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IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580

W e all know that regular tap water is not at all healthy, and although city water is treated with different substances to remove major contaminants, it still represents a danger to our health. The chlorine, fluoride, or other common chemicals could actually impose grave danger to your health. In order to make sure that you stay healthy, you should contemplate opting for a water ionizer. This unit is very efficient at producing healthy ionized alkaline water that, when consumed on a regular basis, makes a difference for the better health-wise. So, interested in learning if this machine is what you seek? Let’s find out.

Technical specifications

The unit features 5 plates that are manufactured by KOBE Steel, Japan. The plates are manufactured from titanium, a resilient material. What we must mention is that it integrates a function that grants an automatic 10-second electrolysis chamber cleaning subsequent to utilizing the machine. By doing so, it ensures a truly extended operation.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Image

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Ease of use

Weighing just 8.8 lbs. and measuring 8 inches in length, 4.9 inches in width, and 12.2 inches in height, this unit is very easy to handle. Some of its features are:

  • Water Levels – Pick between 7 settings: 4 alkaline, 1 filtered, and 2 acidic
  • Installation – Installing it might pose you some problems because there’s a problem with the user manual
  • Auto-cleaning – It comes with a cleansing alarm that automatically rings is the production of alkaline water has exceeded thirty liters


IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Spec Sheet
Electrolysis levels 7
Filters Built-in Activated Carbon Water Filter
Electrodes material Premium high-tech platinum-titanium
ORP Range Max -850mv
PH Range 4.5 to 11
Filter Change 6,000 Liters/1585 Gallons/6 months
Water Flow Rate 3 liters per min
Water Pressure 71 psi
Wattage Max 230W
Warranty 2-year
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 12 inches
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Ionization properties

This machine changes the alkalinity of the water within the following range – 4.5 to 11.0 pH. Best of all, you are the one who picks the pH level of the water you use or consume. Since alkaline water is known to have superior hydrating capabilities and help boost the health of those who regularly consume it, you are sure to appreciate this machine seeing how it offers the special water on demand. Only healthful minerals and antioxidant agents in your drinking water from now on so that you feel invigorated and healthy.

Filtration properties

It is fitted with a filtration system that handles removing a wide assortment of impurities from the water. To be specific, it integrates an activated carbon filter that eliminates large dirt particles, rust, chlorine, and many other water impurities. However, there is a minor snag related to it. Namely, you have to change the filter periodically, once every few years.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Image

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Warranty and Support

The customer support representative is very helpful and responsive. On their official page, you can find plenty of information regarding the warranty or other aspects related to the product. Speaking of the warranty trial, this unit includes a small 2 years warranty, meaning that from the day of purchase you can get the unit repaired or replaced without having to pay additional costs.

Bottom Line

There are three features that make it worthy to be purchased. The first refers to its capability to generate both alkalinized and acidic water, which is delivered clean after going through a highly-performant carbon filter. The second highlight stands in the design. Highly intuitive, using color-coded labels to show the pH, they permit you to easily get the type of water you desire. And the third, the safety switch, which sets the machine on alkalinized water, thus avoiding accidental drinking of acidic water, which is perfect for cosmetic treatments and cleaning but not indicated for ingesting.

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Markus Mackay
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