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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water

Countertop Water Filter Closeup

Countertop Water Filter Closeup


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F resh, clean water is no longer a problem for a big part of the planet. Local authorities have taken it upon themselves to treat the water before it reaches households, and, thus, the biggest part of the impurities is neutralized. Nonetheless, this is not at all times a guarantee that the result is safe to ingest. Before reaching the final consumer, the water goes through a long system of pipes that can be extremely old. The more timeworn, the greater the chances that it will add other impurities into the water, some posing high danger for the health.

Lead is the main water contaminant that becomes a major issue with old pipe systems. The Environmental Protection Agency best sheds light on this topic, explaining just how much of a threat lead is when ingested. As opposed to other polluting agents that can be found in certain quantities in your drinking water without posing a direct risk, the same is not valid when it comes to lead. This is why the EPA has set the peak level goal for lead contamination in drinking water at zero.

Infants and young children are at the highest risk when it comes to lead exposure, the contaminant taking a toll on their behavior and on their physical health. Even in low quantities, when ingested by children lead leads to learning problems, anemia, slowed growth, hyperactivity, and hearing issues. It’s dangerous even for pregnant women, some of the serious effects of drinking lead-contaminated water by women in this sensitive period including premature birth and reduced growth of the fetus.

In this circumstance, a system that can provide filtration and remove the dreaded contaminants that lurk in your tap water is what you need. Whether you are dealing with lead contamination alone, or there are other issues afflicting the water that runs through the pipes and ends up in your glass, the following top-tier countertop water filter systems are bound to solve the problem at hand, leaving you with clean water for hydration purposes.

With a permanent location and able to decontaminate the water that goes out of all the faucets in your home, the best whole house water filter systems for well are worth checking out too if you have more dire water purity issues and need to solve them.

Top 10 Countertop Water Filters Compared

Product Name
Filter Capacity (gallons)
Contaminants Removed
Filtration Stages
Big Berkey BK4X2 ImageBest Overall
Bacteria, parasites, viruses, VOCs, herbicides, pesticides, cysts, and organic solvents
Express Water EZRO5 Image
Editor’s Choice
Up to 99.99 of over 103 major contaminants
Brondell H2O+ ImageBest for Well Water
150 gallons for VOC’s and 5,000 gallons for Chlorine
Sand, rust, and fine particles, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, VOCs
iSpring CKC1C ImageBest for the Money
Volatile organic compounds such as pesticide, herbicides, lead, arsenic, chlorine
Carbon Block Cartridge
APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050 Image
Chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, Escherichia coli
Ecosoft Filter System FMV1BOBOEXP ImageBest for Fluoride
Chlorine and chloramines, rust, lead, bad taste/odor, and sediment particles
Activated Carbon Filter
Aquasana AQ-4000W Image
Chlorine and 76 other contaminats
Paragon P3060W Image
Lead, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Chlorine, VOCs such as benzene and trihalomethanes
 Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Image
Fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs
 CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter COMINHKR069766 Image
Chlorine, radon, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), sediment, heavy metals

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Countertop Water Filters?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Big Berkey BK4X2: You should consider this model if you necessitate a large quantity of water. If you don’t want to invest further, this option is right for you as the cartridge doesn’t have to be substituted too often. Also, it won’t occupy too much space when it’s piece together.
  • Express Water EZRO5: It is among the most trustworthy models offered for sale today due to its strong filtering potential but also to its expediency in use. The setting up is super easy, especially as you will find all you need in the box. Not to mention that you get one year of free repairs in case your unit presents malfunctions.
  • Brondell H2O+: It has a strong action against the unsafe elements in the water and has been endorsed as a dependable machine that doesn’t pose a threat to the consumer’s health. Although the media have distinct lifecycles, and you ought to remember to substitute them, they last for a fair amount of time, so they won’t put a strain on your budget.
  • iSpring CKC1C: As you can see above, this unit has been created to capture a large number of chemicals with one single cartridge. Thus, without a doubt, this is one of the most resourceful models that are currently available.
  • APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050: We recommend it for its simplicity. Just read the manual put together by experts, and you will be able to set it up without having to pay for a specialist to do it for you.
  • Ecosoft Filter System FMV1BOBOEXP: Easy is the word here. The pack contains all you need to put together this unit, and putting it together is just a piece of cake. Using it is even simpler. Plus, with the cartridge matching the major standards in the industry, you’ve got the certitude that the water is as healthy as possible.
  • Aquasana AQ-4000W: Independently tested and produced by a reliable company, it is a good investment. Therefore, you are guaranteed filtered water right from your tap. Additionally, no harmful pollutants are added during the decontamination process.
  • Paragon P3060W: Since there are no cartridges to substitute, you will enjoy this filter for many years with no effort at all. It’s easy to hook up with your current installation, and it will only take up around 4” of space. Above all, as it has an operating pressure of 30 to 100 psi, your water pressure will not be impacted by this filter.
  • Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2: The reason why we suggest it is because it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This implies that if you’re not happy with the way it functions, you will be able to receive all of your money back. Thus, you can purchase in confidence as the customer service is excellent.
  • CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter COMINHKR069766: The reason why we suggest it is because it offers versatility and practicality. The impressive volume is the one making it fit for large households, where it can supply decontaminated water for a series of activities.

