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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air

Large Humidifier Releasing Steam into the Air

Large Humidifier Releasing Steam into the Air


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D o you often find yourself experiencing difficulties breathing? If you exclude any potential health issue, dry air in your home might be a plausible cause for the health issues you are dealing with.

A 2020 study even found that increased air humidity was associated with a lower amount of COVID-19 cases, countries where the air was warmer and wetter being less affected by the outbreak due to these different conditions. If this info on its own isn’t enough to convince you just how harmful dry air can be for your health, here is a breakdown of the major ways in which indoor humidity lower than the recommended 30% affects your health:

  1. Asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis symptoms worsen;
  2. Increased chances of catching a cold, flu, or even developing pneumonia;
  3. Higher chances of becoming dehydrated;
  4. Irritated eyes;
  5. Higher stress levels;
  6. Pain and inflammation of the throat;
  7. Dry skin and dermatitis;
  8. Eczema symptoms worsen.

Thankfully humidifiers were developed to help you combat low humidity that can cause a series of unpleasantness. Once you determine you need one, you might discover that small models are no good for you, so you need to resort to the help of large room humidifiers.

The ones revised in this article put enough moisture in the air so you don’t have to deal with sinus congestion, dry skin, breathing problems, and other similar health issues. As they can cover larger spaces than classic models, you can even use them for offices, living rooms, basements, and so on.

Why Humidified Air Is a Necessity

Although it’s easy to overlook it, the level of humidity in the air is significant. In the ideal case, it would be recommended to preserve air moisture levels within 40 to 60 percent. Pay attention to this specific stat at all times as low humidity is actually quite damaging to your health. This isn’t to say that high humidity doesn’t come with its own set of repercussions, but this is a topic covered in the section for dehumidifiers.

  • Viruses – in low humidity, viruses and bacteria thrive and live much longer. Therefore, you will be at risk of contracting infections. Plus, when the flu season arrives, those with humidified air will be much more protected than those who do not benefit from the functioning of a moisture-augmenting system.
  • Nasal congestion – when the air is dry, it gets quite difficult to inhale properly. If you come down with the cold or flu, it’s even worse as nasal congestion follows and breathing is made all the more difficult.
  • Skin – low moistness levels and cold temperatures will cause havoc to your skin. If you’re suffering from dry, prickly, and irritated skin, it’s a must that you consider this product. It is especially imperative for those who suffer from eczema.
  • Eyes – when you’re suffering from dry and irritated eyes, you know how difficult life can be. This system will ensure that the air that comes in contact with your eyes is moist enough not to affect them.

If you want a big unit rather than one for each room, have a look at the best whole house humidifiers that can deal with low humidity on a bigger scale.

Top 13 Large Room Humidifiers Compared

Area Coverage
Tank Capacity
Full Tank Runtime
Mist Output
Mist Levels
Noise Level

Best Overall
4,200 sq. ft.
0.75 gal/h
5 years

Best with Humidistat
3,600 sq. ft.
3.6 gallons
36 hours
270 ml/h
38 dB
2 years

Best for the Money
2,300 sq. ft.
3 gallons
24 hours
1,400 ml/h
40 dB
3 years

Editor’s Choice
1,000 sq. ft.
4 gallons
24 hours
625 ml/h
37 dB
5 years
860 sq. ft.
1.7 gallons
3.5 gal/day
1 year
753 sq. ft.
1.5 gallons
36 hours
500 ml/h
44 dB
1 year
750 sq. ft.
1.5 gallons
40 hours
550 ml/h
34 dB
6 months

Best without Filter
430 sq. ft.
2 gallons
24 dB
2 years

Best for Winter
430 sq. ft.
0.8 gallons
11 hours
1.8 gal/day
35 dB
3 years
600 sq. ft.
1.7 gallons
96 hours
0.75 gal/day
38 dB
1 year

Best with Top Fill
500 sq. ft.
1.05 gallons
30 hours
250 ml/h
29 dB
1 year
430 sq. ft.
1.6 gallons
60 hours
300 ml/h
26 dB
1 year
400 sq. ft.
1.6 gallons
50 hours
270 ml/h
38 dB
2 years

