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Hamilton Beach 04384

I f you seek a solution to get rid of common pollutants like dust mites and pet dander, this is an option worth taking into consideration as it comes at an affordable price, flaunts a compact design, and provides high efficiency toward the elimination of pesky allergens. It requires little in the way of maintenance too, which adds to the product’s desirability. It scores a high 99% in pollutant reduction efficiency, so you can see why we trust that it won’t have trouble confronting and fixing indoor air conditions. When it comes to suitability, you can rely on it for spaces of up to 140 sq. ft., an aspect that you must keep in mind as you go ahead and make the purchase. But let’s not waste more time and move on to see exactly what it bring to the table to help you make an informed decision.

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Highly Functional

The zeolite technology will eliminate pet odors fast. It doesn’t come with just one, but two replaceable carbon zeolite filters that eliminate the bacteria and hairs that come from your precious pet. Some of its features are:

  • 3-stage Filtration – It is designed with a pre-filter, a HEPA-grade filter, and two carbon zeolite filters
  • Airflow Delivery Rate – The 125+ CADR rating will ensure that all of the large particles as well as small, will be caught with ease
  • Carbon filter – Removes chemicals, diaper odors, cooking odors, cigarette smoke, and VOCs. All damaging to our health

Check out the best air purifiers for odor removal to see how it compares to other products that are specialized in the elimination of unpleasant indoor air and reach an informed decision in case this is the issue you are confronted with.


Hamilton Beach 04384 Spec Sheet
Area coverage 140 sq. ft.
Air purification efficiency 99%
Filtration stages 3
Filter media Pre-filter, HEPA-grade filter, 2 x carbon zeolite filters
Air changes per hour 5
Air circulation 100+ CFM
CADR rating 125+
Energy Star certification N/A
Noise output 34 dB
Filter life 3-5 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 3
Size 13.54” x 6” x 6”
Guarantee 1 year
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As you are aware, this model has been designed with 3-speeds. This means that you can use it during the day as well as nighttime. The only thing that you have to adjust is the speed. If you want a low operational noise, you should opt for the lowest setting as it will produce only 34dB, which is quieter than a whispered conversation. Furthermore, it comes with two permanent filters so that there are no substantial costs involved with upkeep and maintenance down the road. As well as, it’s energy-efficient which means that you won’t feel a boost in your energy bill.

Hamilton Beach 04384 Image

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Depending on how much you use it, both the pre-filter and the HEPA filter needs to be cleaned and vacuumed every 3 to 5 months. This will ensure that it doesn’t get clogged by the particles. If it does, inevitably its convenience will also have to suffer.

All of the microorganisms found in the air you currently breathe will be completely eliminated and gotten ridden off. This includes all of the smaller particles that measure as much as 0.3 micrometers. You just have to ensure that you position it in a room that is no larger than 140 sq. ft.


If you seek a discrete means for air purification, look no further as this system manages to provide thorough filtration toward providing you with clean air to breathe, all while maintaining a rather small footprint. Considering its size, the coverage it provides is quite remarkable, proving to be a worthy addition to the office, bedroom, and any other small- to medium-sized space in your home.

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Markus Mackay
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