Want a more discrete solution to use and clear the water you drink of contaminants? Then check out the best under-sink water filter systems here to see what options you have.

1. Big Berkey BK4X2

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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 It uses first-rate technology
👍 Filter components will last for up to 1 year
👍 Approved for the highest standards in the industry
👍 Easy to set up by beginners


👎 The filters need to be primed, which can prove a difficult task
👎 A viewing window would have been nice on the container to verify the water level without lifting the lid

When it comes to resistance in front of rust, stainless steel is unbeatable, not to mention that many consider it just the best finish possible. This unit is both classy and at hand, especially as it only takes minutes to get it set up. The large volume makes it fit for large households that accommodate up to 16 people. Nonetheless, it will make a valuable acquisition for families of 4 as well. After it decontaminates the water, it can store 2.25 gallons, sufficient for a variety of activities that demand it.

Looking for an economical water purifying solution? Look into our selection of water filter pitchers and discover a convenient way to have clean water without having to put in a complicated system.

The purification factor will filter up to 3,000 gallons of water before demanding to be substituted. Nonetheless, this is a 2-filter structure, so you can fit both cartridges that arrive in the kit and get up to 6,000 gallons of clean water before investing in new filters. Let alone that the efficiency is superior, with it having the capability to catch food color in the water but not hold back minerals that are fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. Minerals increase the pH level, turning the water more basic. The only two other filter systems that pass it when it comes to filtration capacity are the Paragon P3060W with a 25,000-gallon capacity, and the CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter that flaunts a 10,000-gallon capacity.

Big Berkey BK4X2 Performance Ratings – Tester’s Feedback

  • Fluoride water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Chlorine water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Uranium water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Arsenic water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Aluminum water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
We started by testing the water at our office to see what pollutants contaminate it, to begin with. When the results from the lab came back, we weren’t too happy with what they indicated since 5 major issues appeared – 2.8 PPB for arsenic, 1.2 PPM for fluoride, 3.3 PPB for uranium, 5.2 mg/L for chlorine, 98 PPB for aluminum. We then proceeded to set up the system and activate the filters as instructed in the manual. After finishing this part of the procedure, we took a sample of purified water and sent it to the same accredited laboratory in California for analysis. When the results came back, we were impressed to see that all of the water purity issues that emerged before were fixed, and contamination with arsenic, aluminum, uranium, chlorine, and fluoride was within safe parameters (almost non-existent anymore, to be precise). Compared to the other products we tested and reviewed here for you, this Berkey countertop filter was the best in terms of water purification, receiving 10 out of 10 during all testing trials. This is why it ranks first and why we strongly recommend you invest your cash in it if you want to enjoy truly clean water.

Marcus Mackay – Expert Reviewer and Tester

Big Berkey BK4X2 Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 3,000 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 4
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Black Berkey filters, Fluoride elements Warranty: 1 year

2. Express Water EZRO5

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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Sophisticated filtering system
👍 Installs in just a few minutes
👍 Filters have a long lifecycle
👍 Filter containers are easy to replace


👎 Bulky design that tends to gather dust
👎 The water stream is too slow, as said by some customers

If you are interested in a reverse osmosis unit that can be displayed on the countertop, here it is. At first sight, we must admit that it isn’t the sleekest appearance, as the filters are just placed on a tray, and you need to look at this bulky model on every occasion you pour yourself a glass of water. Nonetheless, if you are keen to look past this aspect, you will discover a truly dependable arrangement that cannot be matched by regular countertop models. Plus, it displays their ease of fitting, being even simpler to set up than some, as you will get the job done in minutes.

