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Express Water ROALK5D

Express Water ROALK5D Picture

Express Water ROALK5D Picture

I n the niche, there are several types of filtration systems, each using a particular technology to eliminate a certain amount and range of contaminants. Reverse osmosis models are extremely effective as they remove the contaminants with ease, relying on a membrane that can capture even the tiniest debris. In the following review, we present the Express Water ROALK5D, a high-performance appliance ready to remineralize your water and rid it of unhealthy contaminants .

See here the best reverse osmosis water filter systems to draw comparisons and make an informed acquisition that you are sure to be satisfied with.

Express Water ROALK5D

Gallons per Day Tank Capacity Filtration Stages Filter Type Water Type Removal Efficiency
50 4 Gallon 10 Alkaline, Reverse, Osmosis 5-Stage Filtration Alkaline water with essential minerals and oxygen 99.99%
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This unit is mounted underneath the sink so it stays out of sight. This is a good thing, considering it is rather bulky, with a bundle of 6 cartridges and a very generous reservoir. The included nickel faucet is the only piece that remains visible so that you can have an instant water stream whenever you want. To maximize its effectiveness and eliminate any unpleasantness, the unit was packed with a series of useful features:

  • Double Sealed Filters: to prevent leaks and spillage, the cartridges are sealed twice;
  • Leak Stop Valve: in case of excess water, the system automatically stops filling the reservoir with water. Additionally, there is a fabric disk placed under the tank so when water is detected, the flow is cut;
  • Brass Feed Adapter and Quick Connect Adapter: all the mounting accessories are included, so you won’t have to purchase any extra adapters. The ones it comes with match most of the standard pipes of 1⁄2” and 3/8”.

Express Water ROALK5D Picture

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Remarkable 10-Stage Filtration

Your body relies on minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium for a well-functioning and strong immune system. Luckily, clean water contains these useful minerals but doesn’t lack the more harmful pollutants either. It’s known that tap water is not that safe, as it contains a large number of impurities, so here’s when filtration systems do their job. ROALKD5 can provide 50 gallons of improved-quality water, enriched with antioxidants and minerals, and with a perfect pH level that boosts your vigor and balances your metabolic functions. Keep on reading and see how it works:

  • Stage 1 – Sediment Filtration Cartridge: The first stage is able to capture dirt and debris at a large scale, including rust, sand, or dust bits. Even though this is the first stage, it is extremely important as it provides effectiveness for the next ones, thus avoiding unpleasant clogs.
  • Stages 2 & 3 – Carbon Block and Granular Carbon Filters: The second and third filters remove organic compounds, chlorine, odor, and tastes
  • Stage 4 – RO Membrane: In this case, we’re discussing the osmosis membrane which deals with the most problematic chemicals such as lead, fluoride, or arsenic.
  • Stages 5-9 – Alkaline Filter: The next 5 steps add healthy minerals, oxygen particles, and antioxidants to your water. Therefore, they will alkalinize the water, improving its taste.
  • Stage 10 – Post Activated Carbon Filter: Finally, the 10th step removes the final residues that alter taste and smell.

Easy Installation

Installing it is not difficult at all, as users will be able to complete the installation in just about two hours. The most important aspect is to fit every filter in its proper place, but the color-coding on each recipient and filter cartridge will make this operation easier. There’s also a gradual guide with precise and user-friendly instructions, thus making installation a breeze. Specially designed for home use, it can be fitted beneath the sink, in a cellar, or other isolated locations. The only thing to consider is that placing it further from the pipes might require extra plumbing.

Express Water ROALK5D Picture
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Pros & Cons

  • The water has a great taste
  • The installation directions are intuitive
  • Nice looking faucet, suitable for all décors
  • The alkalinizing results are great
  • Fast water quality improvements
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Excellent customer service
  • The variety of stages require more filters to change


Express Water Alkaline series is a superior system and there are various reasons why people shop for it. Besides removing 99% impurities, it is able to considerably promote the pH level and add some health-boosting minerals. In addition to this, it is extremely affordable concerning the functionality it has. The maintenance costs are not pricey at all, considering that the annual maintenance is about $120 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is it necessary to replace the filters every 6 months?
It is recommended to change the first tree cartridges every 6 months, while the others can last for around 12 months of regular use. This way, you will avoid dirt and chemicals and will protect the filter.

?Can I use other cartridges in an Express Water RO System?
The Express Water filters are designed to work with each other for the best performance. Even so, you can use outside filters of the appropriate size and ratings.

?Why are there bubbles in the water?
This is a common issue but it only affects the appearance of the water, without any health risks. Trapped air happens when you change a filter or when there’s a leak in the system or plumbing.
?How durable is it?
With proper upkeep, an RO system should last 5-10 years, while the tank lasts 3-5 years before the recommended replacement.
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