. When the cold hits and the temp drops below 32 degrees, ice might appear on the coils, but don’t worry about that, as the built-in defrost system will deal with the issue. It can also be connected to external moisture controllers and it will work perfectly.

  • Automatic restart: it maintains the settings even if it loses power
  • Removable filter: while absorbing moisture, it also captures some of the impurities in the air
  • Drain hose connection: link it to the 10’ hose and allow gravity to take care of the draining
  • Once you buy it, repairs and parts will be covered for 1 year.

Active Air AADHC1002P Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: N/A Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 110 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): N/A Processed Air: N/A
Power: 728 watts Filter Type: Washable
Drain Hose Length: 10 feet Power Cord Length: N/A
Housing: Power coated and dent-resistant metal Operating Temperature: Down to 32°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: N/A

11. Frigidaire FAD954DWD

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11 Best Rated Commercial Dehumidifiers for Moisture Removal in Large Spaces


👍 Quick moisture removal
👍 Easy to set up – takes less than 15 minutes
👍 Uninterrupted drain option
👍 Self-thaw prevents its internal components from freezing
👍 Easy to relocate
👍 The timer allows for runtime customization and helps save power


👎 It relies on gravity to dispose of the accumulated water
👎 The humidistat is not very accurate

This is an ideal pick for a coffee shop or a workshop, as it has a coverage capacity of 1,800 sq. ft. and can collect around 95 PPD of water. The fan runs at two different speeds and boasts a peak of 259 CFM. Nonetheless, the air isn’t simply drawn inside with all the impurities but it is purified first to prevent dust and other contaminants from damaging the mechanism. Another great news is that you can simply clean the mesh when it gets too dirty and place it back for a new round of filtering. No extra expenses on replacement filters.

Concerning the design, it is strong enough to resist tough circumstances. The plastic casing is durable and provides good sealing for the inner mechanisms. It integrates side handles and comes with 4 robust rollers for trouble-free transportation around the place, which could include carrying it on the stairs. It comprises a 6’ cord to place it far from the wall and decrease vibrations. The only detail it lacks is a pump that would have made water discharge easier. It does present a permanent drain possibility, but it is contingent on gravity to evacuate the water. Consequently, the unit should always be situated at a higher ground so the water can flow into the drain.

If you don’t opt for constant drainage, it offers a generous front container with a splash guard that can be effortlessly detached. But note that it has a smaller volume than this model’s dehumidification rate, therefore may have to empty it more often.

The price is indeed very attractive, particularly when we consider the 1-year service contract for the entire unit or the 5-year contract for the closed system. They are supplied by a renowned brand name, so you can be certain that they will be honored. But, conversely, we should refer to the expenses, which are not as reduced as you would have anticipated. It is Energy Star verified, but it consumes up to 870 watts, which will certainly show on your power bill if you resolve to run it continually. Some purchasers, however, noticed that if you run it on the lowest setting and pause it once every 24 hours, you can decrease the costs to a decent value.

Frigidaire FAD954DWD Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,800 sq. ft. Maximum Moisture Removal (Saturation): 95 pints/day
Maximum Moisture Removal (AHAM Standard): N/A Processed Air: 259 CFM
Power: 870 watts Filter Type: Washable Filter
Drain Hose Length: Not included Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Housing: Durable plastic Operating Temperature: Down to 41°F
Automatic Restart: Automatic Defrost:
Automatic Diagnosis: Timer:
Wheels: Warranty: 1 year full; 5 years for the sealed system

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are commercial dehumidifiers?
When used to their full potential, commercial dehumidifiers make for some of the fiercest humidity reducing tools out there. Unlike their classic counterparts, commercial models are designed to handle larger spaces and exponentially worse conditions when it comes to dampness. At saturation, some of these products can remove over 200 pints per day from spaces well over 5,000 square feet in size. For example, the top-rated Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi is appropriate for spaces up to 26,000 cubic feet, and it can remove 235 pints of moisture per day at saturation (130 PPD under normal environmental conditions).

Are dehumidifiers expensive to run?
Even a heavy-duty dehumidifier like the commercial models we presented here doesn’t draw much power, which translates to decent operational expenses. On average, if you were to run a dehumidifier of the sort 24/7 and the RH level would be kept at 90% throughout, you would end up spending approximately $100 per month if the electricity price in your area would be $0.2 kWh. However, it’s impossible for the aforementioned conditions to exist since the purpose of the dehumidifier is to reduce moisture. So, it wouldn’t be on 24/7 for the whole month, and it wouldn’t work hard constantly to uphold proper conditions.

Do dehumidifiers stop mold?
By design, dehumidifiers are indeed capable of preventing mold growth, improving air quality in the process. If mold has already appeared before you started using the dehumidifier, clean up the affected area and turn on the moisture-reducing unit to make sure it won’t appear ever again.

Where should I place the dehumidifier?
If you are referring to where in your home to place the dehumidifier, the answer is in the room or area with the highest moisture that stands at the root of improper RH levels throughout the building. Generally, this is either the basement or the crawlspace. If you want to use the commercial dehumidifier in a warehouse or other location of the sort, try to place it as close to the center of the space as possible. Make sure that there are as few obstructions as possible so that it will pull in humid air from all directions.

