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iSpring Water Filtration System

iSpring Water Filtration System Picture

iSpring Water Filtration System Picture

I t’s important to ensure that you try your best to keep yourself and those you love safe. Even though some people regard this system as a minor detail, you will be surprised how many people suffer devastating effects due to contaminated water. Even though it’s true that at the beginning you will make a large investment, it’s nothing compared to how much money you will spend to make yourself better. Furthermore, each of them features low-key installation so you won’t need to resort to the assistance of an expert. Also, the upkeep part is very intuitive and doesn’t require much of your attention.

Looking to explore more options for whole house water decontamination? Then see here the best whole house water filters for well and compare options to the iSpring systems presented in the following to get a better idea of how the systems perform.

iSpring WGB32B

Picture Specifications
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
100,000 gallons per 1 year 15 GPM Fine Sediment and Carbon 95%
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In-depth Analysis

  • Safe – This product has passed all the tests and achieved all the certifications that state it as safe to use for the entire family
  • Warranty – Your investment is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee and 1-Year limited warranty
  • Installation – You do not need the help of an expert as it is accompanied by DYI YouTube videos
  • Lifespan – To obtain the best results for a long time, you must ensure proper upkeep
Incredible Filtration Capacity
  • Sediment FIlter: – This first phase can remove fine fragments at minimal pressure and water waste
  • Carbon Block: – It will improve the working of the whole cleaning system. The high density solidified carbon manages to capture more pollutants than other filters
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Block: – Enjoy tasteless and odorless water due to this cartridge that eliminates chlorine, chemical waste, and odor-causing bacteria. It’s efficient enough to handle large amounts of contaminants in well water
Features To remember
  • It produces enough water for cooking, bathing, and drinking
  • It’s capable of removing up to 98% of large fragments and metals
  • It doesn’t require thorough maintenance
Top Tip: Install this filter horizontally rather than vertically to avoid downward pressure on filters.

iSpring WGB32BM

Picture Specifications
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
100,000 gallons per 1 year 15 GPM Fine Sediment, Carbon, Iron, and Manganese 90%
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In-depth Analysis

  • Port – The 1” input and output will ensure a flow rate of no less than 15 gallons every minute
  • pH Level – The purification process also improves the acidity, setting it between 3.0 and 11.0
  • Healthy – The system doesn’t act like a total solid dissolver meaning it doesn’t take out beneficial minerals
  • Practical –It’s designed to offer maximum efficiency when installed on municipal sources
Incredible Filtration Capacity
  • Sediment FIlter: – The first phase can handle impurities as small as 5 microns, meaning it will even capture dirt particles. This way, large deposits won’t reach the next two cartridges, so clogging is no longer a risk
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Block: – This stage eliminates chlorine and biological waste that alter the odor and flavor. Therefore, you will enjoy water of superior quality
  • Iron and Manganese Filter: – It’s a known fact that water high in metals represents a health hazard. The final purifying stage deals with dangerous metals
Features To remember
  • It delivers the greatest success rate when fitted on a municipal supply
  • It decreases iron and manganese levels
  • It meets the quality and safety standards
Top Tip: If you will use it on well water, it’s best that you also mount the best water softener to minimize the water hardness.

iSpring WGB32B-PB

Picture Specifications
Capacity Gallons Per Minute Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
100,000 gallons per 1 year 15 GPM Fine Sediment, Carbon, Iron, and Lead 98%
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In-depth Analysis

  • Maintenance – This is something you won’t have to worry about because the filters take care of themselves. Each step adds to the longevity of the whole product
  • Efficient – It will match any faucet style and size and it can even be connected to appliances that use water, like the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Lifespan – The combination of three cartridges ensure optimal performance without significant damage
  • Practical – It can be easily paired with a softener
Incredible Filtration Capacity
  • Sediment FIlter: – This primary stage removes large bits found in water. Even though the municipal water is clean, the pipes that transport it are hundreds of years old so contamination is inevitable
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Block: – – As mentioned, each stage will add to the longevity of the whole structure. Thus, this phase will remove a large amount of debris that is prone to clogging
  • Iron and Lead Reducing Filter: – With a cleaning capacity of 150K gal at 100ppb for lead and 10k gal at 3.0ppm for iron, it can handle even the highest-contaminated regions
Features To remember
  • Powerful enough to eliminate chlorine and wood and pest killers
  • An average lifespan of 12 months for each cartridge
  • Each filter has been thoroughly tested before being offered for sale
Top Tip: We advise you to test the quality of the water before purchasing such a filter

iSpring WCB32C

Picture Specifications
Capacity Feed Water Pressure Filtration Content Removal Efficiency
30,000 gallons per 1 year 40-95 PSI Fine Sediment and Carbon 99%
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In-depth Analysis

  • Warranty – By considering this model you will be protected by lifetime client assistance through the support line
  • Safe –Even though it’s made from plastic, the polypropylene is FDA- safe which means that it won’t contaminate water
  • Lifespan – This is an all-year-round product that requires little maintenance in the cold season-simply remove the excess water to ensure optimal functioning
  • Practical –Even though it’s a smaller unit, you will find it powerful enough to handle the water in the entire house
Incredible Filtration Capacity
  • Sediment Filter: – The multi-layer purification has the ability to capture large fragments to make it fit for consumption for numerous years
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Block: – This high-density cartridge has a positive effect on the durability of the entire assembly. Thus, it’s able to hold more contaminants than other filters
  • Carbon Block: – This model will capture 99% of chlorine particles and substances such as weed and pest killers, and industrial waste
Features To remember
  • The stream adapts to any type of faucet
  • Low-key mounting that you can do yourself
  • Thorough maintenance is not essential to maintain efficiency
Top Tip: We advise that you connect this purification system with a RO filter. Check out the best reverse osmosis water filter systems here to see what options you have!

Frequently Asked Questions

I deal with hard water. Should I also consider a softener?
To obtain the best purifying results for many years to come, we advise that you pair the purifier with a softener. It’s known that hard water is prone to develop scale buildup. In this situation, a softener isn’t capable of eliminating large bits and fragments of rust, dust, or sand so they both work in perfect balance.

What type of system do I need?
The answer to this question depends on where you receive your water from. If you live in a state where there’s a high amount of metals such as lead, you should focus on finding a unit that is specifically designed to trigger and capture this type of pollutants.

How much water pressure is recommended?
The GPM will determine the flow or pressure. How much pressure you need depends on how much water your family members consume, the number of appliances you connect it to, and the number of faucets. On average, 15 GPM meets the needs of a family of four that connects the system to every faucet or appliance.


To keep you and your loved ones away from waterborne diseases and all the dangers lurking in tap water, you must rely on a purifying system that can handle all the water pipes in your house, also known as a whole-house system. Although the initial price will be higher, you will realize that you will be limiting your investment in the long term. While it might seem cumbersome, mounting it will be a breeze, and so will be any future maintenance.
After a close analysis, we concluded that some models can be successfully installed in homes connected to the public water supply while others are most efficient when dealing with large amounts of metals. To be more specific:

  • The iSpring WKB32B is designed for people who receive water from the municipality, that doesn’t contain a high level of iron, manganese, and lead.
  • The iSpring WGB32BM and the iSpring WGB32B-PB are appropriate for both municipal water and well supplies, due to their ability to retain pollutants like lead or iron.
  • Last but not least, the iSpring WCB32C is suitable to remove substances like chlorine, which is used by the municipality as a disinfectant for germs and bacteria.


Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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