The multiple stages of filtration (4, to be specific; the only filter systems that use more purification stages than this Express Water filter are the APEX MR-1050 and the Paragon P3060W that both employ 5 stages of water purification in their operation) turn it into a strong weapon against germs, toxins, and odors, as we are about to see:

  • Sediment removal – is ensured by the first filter, which has an efficient action against dust, sand, rust, and other particles, functioning as a protective stage for the more high-priced filters.
  • VOC and odor removal – offered by the granulated activated carbon filter, which guarantees you won’t get sick from ingesting too much chlorine.
  • Chemical compounds removal – the reverse osmosis membrane is in charge of this step and will eliminate metals and compounds that can prove threatening to your family’s health.
  • Extra taste and smell removal – the post-activated carbon media makes a final check to ensure that the water is released without an odd smell or odor.

While the membrane needs to be substituted every year, the other media last longer, up to 2 years. Moreover, it delivers 3 to 4 gallons of water per hour, which is typically sufficient for a regular family. It is protected by a 1-year service contract.

Have a look at the best countertop water distillers of the moment and obtain toxin-free water without needing to deal with filters. Our picks have great output capacities and are easy to install and maintain.

Express Water EZRO5 Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 2,000 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 4
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Adapters, Filters Warranty: 1 year

3. Brondell H2O+

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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Smooth housing makes it easy to clean
👍 Advanced purification technology makes it fit for well water
👍 Certified for safety
👍 Long-term filters
👍 Easy fitting that doesn’t last more than 10 minutes


👎 Although it has an elegant design, it is rather bulky
👎 Some customers reported the water button getting stuck occasionally

With an elegant design, this filter will beautifully complement your kitchen while offering advanced filtration for both regular tap water and well water. The dense and sleek cover makes it more resistant to wear and prevents dirt from gathering on its surface, making cleaning an effortless job. It comprises all the essential accessories and connectors to attach it to the tap in a matter of minutes, so it won’t take long until you get to try the water.

The filtering is made in three stages as follows:

  • Reduction of particles like residues, dust, rust, or finer elements – the water flows through the Composite Plus filter.
  • Reduction of fine particles and chemicals – ensured by the specialized Nanotrap filter.
  • Reduction of VOCs and odors – guaranteed by the Carbon Block filter.

The VOC filter will last through 150 gallons of drinkable water while the Chlorine media needs to be substituted after about 5,000 gallons, but, if you follow these directions, you are granted to drink only chemical-free water. If water contamination with volatile organic compounds is a pressing issue in your specific case, we recommend that you much rather opt for the Big Berkey BK4X2 instead since it needs filter media replacement after purifying 3,000 gallons of water that contains the dreaded VOC2.

It is endorsed by the WQA, so we can deduce that it has undergone serious testing and can be trusted to eliminate a high rate of risky pollutants. In what concerns the pledge that is offered by the company, it extends over 1 year, during which the filter will be repaired or replaced cost-free.

Brondell H2O+ Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 150 gallons for VOC’s and 5,000 gallons for Chlorine Water Filtration Stages: 3
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Adapters, filters Warranty: 1 year

4. iSpring CKC1C

Check Price at Amazon

10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Cartridge, wrench, two tap adapters, tubing, and O-ring included
👍 Filter components will last for up to 24 weeks
👍 It follows NSF and ANSI regulations
👍 It catches chemicals and parasites


👎 Installation proved a bit tricky for some customers
👎 When exchanging between the unit and the spout, the unit’s outlet tends to keep dripping for about a minute

As this is an above-sink unit, it comes available in variate colors, so it will fit in with the décor. Besides, the casing is transparent, so you can visually check when it’s time to place a new filter. It’s significant to mention that, although this particular unit comprises only 1 container, it’s essentially among the most dependable you could find.

The carbon block shell contains pollutants that are as small as 5 μm. Therefore, it can contain 95% of chemicals, counting chlorine, toxins, industrial substances, and metals. Besides, it has been independently tested to prove its quality, and the tests have shown that it has met and overcome NSF/ANSI requirements. Therefore, you can shop in confidence as it was approved by experts in the field.

