Shift your energy use to off-peak times and lower your bill

For a limited time, Ice Energy is offering qualified businesses in Orange County thermal storage equipment at NO COST thanks to a special program.

Is your business located with these map boundaries? If so, you could qualify for FREE thermal storage and deep HVAC discounts. See existing Ice Bear installations here.

Why Thermal Storage?

Air conditioning working around the clock can run up your electric bills, especially if you have a large building or several large buildings. Since thermal storage technology works at night to meet your daytime cooling needs, you’ll pay a lower, off-peak rate and lower your demand charges.

Ice Energy’s thermal storage technology shifts electrical load by creating and storing ice at night when energy rates are lowest. During the afternoon when rates are higher, the building’s HVAC system uses the stored ice to reduce cooling costs and maintain comfortable facility temperatures. Thermal storage technology offers many benefits including:

  • Reduced on-peak electric demand
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Smaller chiller capacity to meet peak cooling demands
  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Improved operational flexibility

Limited Offer

Qualified Businesses In Orange County get free equipment to reduce peak rate electricity use by 90%, saving you money for years to come.

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Deeply Discounted HVAC Available

In many cases, it makes sense to upgrade to new HVAC equipment when integrating thermal storage capability. Ice Energy can provide new leading-edge HVAC equipment at deep discounts. Let’s discuss what makes sense for your specific situation.

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