Should the windows be open when using a dehumidifier?
You definitely have to keep the windows shut while the dehumidifier runs. Otherwise, moisture-filled air from outside makes its way into the room, and the dehumidifier will work continuously without actually reducing indoor humidity as it should. Not only will this not solve your high dampness-related issues, but you will overspend on electricity bills uselessly since the dehumidifier will run more than it’s needed.

What is considered high humidity indoors?
Generally, RH levels that exceed 50% are considered high. However, some sources accept that the threshold sits at 60%. Nevertheless, anything that exceeds these parameters is dangerous since the perfect habitat for mold growth would be created. Moreover, high humidity would cause discomfort and even health issues, so do your best to keep it below the maximum acceptable level of 60%.

How can I lower the humidity without a dehumidifier?
While the dehumidifier is, undoubtedly, the best tool for moisture reduction, there are several other means that you can use to tackle this issue. These include:

  • Air conditioning: Aside from reducing temperatures, ACs also reduce indoor humidity. They work best in hot, humid weather.
  • Fans: Since fans circulate the air in the room, this will cause airflow to increase, which in turn encourages rapid evaporation of the excess moisture in the air.
  • Keep the windows open: This works best to get rid of high humidity from the bathroom or kitchen. Crack the windows open and instant airflow is created, the hot and humid air going out.
  • Use salt: Through its nature, salt is a great moisture absorbent. Take two plastic tubs of the same size and drill a hole in one of them. In the other, place an object that will serve as a means to elevate the tub in which you drilled the hole. Take the tub with the hole, place it in the other tub, and fill it with salt. In a few days, there will be water in the bottom tub.

Should a dehumidifier run all the time?
As long as humidity levels stay within the accepted 30% – 50% range (you can go as high as 60%, but nothing further), there is no need to run the dehumidifier. However, these units are fitted with humidistats so that they won’t run beyond the necessary point. This means that you set the RH level you want the dehumidifier to reach and maintain, and when that point is reached, the unit enters standby until humidity rises once more. So, it won’t actually run unremittingly but rather turn on and off as needed to maintain your preferred conditions.

Can a dehumidifier dry out a wall?
When used in combination with fans, dehumidifiers can indeed make a great difference in the process of drying walls. The fans will move the air surrounding the walls, while the dehumidifier will remove moisture from it. Therefore, the two will work together to completely get rid of the excess humidity.

Will a dehumidifier dry a wet floor?
If you use the dehumidifier together with fans and heaters, you will be able to effectively and rapidly dry the floor, even after a flood. Don’t expect the process to be over with in a few minutes though, especially if the damage is considerable. It can take hours, even days for the floor to dry out perfectly, depending on the severity of the restoration job at hand.


Our analysis has come to an end, and it’s time to conclude. While all the units in this top complied with our effectiveness and safety standards, the ranking showed that some of them are more complex and have better dehumidification rates. Nevertheless, we recommend taking a second good look at all of them, as each product has its own particularities and can be more suitable for your budget or project.

Best Commercial Dehumidifier for Sale: Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi

It has the best structure, design, and performance, being fit for extra-large job sites or whole-house dehumidification. We have valued its rotomolded poly housing, which offers excellent security for the system inside. The pump was a high point as well, along with the large bassinet that offers protection in case of accidental defrosting. Plus, smart technology which includes smart sensors, smart functions, and even wireless capability, makes it easy to use and customize.

Editor’s choice: RinKmo 296 PPD

Its popularity and great feedback from satisfied customers convinced us of its great efficiency in solving extreme moisture issues. Relying on a powerful motor, it can extract impressive amounts of humidity from the air and objects and it has all the important settings to provide the best outcomes. Put it in large areas up to 8,000 sq. ft. and let it work until it reaches a normal moisture level. Then move it elsewhere and it can retake the task, even with the same settings, as it has this smart feature.

Best Commercial Dehumidifier for the Money: Waykar 130 Pints YDA-858E

It can draw up to 130 pints from a large space, so it is fit for water damage refurbishments or quick water withdrawal at construction sites, warehouses, office edifices, or garages. Even though the asking price is very small, it doesn’t cut performance or lack certain important features, on the contrary; you will be surprised to see it is loaded with smart and helpful settings.

Best Commercial Dehumidifier for Water Damage Restoration: AlorAir Commercial Dehumidifier

It has a waterproof design, so it can be immersed into the water at job sites where a flood occurred. Here, it will suck up to 180 PPD of water and dispose of it with the help of a very efficient pump. Additionally, the housing is built of rotomolded polyethylene and the coils have been treated against corrosion and rust, so you can rely on it even in the worst-scenario situations.

Best Commercial Dehumidifier for Basement: COLZER CFT4.0D

A high-end option, it presents a large LCD screen and electronic controls that allow for easy setup. It can cover up to 8,000 sq. ft. and offers an excellent water withdrawal rate. The metal housing makes it hard-wearing and resistant to mechanical factors. Plus, it includes a full set of smart functions that allow it to react automatically when it faces blackouts or cold.

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