It’s easy to set up, a procedure that we are sure you won’t have any trouble with even this is your first time handling a countertop filter system. Moreover, it also comes with a money-back guarantee that begins that day you make the acquisition and lasts for 30 days and a 1-year limited warranty period with lifetime technical support.

iSpring CKC1C Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 1,500 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: Carbon Block Cartridge
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Cartridge, wrench, faucet adapters, tubing, O-ring Warranty: 1 year

5. APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050

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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Water preserves all the minerals and is enriched with more
👍 The material is rust-resistant
👍 Easy to set up by beginners
👍 It captures odors


👎 The filter has a rather short lifespan
👎 The universal adapter is not very sturdy

If you pick this model, you will be pleased to discover that it can catch all the damaging pollutants discovered in tap water. The list contains chlorine, deposits, and radon. It can also neutralize Giardia and other types of worms, in addition to a huge spectrum of viruses, held accountants for gastrointestinal diseases. Additionally, it captures mercury and other damaging substances, so it will deliver fresh and risk-free water. You just need to position it right next to your kitchen counter and link it to your regular taps. Don’t worry, all setup tools are supplied, so you don’t have to invest further or call for professional help.

Superior Capacity

It was built in the US, so it has undergone thorough testing before being released. It was designed after the guidelines of the NSF and the FDA, so it guarantees efficiency for many years to come. Thus, you can acquire with confidence. Just like the Paragon P3060W, it passes the water through 5 separate filtration stages in its operational process. These stages include:

  • Stage 1 – Acts upon heavy metals and germs and captures them.
  • Stage 2 – Radon is contained, if present.
  • Stage 3 – The coconut shell activated charcoal neutralizes chlorine and odor.
  • Stage 4 – The alkaline beads will catch impurities while adding minerals such as Ca, Mg, K.
  • Stage 5 – This stage raises the water pH and consequently lowers acidity by using Calcite. Thus it increases alkalinity.

The same filtration capacity is seen in the previous APEX water filter system we featured in our top, namely the APEX MR-1010 that ranked 7th. However, the superior proficiency of the MR-1050 when it comes to eliminating impurities that lurk in the water, as well as the fact that it is the upgraded version of the MR-1010 from all stances made us replace the former with the latter. Check out the comparison table below to see how the stats of these two APEX countertop filtration systems compare to each other and pick the one that best suits your budgets and expectations.

Helps You Save Money

It will help reduce bottled water costs, which will also mean a lower plastic contribution on your part and a step forward for the saving of the planet. Furthermore, you won’t have to carry bulky and heavy jugs that may not be sufficient for everyone in your home.

You will set it up quickly so you can use it straight out of the box. In case you have a specific faucet that doesn’t fit the norm, you can request supplementary tools without worrying about additional costs. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable yet efficient unit, you should go with this one.

APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050 vs. APEX MR-1010

APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050
APEX MR-1010
  • Filtration capacity: 750 gal.
  • Contaminants it helps remove: Chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, E. coli
  • Filtration stages: 5
  • Filter media: Calcite, Alkaline beads, Microfelt pads, Granular activated carbon filter, KDF-55 filter
  • Accessories: Wrench, setup guide

APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050 Rating:
  • Filtration capacity: 750 gal.
  • Contaminants it helps remove: Chlorine, industrial chemicals, radon, sediments, heavy metals
  • Filtration stages: 1
  • Filter media: Carbon block filter
  • Accessories: All necessary installation hardware

APEX MR-1010 Rating:

APEX Countertop Filter MR-1050 Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 750 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 5
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Wrench, setup guide Warranty: 1 year

6. Ecosoft Filter System FMV1BOBOEXP

Check Price at Amazon

10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Easy to setup
👍 A plethora of accessories supplied
👍 The service assurance is generous
👍 First-rate customer service


👎 It takes a while until the company sends the free filter, and many customers had to insist
👎 Some purchasers complained that customer service isn’t very friendly

If you believed that obtaining clean water is a highly-costly and complex process, then you haven’t tried yet this device. Created with a small footprint, which is a must, as it needs to be positioned around the sink, and geared with a series of powerful filters, each specialized in capturing variate pollutants, so when the water hits the glass, it is crystal clear and free of all dangerous substances that may populate the pipes, it is undoubtedly a great investment.

The cartridge can last for 12 weeks, which is a good deal, as it lowers expenses and the hassle of having to set up the new one. Plus, even setting the unit up is an effortless operation, as the pack includes an adaptor that will go with any faucet. No need to call a specialist. No additional expenses. And you get a 1-year service contract along with friendly after-sales service. Not to say that you will get your first spare filter for free.

