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Coway AP-1512HH

I f you are looking for an affordable solution to get rid of indoor pollutants without seeing a boom in the electric bills at the end of the month, we recommend you opt for the Coway AP-1512HH which retails for cheap and suits small to medium-sized rooms. It is among the most energy-efficient models on the market due to the plethora of Eco features it comes with. Moreover, this compact and lightweight device has amazing air filtration capabilities and the best part is that it’s very easy to handle and control.

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Technical Details

To target as many impurities lingering in the air indoors, it actually passes the air it pulls in through 4 separate filtration stages. As it performs between 5 to 6 air changes per hour when used in a suitably-sized space, you can rest assured knowing that there is no moment when you inhale pollutants as you sit inside. The media it uses for purification purposes includes:

  • Washable pre-filter in stage #1: Pick up large dust particles to make the job easier for the rest of the media so that their efforts are focused on finer impurities. The fact that it is cleanable adds to cost-effectiveness for the whole system. If you are interested, you can check out more air purifiers with washable filters as these systems reduce maintenance costs to a minimum without sacrificing performance.
  • Carbon filter in stage #2: Highly effective in the removal of unwanted odors, including smoke, paint fumes, smells originating from house pets, and more. See here other interesting options when it comes to odor removal.
  • True HEPA filter in stage #3: Traps particles at a microscopic level, ensuring a high efficiency rate of up to 99.97% in terms of pollution reduction.
  • Vital ION technology in stage #4: Through the use of negative and positive ions that it releases into the air so that they attach to dust and pollens, this technology makes it easier for the other filter media to pick the impurities out of the air as they drop when charged. This technology is quite effective in removing bacteria, germs, and viruses as well, which means that it provides thorough sanitization of the air indoors.


Coway AP-1512HH Spec Sheet
Area coverage 361 sq. ft.
Air purification efficiency 99.97%
Filtration stages 4
Filter media Pre-filter, carbon filter, True HEPA filter, Vital Ion
Air changes per hour 5.7
Air circulation 268.39 CFM
CADR rating 233 for smoke, 240 for pollen, 246 for dust
Energy Star certification
Noise output 24.4 – 53.8 dB
Filter life 6-12 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 3
Size 16.8” W x 18.3” H x 9.6” D
Guarantee 3 years
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  • This air cleaner delivers great results with every use without making a ruckus, producing only 24.4 decibels on the low fan setting.
  • It is rated to circulate approximately 268.39 cubic feet of air per minute so that as much air as possible is pulled into the system for filtration.
  • It is energy efficient, in the sense that it uses less than 77 watts at the highest setting, while at the lowest setting it requires not more than 7 watts.
  • It has a powerful fan which makes it appropriate for any type of rooms, although it may not perform as well in larger rooms.

Tip: Check out air purifiers for basement if you are interested in large area coverage.


One of the most convenient and practical features is the air-quality sensor which monitors indoor pollutants, automatically adjusting fan speed as needed to upkeep air purity in a more energy-efficient manner. We like that you can set a timer to shut it off after 1, 4, or 8 hours to further cut on running costs in case you don’t need it to operate throughout the entire day. Moreover, it can enter the standby mode if it doesn’t detect pollutants for 30 minutes, taking a break when it is pointless to continue to function.

Coway-AP-1512HH-Picture Image

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  • Measuring 16.8″ by 18.3″ by 9.6″, this air filter is very compact so it will fit perfectly on your nightstand or on your coffee table.
  • It weighs less than 15.9 pounds, making your job easier when you intend to relocate it.
  • Although it doesn’t stand out too much in terms of design, it’s made of high-quality materials, including durable plastic, so light impact is unlikely to damage it.
  • It provides 2 color options to select from – black or white – to suit the pre-existing decor of the room you intend to use it in.

Warranty and Support

There haven’t been any complaints regarding the promptitude of the customer support department at Coway, so you can confidently seek answers by contacting company representatives via phone or email (the info you need to do so is supplied on the official website). Regarding warranty, you can rest assured knowing that for 3 years it is covered on parts and labor so that repairs are free in case the system defects.


What you see is what you get with the Coway AP-1512HH air purifier, a modern system that features the latest technologies, as expected once you glance at it. The 4-stage filtration it employs to tackle airborne particles of all sizes is impressive in its own right, especially seeing how it uses the Vital Ion technology to break down the structures of allergens, bacteria, and viruses through bipolar ionization, sanitizing the air indoors so that even the most sensitive individuals can breathe easy and not have their afflictions act up. You can also see air purifiers for allergies and asthma if you are health-conscious because of a health affliction as there are plenty of options to pick between, this Coway entry ranking among the best options in this niche as well.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
Our resident expert in all things AC-related, Markus is a never-ending source of knowledge regarding how these systems work. What makes him so savvy in this field is his direct experience that he acquired while working in sales. The connections he made during that period also came in handy here as Markus knows a lot of experts in this field. With each article uploaded, he makes sure to gather the expertise of his more experienced ex-peers as well, making sure to provide readers with reliable reviews and articles.

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