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Kloudi DH-JH01 Air Purifier Review

E veryone wants to make sure that their house is a safe and healthy environment for them and any family member. And part of the health aspect is the quality of the air they breathe. Air pollutants and allergens can cause serious issues for any person, but especially for those prone to respiratory problems (irritation, asthma) and sensitive eyes. Air purifiers are the most common solution to those threats, and conveniently sized ones are getting more and more popular.

The Kloudi DH-JH01 could be the answer you’re looking for if you’re concerned about the air in your home.


This small, 3-pound unit has an attractive cylinder shape that comes in two colors, black or white. Along the bottom part of its 9.8-inch height, there is a beautiful pattern of multiple little holes through which the device’s soft night light is visible, making it a good option even for a child’s room.

The blue and purple colors create a calm image and combined with the touch control pad on top, this air purifier comes together in a smooth, contemporary design, suitable for any home.

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Kloudi DH-JH01 Spec Sheet
Area coverage 215 square feet
Air purification efficiency 99.97%
Filtration stages 2
Filter media H13 HEPA filter, UV light
Air changes per hour 5
Air circulation 125.41 CFM
CADR rating N/A
Energy Star certification N/A
Noise output 22dB
Filter life 3-6 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 3
Size 6.3″ x 6.3″ x 9.8″
Guarantee 1-2 years
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Check Price at Amazon


The DH-JH01 model uses a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter coupled with a strong suction fan which together can easily clean 99.97% of tiny 0.3-micron particles and PM2.5 air pollution in a room of 215 square feet. As an extra step, the device also has a UV light air pretreatment with a wavelength of over 200nm. What that means is that the UV light is ozone-free, seeing as air higher in ozone is an irritant. Be careful to check for and unwrap the filter from its plastic bag when first using the machine. If you forget to check for the bag, the room starts to have a strong plastic smell. After everything is set and the purifier is running, you can expect to have a hard time sensing any more odors after 30 to 60 minutes.

A bonus with this unit is that with the help of a new brushless motor, a noise-free fan, and durable materials, it is quieter than a whisper. When doing its job its decibel level is a low 22, with just 2 points higher than a leaf falling on the ground. No vibration is present either, which means you can have an undisturbed sleep should you choose to put this device in your bedroom. Compared to other purifiers, this one’s rated operating power is 17W, which shaves 30% off on your power bills.

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The Kloudi DH-JH01 comes with 4 extra features that add to its performance and overall look.

  • First, we have the filter indicator which notifies the user if the filter has reached the 2,000 hour maximum, thus needing a replacement. The way the indicator tells you that the time is up is by using a built-in light on top, to show a flashing red shade. To stop the red notification you can press the touch button showing a sun symbol (☼) for 2 seconds. The filter is easy to replace, just open the filter door, take out the old one, unwrap the new one, place it inside, and it’s good to go.
  • Connected to the same button is the option to turn your purifier into a soft blue and purple night light.
  • Next, there’s the timer option for reduced energy use. It comes with a 6, 12, or 24-hour schedule that turns the device off after the cycle is complete.
  • The last feature has an olfactive impact. This model comes with a fragrance sponge in which you can drop your favorite scent for a more relaxing atmosphere. The steps to using it are opening the cap on top (it opens like an old TV remote, press-and-slide), moistening the sponge with some water, adding your choice of essential oil (just a few drops), and closing the cap. The air will be fresh and it will smell exactly how you want when you turn on the purifier.

Warranty & Support

Kloudic products come with a 1-year warranty that can also be extended to 2 years if you fill the registration form on their website with your order number.
In case of a faulty or damaged product, you can choose to return your package within 30 days of purchase. You should expect a refund in the span of 3-5 business days after the return has been received. For other inquiries or questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail the Kloudic team by using the address specified on their website. Customer support is available 24/7.


All in all, have a health issue, sensitive eyes and nose, if you love cooking, or if you are a pet owner, you can get rid of every risky particle, every persisting smell, and every bit of pet dander with one single purchase.

And if you have a bigger house or apartment, with less than $200 you can get 2 Kloudi air purifiers and have twice the area coverage and air cleaning speed.
Bask in open nature-like air in the comfort of your own home.

Landon Callahan
Landon Callahan
Landon is the newest addition to the team. He is young, curious to learn as much as he can, and willing to put in the extra hours he needs to make sure every review and article comes out perfect and contains all the important info that might interest you, the reader. Impressive despite his young age, he always tries to diversify his work and write about new types of products so that his work won’t go stale.

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