Ecosoft Filter System FMV1BOBOEXP Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 1,500 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: Activated Carbon Filter
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Wrench, faucet adapter, seal, ring, additional filter Warranty: 2 years

7. Aquasana AQ-4000W

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10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 Filters up to 10 times more pollutants than other units in its price range
👍 It will replace up to 4,000 16-ounce plastic bottles
👍 It can supply purified water on the spot
👍 The minerals will be kept


👎 Some customers have reported leaks
👎 Water flow is rather weak

Made with 4 purification stages, it can deal with up to 77 distinct pollutants that are lingering in the water. In fact, it has been tested by an independent testing company and NSF-authorized to neutralize substances such as drugs, lead, and mercury. Nonetheless, although it eliminates the pollutants, it will keep minerals such as Ca, Mg, and K.

It is geared with 4 distinct filters. The first layer is represented by activated charcoal that will catch toxins and volatile organic compounds. The second stage is the catalytic charcoal that will target and catch up to 96% of chlorine-based substances. Then, the ion-exchange layer will catch heavy metals. Finally, the sub-micron purification will eliminate pollutants such as asbestos, giardia, and chlorine-immune cysts.

The flow is 0.5 gals per minute, and the cartridge has a duration of up to 24 weeks. Therefore, you will be supplied with sufficient water for consuming, cleaning, and cooking purposes. The non-permanent setup means that you don’t have to ask a specialist to set it up. It might not be able to filter as much water as the CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter does, but considering its superior performance in terms of water pollution reduction, it’s easy to see why it ranks higher.

Aquasana AQ-4000W Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 450 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 4
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: 4 filters Warranty: 1 year

8. Paragon P3060W

Check Price at Amazon

10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 It neutralizes bad taste from the water
👍 Easy to set up by beginners
👍 Built to last for up to 10 years
👍 First-rate customer service


👎 Fit for cold water only
👎 The plastic in the housing is rather fragile

If you are not a big fan of dealing with cartridges, then this unit may be your match. It has a simple construction and get’s ready to deliver in just a few minutes. Its main purpose is to make the water taste and smell less like chlorine, but the charcoal block is a strong barrier against parasites and toxins. Thus, the final result is both tastier and safer, beating bottled water that can carry tiny particles of plastic. Besides, since it can deliver a large quantity of water per minute, it can be used for individuals with sensitive skin or a compromised immune system for cooking and washing.

It will decontaminate up to 25,000 gall. of water until it will have served its time. This implies that a family of 4 can get the best of it for a long period of ten years. And knowing when it is time for a new one is pretty simple. You will just start tasting chlorine again.

Paragon P3060W Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 25,000 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 5
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Adaptor Warranty: 90 days

9. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2

Check Price at Amazon

10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 It creates water with a pH of 7.5
👍 It doesn’t capture minerals
👍 The water pressure stays the same
👍 Effective pollutant removal


👎 The plastic adaptor is flimsy
👎 The filters have a short lifespan

This is another excellent model that is currently available at a reasonable price. The 3-stage purification will eliminate up to 93% of pollutants, which may involve Fl, Cl, and other substances that are damaging to your health. If you have a restricted room in your kitchen, you will enjoy the fact that it doesn’t occupy too much storage space. In fact, it is so small that you can consider it a portable unit.

Although it’s so powerful that it will dissolve heavy metals, it can maintain minerals such as Ca and Mg. Thus, the water remains fresh and safe to drink by anyone in your family. It can also neutralize odors, a trait that is usually appreciated by children.

To preserve the high standards, we advise that you place a new filter inside every 12 weeks or every 500 gallons. No worries, you will find this to be a straightforward operation. It is geared with an additional 15/16 x 13/16 faucet adapter, flexible connection tubing, and a long-reach chrome faucet. You can use the user manual to set it up within minutes as it has been put together by professionals in this field.

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 500 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 3
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Tubing, faucet, instructions Warranty: 3 years

10. CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter COMINHKR069766

Check Price at Amazon

10 Best Rated Countertop Water Filtration Systems for Clean Drinking Water


👍 High flow – 1gal/90 min
👍 You do not have to purchase filter cartridges
👍 It neutralizes odors from the water
👍 It can filter hot water


👎 There’s no indicator to signal when each filter needs to be changed
👎 It doesn’t remove fluoride

It has a simplistic and low-profile design, which means that it won’t bring unnecessary focus to itself. In addition to this, it delivers the highest volume of decontaminated water out of all of the product mentions. By considering it, you will connect yourself to a source of ten thousand gallons of purified water.