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Large Room Humidifiers?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Aprilaire 700: There is no better option for adjusting the air moistness in the entire house. Instead of getting separate units for each room, you can go for this one with a huge coverage and automatic functioning, so that you can enjoy hands-down efficiency. Keep in mind that it requires some professional mounting, so make sure you get the required help.
  • AIRCARE MA1201: Suitable even for commercial use due to the outsized capacity and generous runtime, this model is among the top picks of customers on the lookout for powerful humidifiers for large spaces. It can be moved with ease so you won’t have to stress over this aspect and it’s very easy to set up as it includes a digital humidistat.
  • Honeywell Cool Moisture Console: This model really manages to rebalance the air moisture with its powerful motor that delivers a pleasant mist throughout the whole room. Thus, if you want to keep your plants healthier, protect furniture, and lessen static electricity, this is an excellent pick for you.
  • Vornado Evap40: Even if you have no prior experience with a moisture-boosting system, you will find it incredibly easy to operate as the control panel features adjustable knobs that grant intuitive adjustment of its performance. It’s highly efficient in covering large areas, so you won’t need to look for another unit if you want to cover multiple rooms.
  • Stadler Form Eva: What first catches the attention is the pleasant design and the interesting operating mode that involves a separate sensor that works as a humidistat and a remote. It has a wide coverage and a great mist output so it’s greatly efficient at fulfilling its purpose.
  • LEVOIT LV600HH: The design is spectacular so it will never go unnoticed even in the most modern of homes. The tank positioned at the back and made of see-through plastic is a nice addition, but what really makes it stand out are the user-friendly LCD and the great room coverage.
  • Elechomes UC5501: Boasting a large surface coverage and extended runtime on a full tank, it is likely to be your ideal pick for adding moisture to large rooms of your home. It’s intuitive and safe to run even around children so there is no risk involved with using it. Even sensitive sleepers can pick it as it remains silent throughout the night.
  • Venta LW25: Boasting a filterless mechanism and delivering a powerful stream of vapors, it’s an excellent choice for medium-sized rooms that require urgent air humidification. It received multiple positive ratings for how it managed to purify the air along the process.
  • Boneco S250: Well built, with generous coverage and an intuitive functioning, it has won the confidence of many clients who are happy with its performance. The mist is spread evenly so it can successfully cover every corner but always pay attention to the water level as it gets low very quickly.
  • Air Innovations MH-701BA: You have to admit that this model takes the cake when it comes to an elegant and eye-catching design. The glossy finish is enhanced by the explicative LCD and the removable nozzle, resulting in a very interesting and appealing device. You can place it on the floor or on the table and you can redirect the mist flow, so it will send moisture exactly where it’s needed.
  • HuPro PRO-777: It’s a device that impresses through its design, great performance, and ease of use. The manufacturer seems to have included all the important features you could want, so the purchase will be rewarding. You will find it comprehensive and practical no matter which room you choose to use it in.
  • Miroco MI-AH001: What first impacts is the pleasant design with added lights that make it pop out in any room décor, particularly the bedroom where it can be used as a night lamp. The reservoir is very generous so it lasts very long, but the biggest complaint is that the adjustable knob doesn’t make a big difference in the mist output.
  • Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic: With no filters being needed, you won’t need to place orders or make periodical trips to the store to stock on them. Plus, this means easier upkeep, as you will only need to wash the reservoir with water and soap and scrub it with a brush. Since the natural ionizer is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, you will never deal with contaminated air that can pose a risk to your health.

Keep the humidity within safe and healthy parameters by always checking it using an indoor hygrometer so you will never let dampness get out of control.

1. Aprilaire 700

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Fully automatic functioning
👍 Works as a whole-house unit with extended coverage
👍 Since it doesn’t include a water reservoir, it works continuously
👍 It provides the highest mist output


👎 It requires professional mounting
👎 The copper tubing, the drain tubing, and the electrical wires for the humidistat are not included in the box

This is a whole-home humidifier that mounts directly to the supply or return duct of your heating and cooling system. The moisture output is impressive, as it must cover the entire home, ensuring 0.75 gallons of mist every hour, summing up to 18 gallons of water each day. The built-in fan is responsible for spreading the moisture on over 4,200 sq. ft. and can operate around the clock, as it connects to a water line instead of relying on an internal reservoir.

Automatic Control

The assembly includes the actual housing with a water panel and a humidistat that must be connected to the device, at the bottom. There, you will also find the water connection and an outlet for the drain.

The humidistat, which is installed on the return air duct, analyzes the air in your home. If it senses humidity below the set level, it will tell the machine to start delivering moisture. As this happens, water falls into the distribution tray and down over the water panel. Dry, hot air is then pushed from the furnace into the humidifier’s water panel, creating a natural evaporation process. The water vapors created by the furnace are then pushed back into the air duct via the fan and spread widely all over the house. This way, the moistness balance is restored to the level you select on the humidistat.

