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Home Master Whole House Filter

Home Master Whole House Filter Picture

Home Master Whole House Filter Picture

T he majority of people living in developed countries never question the quality of their drinking water, assuming that it has been cleaned and sanitized by the authorities. However, it’s useful to know that, even though it goes through some filtering processes, it still reaches your home tap carrying some chemicals. Each year, thousands of Americans die, due to the contaminants found in tap drinking water. By constantly drinking it, you are putting your body at risk of developing potentially fatal diseases. This is why investing in a water purifying system should be a top priority. Home Master comes to your attention with a few models designed to capture large amounts of pollutants. Whether you receive municipal or well water, you will surely benefit from the welfares of the following products.

Do you rely on well water for your home water supply? Then before you reach a decision, we recommend that you also check out the best whole house water filters for well reviewed here and compare the systems in this article with other top-tier options to make a purchase you won’t later regret.

Home Master HMF2SDGC

Picture Capacity Analysis
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
95,000 gallons per 1 year 20 GPM Fine Sediment and Carbon 95%
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In-depth Performance Evaluation

  • Port – Thanks to the 1” wide port, you will enjoy a satisfying stream of water
  • Coconut Shell – The carbon cartridge was improved with a coconut shell to maximize efficiency and durability throughout the years
  • Maintenance – The only aspect to look after is the replacement of old cartridges, which is a snap. The combination of three filters contributes to a long-lasting performance. The average lifespan of each cartridge is between 6 and 12 months
  • Multi-gradient Density – The replaceable cartridge for large sediment is guaranteed to collect more debris than any other
    Filtration Process
Filtration Process
  • Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter: In this primary phase, chemicals are passed through 4 separate filter layers of various densities, to ensure even the smallest bit is contained and removed
  • Granular Activated Carbon: This phase interferes with the odor and taste of the water that is highly affected by pollutants like chlorine, bacteria, waste, or metals. The carbon retains vapors that alter the quality of the water, leaving you with clean and sanitized water to consume
It’s recommended that you mount it on municipal water supply as it can deal with regular impurities.

Home Master HMF2SMGCC

Picture Capacity Analysis
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
95,000 gallons per 1 year 10 GPM Fine Sediment and Catalytic Carbon 95%
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In-depth Performance Evaluation

  • Purification – The combination of two cartridges manages to eliminate all sorts of impurities, from odor-causing bacteria to industrial waste and metals
  • Four Gradient – It can hold a greater amount of dirt that measure from 25 to 1 micron in size
  • Lifespan – The 95,000-gallon capacity will last for up to 1 year for a family of four people
  • Accessories Included – At no extra price you will receive a steel mounting bracket so you can easily install it without professional help
Filtration Process
  • Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter: The first stage of filtration will capture substances larger in size, like rust or sand, so they won’t get to the next cartridge
  • Granular Activated Catalytic Carbon: The second stage will remove any metals such as lead or mercury that are extremely toxic to humans. If you consume too much of these metals, your body will become intoxicated and the side effects will put your life at risk
It is suitable for both public water supply and well water sources.

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

Picture Capacity Analysis
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
95,000 gallons per 1 year 15 GPM Fine Sediment, Granular Activated Carbon, Iron Reduction Filter 95%
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In-depth Performance Evaluation

  • Efficiency – The overall unit will remove debris, turbidity, unpleasant sulfur odor, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine
  • Practical – You will enjoy clean water from every faucet and bath in your house without experiencing a limited water pressure
  • Convenient – TIt arrives fully assembled and with all the instructions included so you won’t waste time mounting and starting it
  • Oversized Filter – The large-scale filter ensures you won’t spend a long period of time on cleaning and maintenance as it has been strategically designed in order to limit maintenance frequency
Filtration Process
  • Multi-gradient Depth Polypropylene Sediment Filter: Similarly to the previous ones, this unit has been designed with 4 layers from 25 to 1 micron to make sure it retains even the smallest particle of dust
  • Iron Reduction Filter: For a healthy lifestyle, it has been crafted to eliminate iron from water so it will no longer pose a risk to your health
  • Granular Activated Carbon : This phase improves the taste and smell by capturing substances that are related to poor quality water, such as chlorine or sulfur. This way, the water you will be using won’t have that unpleasant odor we all hate
It is extremely efficient in removing dangerous metals from the water, regardless of the source

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

  • Step 1: Shut-off – AAfter locating the cold water pipe of the plumbing system, make sure you turned the water off. If this is done with a lever, position it at a 90-degree angle with the supply pipe. If the valve is designed like a gate style with a handwheel, turn it completely to the right until the valve stops.
  • Step 2: Analyze – Decide where you want to place the filter and choose a position that is easily-reachable for when it’s time for some upkeep. Mark where you must cut the pipe, bearing in mind that you must allow space for fittings and unions if you plan to add such things. Otherwise, a simple drawing will be enough.
  • Step 3: Cut – Using a pipe cutter, cut the water pipe to be able to fix the mounting bracket. Use Teflon tape to wrap the threaded fittings.
  • Step 4: Mount – Mount the bracket using the lag bolts supplied. Place the unit over the main water plumbing and tighten the coupling connections. Don’t connect if the bracket seems improperly aligned.
  • Step 5: Install – Once installed, we recommend that you wash the interior housing with lukewarm water and soap. After sealing, apply silicone on the O-ring at the base of the filter to prevent leakages and damages.
  • Step 6: Align – It’s important to align threads of the body with the head. Use your hands at first, then tighten with the help of a wrench. Make sure you don’t over-tighten or you will damage the seal.
  • Step 7:Check To make sure that everything is fine you should look for leaks and repair if it’s necessary. Flush it up for a few minutes then enjoy a glass of clean and pure water as a reward.


In the water cleansing industry, Home Master is among the renowned brands, with years of experience in the field. Their whole-house units have shown excellent results in capturing impurities in the water delivered either by the municipality or wells.

  • The leading model is Home Master HMF3SDGFEC that uses three types of cartridges to rid water of large debris and unpleasant odors, while also decreasing the toxic amounts of metals. This one is the most elaborated and has the ability to retain large amounts of toxic substances due to the multi-phase design.
  • The Home Master HMF2SMGCC is intended for low water streams and features an innovative catalytic carbon cartridge destined to eliminate not only harmful chemicals but also nasty odors coming from chlorine or sulfur. It can be easily mounted in households with fewer faucets since it doesn’t provide such a high water stream.
  • The Home Master HMF2SDGC is particularly created to retain very large bits that are usually found in municipal water because of the rust and dirt that is transported through the old pipes. The first stage based on a large sediment cartridge ensures these large fragments will stay away from the water that reaches into your glass.


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