Therefore, you can use it for cleaning, cooking, and washing as you will never have to be concerned about running low on pure water. It has been highlighted by the manufacturer that can be effortlessly set up, and you shall do it within minutes. Therefore, there’s no need to call a professional for help.

It doesn’t affect the water stream at all. Thus, if you have a high-pressure faucet, you can consider it. In addition to this, you can disconnect it from the spigot when you require large quantities of water for other purposes. And, even if it may seem tiny, the purifying layers are strong and have been tried against a wide variety of germs and toxins.

CleanWater4Less Countertop Filter COMINHKR069766 Specifications Sheet

Water Filter Capacity: 10,000 Gallons Water Filtration Stages: 4
Permanent Installation Required: Portable Design:
Accessories: Pre-filter, instructions Warranty: 30-day return

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

  • Step 1: Position – You must post the filter as close to the tap as possible. The majority of the products do not come with long water lines. Therefore, if you don’t position it correctly, you will risk experiencing leaks and spills.
  • Step 2: Remove – Another essential thing that you must do is to detach the aerator from the faucet. If you skip this stage, you won’t be able to connect the filter properly. The filter can damage, and you will experience huge amounts of water leaks. Furthermore, the filter cannot be secured properly if it’s something in the way, even if you use the included tools.
  • Step 3: Connect – This stage is different according to what type of filter you have purchased. If the faucet has been designed with an internal thread, you need to install an adaptor first and then connect the device to the adaptor. Again, all of the tools necessary will be included for free. Whereas, if the faucet has an exterior thread, simply connect the filter to it.
  • Tip: This stage is very important as it can damage the filter. When connecting it, ensure that you do not fasten the adapter too firmly as you will damage the product.

  • Step 4: Attach – This stage is very simple. You should attach the included diverter valve to the faucet according to your particular type of faucet. Secure tightly without applying too much pressure. When you turn on the water, it should stream out of the faucet with the same pressure you’ve had before. If you operate the diverter flap, you should obtain filtered water.


Tap water can be dangerous as it contains risky elements for our bodies such as Cl and microorganisms. To prevent this from happening, you should opt for an above-sink filter, which can capture all the impurities found within tap water. They operate fast, they are practical, and more than this, they don’t require a permanent setup. If you are not convinced yet, it’s still time to do it, so let’s quickly review some of the best alternatives worth considering:

Best Countertop Water Filter for Sale: Big Berkey BK4X2

An impressive option to look at, this model eliminates E-coli, parasites, and other hazardous microorganisms in the water. The total capacity is up to three thousand gallons, while it offers four purification steps. The main gain is the stainless steel structure that’s exceedingly hygienic, ensuring there’s no risk of contamination. Additionally, it’s a sturdy model that will resist the wear of time. It exceeds the NSF and ANSI standards concerning safety.

Editor’s Choice: Express Water EZRO5

The amazing filtering capabilities ranked this model high on our top, as it can remove most toxic contaminants that are usually found in tap water and also clear the bad taste and odor that is given by Chlorine. While the design is a bit bulky, the great advantage it offers is that you won’t need to open a casing to replace the filters. This operation will be done with the least effort possible.

Best Countertop Water Filter for Well Water: Brondell H2O+

It offers three superior filtering stages that can handle even well water and clear not only the most common contaminants but some specific ones also that may appear in different areas. Although it is a bit bulky, at least you will get a sleek machine that looks great on your countertop. Plus, it is easier to clean than most models as dust and dirt tend to come off easily from the smooth surface.

Best Countertop Water Filter for the Money: iSpring CKC1C

A simple but highly-effective model, it offers the best quality for the money, being able to reduce Chlorine ad VOCs and deliver crystal-clear water. As it has only one filter, the operational costs are fairly low and you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to replace it as the housing comes off with ease and is transparent so you will be able to check on the filter’s stage at any moment.

Best Countertop Water Filter to Remove Fluoride: Ecosoft Filter System FMV1BOBOEXP

If heavy metals are known to pollute the waters in your area, this unit will help you take action. It has a three-stage system, so the water will get through a complete purifying process until obtaining the desired outcomes. It features a charcoal layer based on coconut shells that ensures proper filtration while keeping all the minerals within the water. Another convenience to look at is the variety of accessories it comes with.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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