As you can see, you never have to monitor the settings or wait until the indoor air becomes too uncomfortable. What you must be aware of is that the mounting must be done by a professional, as it must be mounted on the furnace of your home by cutting a hole through it. The process will also require wiring and hooking up to a water supply, as well as adding a drain that will evacuate the remaining water.

Want to analyze more humidifiers for furnace, just so you will know you picked the right model? Take a look at our chart and discover their perks.

Aprilaire 700 Performance Ratings – Tester’s Feedback

  • Area coverage: To run this test and make sure that the humidifier can cater to the size area promised by the manufacturer in the spec sheet, we installed and used it for a 4,000 square feet home. Score – 10/10
  • Humidity increase: We ran the humidifier for 8 hours straight to see how big of a difference it makes for moisture level increase. Score – 10/10
  • Ease of installation: Since this is a furnace humidifier, we had to check and see if the installation process is a task that the regular DIYer can take up or if it’s best to spend the money and have a professional come in to set it up. Score – 9.8/10
After all three testing trials we performed, the Aprilaire 700 received an almost perfect score. The installation process was fairly simple but it did take a while, which is why we gave the humidifier a 9.8 out of 10. Seeing how it amped moisture by 13% after 8 hours of continuous operation in a 4,000 square foot home, we gave it the maximum rating for both area coverage and humidity increase. None of the other products we tested and reviewed fared so well on all fronts, which is what determined us to rank this Aprilaire humidifier as the best option for large spaces.

Marcus Mackay

Aprilaire 700 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Flow-through Area Coverage: 4,200 square feet
Tank Size: Runtime: Unlimited
Maximum Moisture Output: 0.75 gallons per hour Mist Settings:
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: N/A
Dimensions: 16” x 15.9” x 10.3” Warranty: 5 years


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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 The casters make it very easy to move around despite the large size
👍 Thanks to the digital humidistat, it’s very easy to configure
👍 Straightforward upkeep
👍 It can run for 36 hours straight on a single full tank


👎 Adding water is very uncomfortable due to the position of the tank
👎 The tank is opaque so you can hardly have a glance at the remaining water

This unit integrates a digital humidistat that will automatically uphold the desired moistness levels as it has digital accuracy. It adds moisture and moves the air through a soaked wick filter. The evaporative wick can trap mineral deposits, and it ensures a smooth operation at all times. You will never have to worry about belts or wheels. What’s impressive is that it can moisten the air in an area up to 3,600 square feet, which recommends it as a whole house humidifier. As opposed to the Aprilaire 700 that mounts to the furnace, this is a much more convenient option to increase moisture for the whole building since it’s a console-style unit. However, you have to use it in an open space or keep the doors open in all the rooms for the moisture it releases to disperse through the entire floor.

Practical and Convenient

The large volume it flaunts actually makes it capable to run for up to 6 days before refilling is needed. Moreover, the filter-less design makes it economical and sustainable, which implies that you will use it for a long time. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Self shut-off – activates when the set moistness level is attained. It also occurs when the reservoir empties
  • Easy to clean – since there are no belts, pulleys, or wheels, you will find it easy to clean it
  • Casters – the 4 wheels will allow you to move it from place to place easily as you don’t have to lift it

Specifications and Design

You will be pleased to know that it has only 3 buttons. They’re colored and labeled, so they’re very simple to understand. The display is small and it shows important information only. It measures 20.5” by 21.5” by 14.5”, so it may take up some of the storage space. Furthermore, it has a continuous functioning of 36 hours and it doesn’t draw much power when it runs, so you can leave it on throughout the day without worrying about costs.

Fully-Functional and Safe

It’s known that if you keep the RH levels to 43% and above, more than 80% of viruses and bacteria will be made incompetent of damaging your health. It’s ETL listed which is a guarantee that it’s one of the safest on the market. Some of its functions are:

  • Prevents – it can prevent flu and keep allergies from getting worse
  • Relieves pain– it helps those who are dealing with dry skin and sore throats
  • Reduces discomfort – if you’re experiencing allergy signs caused by pet dander and dust, it will help lighten symptoms

It has a single-bottle design so it’s easy to clean. The filter indicator signals when the time has arrived for you to change it. Plus, it has a customizable moistness setting so that you can program it to work according to your needs. This model can cover a large area.

