Ice Energy Welcomes Former DoE Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi to Board of Directors

Ice Energy, a leading provider of distributed thermal energy storage and smart grid solutions, welcomes Cathy Zoi to its board of directors. Zoi spearheaded the Energy Star program, was chief of staff for environmental policy during the Clinton administration and oversaw $30 billion in energy investments while serving in the Obama administration as Department of Energy (DOE) assistant secretary and acting undersecretary.

Cathy’s appointment to the board comes at a time of tremendous opportunity for energy storage companies, with markets beginning to embrace storage as a critical element of the move away from fossil fuels.

“Our Ice Bear thermal energy storage system is the most reliable, cost-effective and green storage solution available to utilities today. Cathy is a major player in clean energy and will be invaluable to us in achieving our mission of being the energy storage solution of choice for utilities,” said Ice Energy Chairman Joe Draper.

Cathy also serves as consulting professor at Stanford University. Zoi’s energy leadership spans more than 30 years and includes group executive director of L+G Holdings, partner at Silver Lake, and chief strategy officer at C3 Energy. She has a BS in geology from Duke and an MS in engineering from Dartmouth.

“What attracts me to Ice Energy is the proven technology and track record — including having delivered more than 20 million hours of clean energy capacity,” said Zoi. “My goal as a board member will be to work to ensure that the solution reaches its full potential as an essential tool in building a sustainable energy future.”