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Home Master TMAFC

Home Master TMAFC Picture

Home Master TMAFC Picture

H ome Master TMAFC was specifically engineered to offer sanitized water with an extra addition of beneficial minerals. While managing to remove almost 100% of the unwanted substances, it enhances the flavor and the health welfares by restoring the good minerals like calcium or potassium.
The reservoir was crafted with materials according to NSF regulations, meaning it’s impossible for them to dissolve and contaminate the water further, even if you keep it stored for a long period of time. In addition to this, you will find that you can set it up fast without the help of professionals. It ensures a superior water flow which means you will wave enough water to clean, wash, and cook.

A brand that has been on the market for quite some time and specializes in water purifying systems, Home Master has plenty of other products that are worthwhile and that you should look into. Before you reach a decision, we recommend that you take your time to check out the Home Mater whole house filter reviewed here as it might be a better-suited option for your needs.

Home Master TMAFC Picture

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Superior Filtration

In case you’ve heard the rumors, you know that RO water purifiers take out minerals during the cleaning process, which is something that can’t be avoided. Nonetheless, the model below features an additional step that remineralizes the water and regulates its acidity, thus providing a superior taste and flavor. Therefore, the water is improved with minerals nut once, but twice during the fourth and sixth phase of the process. As a side note, it can remove up to 98% of contaminants found in tap water. The whole cleaning and remineralizing method implies the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Sediment Filtration Cartridge: – This part is essential in removing large fragments such as dirt particles and rust. It also improves the durability of the whole filter as the following five cartridges are protected against large debris.
  • Stage 2 – Granular Carbon: – The second filtration stage includes a coconut shell granular activated catalytic carbon which filters impurities such as chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis Membrane: – The membrane was crafted with 0.001 pores for increased efficiency in removing heavy metals including fluoride, mercury, and chromium, along with cysts and nitrates.
  • Stage 4 – Remineralization: – The artisan filter and the coconut shell granular activated carbon work together to eliminate residual impurities while adding back natural calcium and magnesium that strengthen the immune system.
  • Stage 5 – Storage Tank: – What’s special about this specific type of tank is that it acts as a double checker. The large 3.2 gallons tank will store the clean water that will go through the final stage before reaching your tap.
  • Stage 6 – Remineralization: – As you can see, there is an added remineralization filter that will ensure sufficient minerals reach back into the water.

The Full-Contact technology will add magnesium and calcium twice so you can enjoy healthy, pure water. There will be around 30-60 mg/l minerals added so you can enjoy slightly alkaline water with an improved taste. Thus, this system is not like any other.

Filter Capacity Maximum total dissolved solids (TDS) Maximum hardness pH Limit
2000 Gallons Per Year 2000 ppm 10 gpg 4 – 10
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Straightforward Installation

The bundle includes all the necessary parts and tools for installation so there is no need to resort to an expensive professional plumber.
The instructions can be found in the user manual inside the package or you can look for help online where you will find videos that thoroughly explain every step slowly. The best thing about it is that the user manual doesn’t include technical words, so it’s pretty straightforward.
Inside the package you will receive:

  • Storage Tank
  • 3/8-inch feed water adapter with shut off valve
  • Chrome RO faucet
  • RO faucet adapter
  • Drain saddle

The reason why it’s so popular all over the world is that it has been crafted in coordination with tough regulations set by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to meet the highest standards. Therefore, all of the materials used including equipment will not further contaminate the water. In addition, it will ensure performance for many years. Also, if you are not happy with how it performs, you can receive your money back within months.
Home Master TMAFC Picture

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Home Master Vs. Other RO Systems


Home Master:
Other RO Systems:
Employs advanced modular filters.
The filter and the housing are combined.
Annual filter replacement.
Canister leaks.
Thorough maintenance.
Filter has to be changed every few months.


Home Master:
Other RO Systems:
50 gpd membrane chamber.
The flow is up to 2x faster.
It has larger fittings and tubing.
The flow delivers enough water for cleaning, cooking, and washing.
They have smaller fittings so the water has a slow flow.
You will use it less due to the flow.

Service Challanges

Home Master:
Other RO Systems:
It uses modular all-in-one filters.
Push-in fittings.
It needs frequent service check-ups.
The minerals are prone to harden and ruin the housing.

Acidic Water

Home Master:
Other RO Systems:
NSF-awarded materials used.
Designed with patented Full Contact technology.
The water will get remineralized twice.
Less storage tank degradation.
Rubber bladder tank.
The materials are prone to dissolve in the water.
The water gets re-contaminated.


No doubt about it, this is one of the top choices you could consider. It does something that few models on the market can, and that is adding beneficial minerals to the water you and you’re your family consume. During the first phases, it removes unwanted chemicals like chlorine, dangerous metals, pharmaceutical waste, and bacteria, leaving behind sanitized and crystal clear water. However, some of the worthy minerals are taken out along with the bad stuff, which is why the manufacturer designed this final phase that remineralizes water so you will enjoy the highest results.

There is no need to fear the poor flow rate because the unit was engineered with a special technology that will allow you to use the water for various activities without experiencing a poor stream. Also, this product will ensure easy maintenance since it only requires a filter replacement once a year. The setup is fast and straightforward which means that you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives.

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Markus Mackay
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