AIRCARE MA1201 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Evaporative Area Coverage: 3,600 square feet
Tank Size: 3.6 gallons Runtime: 10-36 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 567 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 4
Mist Nozzle: 360° Noise Level: 38 dB
Dimensions: 20.5” x 21.5” x 14.5” Warranty: 2 years

3. Honeywell Cool Moisture Console

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 The adjustable humidistat enables it to turn on and off when needed
👍 The notification lights help you keep tabs on its status
👍 It has wheels for easy moving
👍 Two-tank design to ensure a longer runtime


👎 Both tanks are hard to refill
👎 It’s not as quiet as advertised

Among the first picks of the purchasers, this unit distinguishes itself through a large reservoir that can hold up to 3 galls. of water and high moisture discharge. Thus, it is apposite for large areas where it can reduce dryness and alleviate symptoms associated with dry nose and throat. Cleaning it is done in less than 20 minutes, and even this doesn’t employ a big effort on your part, as you will only need to scrub it and then fill the reservoir with a vinegar or bleach solution and allow it to sit until all the bacteria are killed.

Customizable Humidistat

You have full control over the comfort levels in your home as of using it seeing how it presents a humidistat. This setting will mechanically turn it on or off according to the moistness levels you have selected. Some of its design features are:

  • Speeds – Choose between the 3-speed settings
  • Wicking filters – will eliminate impurities from water while reducing the white dust
  • Tanks – the 2 removable tanks are leak-proof with wide openings

It’s imperative to mention that this is an evaporative model, so the moisture is neither hot nor cold. Thus, it doesn’t impact this ambiance aspect in the room you use it in. Another evaporative model worth looking into is the Honeywell HCM350B Germ Free that we feature in the following comparison matrix. We previously included this model in our top, ranking 9th before we replaced it with its upgraded version, the Cool Moisture Console that we are currently reviewing and is among the top placed models thanks to its superior humidification.

Integrated Indicator Lights

You will see “Humidity reached” and “Tank empty” lights to be aware of system status, as well as environmental conditions. The control knobs allow you to modify the settings according to what you find most comfortable.

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console vs. Honeywell HCM350B Germ Free

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console
Honeywell HCM350B Germ Free
  • Type: Evaporative
  • Area coverage: 2,300 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 1,400 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 3 gal.
  • Runtime: 12 to 24 hr.

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Rating:
  • Type: Evaporative
  • Area coverage: 400 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 141 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 1 gal.
  • Runtime: 12 to 24 hr.

Honeywell HCM350B Germ Free Rating:

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Specifications Sheet

Technology: Evaporative Area Coverage: 2,300 square feet
Tank Size: 3 gallons Runtime: 12-24 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 1400 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 3
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: 40 dB
Dimensions: 21” x 13” x 17.5” Warranty: 3 years

4. Vornado Evap40

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 The dual tank design implies you will have to refill it less often
👍 Great customer care and service
👍 Cleans the air along the process
👍 Thanks to the Vortex action, the mist is blown out on a wide surface


👎 You must clean it very often
👎 It doesn’t shut off when the tank is empty

If you’re on the hunt for a quiet, fast, and highly capable humidifier, this option is suitable for your needs. Designed with Vortex Action, it will circulate the moisturized air through a room up to 1,000 sq. ft. Just like the Honeywell Cool Moisture Console, it is an evaporative humidifier. So, if you want a similar alternative for this Vornado unit, one that uses the same technology yet covers increasing moisture in larger areas, you might be better suited by its Honeywell counterpart. Best of all, it is manufactured in the U.S., so it meets high expectations as it has been produced following American standards.

Larger Capacity, Fewer Refills

If you don’t have time for maintenance, this is the most suitable unit for your needs. It has a reservoir volume of 4 gals., which means that it has an uninterrupted operation with fewer refills. It’s a definite upgrade from the Vornado EVDC500 that we previously ranked 5th and only features a 2-gallon capacity water tank. Compare the two after checking out the stats of both products which are listed in the table you will find later in this review.

Some of the main highlights of the Evap40 qualities include:

  • Intelligent monitoring – it uses sensors to monitor humidity and employ optimal air circulation to maintain an ideal environment throughout
  • Fan speeds – choose between low, medium, and high
  • Reservoirs – The spill-proof and leaf-free tank opening will prevent water from escaping
  • Filters – 2 filters are needed and both are included with the acquisition

It does have filters so you will need to deal with maintenance tasks but this will usually take place once every 8 weeks. The sign that will let you know it’s time for this chore will be a drop in moisture release that is easy to observe and which will cease once you add a new filter.

Another important aspect stands in the 5-year manufacturer’s assurance that ensures when it no longer works according to your expectations, the company will cover repair costs.

Vornado Evap40 vs. Vornado EVDC500

Vornado Evap40
Vornado EVDC500
  • Type: Evaporative
  • Area coverage: 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 625 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 4 gal.
  • Runtime: 12 to 24 hr.

Vornado Evap40 Rating:
  • Type: Evaporative
  • Area coverage: 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 630 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 2 gal.
  • Runtime: 12 hr.

Vornado EVDC500 Rating:

Vornado Evap40 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Evaporative Area Coverage: 1,000 square feet
Tank Size: 4 gallons Runtime: 12-24 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 625 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 3
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: 37 dB
Dimensions: 19.5” x 10.5” x 13.5” Warranty: 5 years

5. Stadler Form Eva

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 The slim shape makes it very space-saving
👍 It boasts an interesting configuration with a side sensor
👍 The mist is sent upright in the air, so it will be spread on a wide surface
👍 The volume of vapors can be adjusted to your liking


👎 Even though they can be dimmed, the lights are very strong for nighttime
👎 The assembly instructions are vague

This is what you call an “ultrasonic humidifier” that uses ultrasonic technology to send a powerful stream of mist into the air. It can cover no less than 860 sq. ft., topping the performance of bigger and stronger models. Despite the power, Eva can automatically adjust its functioning based on the surroundings so that it will remain silent and efficient in reaching the set moistness level.

It’s compact, with a feminine shape, and flaunts a 1.7-gallon reservoir. You can always aid aromatic oils to the water if you want to enjoy a calming ambiance, as the machine includes a fragrance dispenser.

– Set it to your liking
Five levels of mist are put at your disposal as well as a humidistat that lets you choose the preferred percentage in the 30-75% interval

– Precise humidification using an external humidity sensor
There is no other humidifier with this type of functioning, as the Eva involves a separate sensor that lies by its side, monitoring the surroundings and adjusting the functioning of the actual machine. This sensor doubles as a remote so that you can easily handle the humidifier

– Elevated mist outlet
The vapors are sent upright through the top outlet that is placed up to 1.4 m high, allowing you to place the device directly on the floor

– Selectable warm or cold mist
Don’t settle for either hot or cold vapors, as this device can offer you both

– Night Mode
In case you want to keep it running while you sleep, the dimmable lights can be reduced to a minimum, so you will not be disturbed and it will remain a discreet presence

The cool water vapors not only increase the air moistness but can also help you lower the indoor temperature. See other cool mist humidifiers and see why people mostly prefer this type for their homes.

Stadler Form Eva Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 860 square feet
Tank Size: 1.7 gallons Runtime: N/A
Maximum Moisture Output: 3.5 gallons per day Mist Settings: 5
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: N/A
Dimensions: 7.7” x 7.7” x 16.5” Warranty: 1 year


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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 It starts emitting mist just moments after bugging it in
👍 You will benefit from warm and cool mist from the same device
👍 It uses ultrasonic technology so it’s among the quietest models out there
👍 The reservoir is transparent so it will never run empty without you noticing
👍 Includes a remote and a wide LCD for simple setup


👎 Some people claimed the hygrostat often shows errors
👎 There were many complaints about the base leaking
👎 When it starts, it makes a loud whirling sound

It is tailored to function at 3 different levels and it allows you to opt between 2 types of mist depending on the time of year and what you find most comforting. It can increase moistness level up to 25% faster than its competitors, this being among the reasons why we prefer it over numerous other entries. Besides, it heats the water at a high point to kill microorganisms residing in it so that the mist it discharges into the air is sanitary and safe for you to inhale.


Its capability to hold as much as 6 gallons of water grants upward to 36 hours of runtime when it is utilized on level 1 of its operating settings. Due to the 500 ml/hr output, you can confidently rely on its service for use in large-size areas like living rooms and offices. Another worthwhile option from the same brand is the LEVOIT LV450CH that you are advised to opt for if you need moisture increase for a smaller area of 538 sq. ft. tops. Find out what else there is to know about this alternative LEVOIT humidifier from the comparison matrix featured before the pros & cons section of this review.

Here are some of the most important details regarding the operation of the LV600HH:

  • Versatile – quite an expedient and versatile operation is granted by the fact that it lets you choose between warm and cool mist. Moreover, this aspect makes it suited for year-round use
  • Nozzle – the 360 rotating design of the nozzle ensures even distribution of the moisture throughout the room
  • Ultrasonic – as it relies on this technology, you can rest assured knowing it provides super quiet functioning that is so low even babies cannot hear it

Automatic and Practical

What stands out is the aromatherapy function which implies that you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to enrich the ambiance in the room every time you want to. Other highlights it boasts include:

  • Auto-mode keeps moistness within a healthy range without you having to constantly adjust the settings
  • Ease of use is granted by the sensitive touch control panel as all of the buttons are clearly labeled
  • Remote included to change the settings from a distance without going all the way to where the system is located

It can help you fight colds and allergies. The warm mist has an efficacious effect on airborne microorganisms and helps remove them from the air. Conversely, the cool mist provides hydration for the skin and alleviates the symptoms of congestion and allergy. As this system presents them both, you can use it all year round.


  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Area coverage: 753 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 300 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 1.5 gal.
  • Runtime: 20 to 36 hr.

LEVOIT LV600HH Rating:
  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Area coverage: 538 sq. ft.
  • Moisture output: 300 ml./hr.
  • Tank size: 1.1 gal.
  • Runtime: 15 to 40 hr.

LEVOIT LV450CH Rating:

LEVOIT LV600HH Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 753 square feet
Tank Size: 1.5 gallons Runtime: 20-36 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 300 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 3
Mist Nozzle: 360° Noise Level: 44 dB
Dimensions: 11.3” x 7” x 10.5” Warranty: 1 year

7. Elechomes UC5501

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Large back transparent tank
👍 The front LCD is large and easily guides you through the settings
👍 Since it is detachable and has a wide opening, the tank is easy to refill
👍 The remote lets you make the selections without having to go near the machine
👍 You can always add your favorite aromatic scents to the tray


👎 The hygrometer measures the humidity next to itself so it might show bigger levels
👎 When you turn off the light, it only emits a cool mist
👎 It gets filled with white dust that is very hard to clean

This model allows you to select between cool and warm moisture, just like the LEVOIT LV600HH we previously reviewed. Another notable similarity between the two humidifiers stands in the area coverage they boast – both models are recommended for spaces approximately 750 square feet in size. Thus, it will keep the congested nose and dry throat at a bay. The warm mist kills airborne pathogens that are making you sick even in winter.

Superior Efficiency

  • Coverage – rely on it for use in spaces up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Mist – it has a mist ability of 550mL/h for the warm setting and 300mL/h for the cold setting
  • Operation – functions for 40 consecutive hours before the reservoir needs to be refilled again

Safe and Automatic

  • Timer – you can set it between 1 to 12 hours for whole day and night use
  • Safety shut-off – when water is beginning to deplete, it powers off for safety reasons
  • Memorize function – unlike the other models, it will memorize your most recent setting so when you turn it on again, you don’t have to set the settings again

Innovative and Smart

  • Moistness control – the built-in sensor automatically detects air moistness levels and display them on the LED screen so that you are aware of surrounding conditions at all times
  • Practical – it will mechanically turn on when the moistness drops below your desired level and turn off when this quota is reached
  • Aromatherapy – two aroma pads are included at no extra price

Year-Round Comfort

The 360-degree dual-layer nozzle will keep moistness levels proper throughout the year without a problem. The whisper-quiet functioning enables you to use it day and night as it only makes 34 dB when it runs. The wide-mouth 6L tank lets you clean it easily by hand without a funnel needed. When you set it on the night mode, the LED screen will turn off so it doesn’t distract you. For added expediency, use the remote to modify settings as you prefer.

Elechomes UC5501 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 750 square feet
Tank Size: 1.5 gallons Runtime: 12-40 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 550 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 3
Mist Nozzle: 360° Noise Level: 34 dB
Dimensions: 11.6” x 7.7” x 11” Warranty: 6 months

8. Venta LW25

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 The stream of mist is very powerful
👍 It purifies the air while adding moisture to it
👍 As it emits cold steam, it doesn’t increase the room temperature
👍 The output is great for a model its size


👎 Some users reported leaking from the bottom
👎 The sensor sometimes misses turning the machine off when it runs out of water

With a coverage extended to 430 sq. ft., this model can be a trustworthy ally in restoring air moistness in medium-sized spaces. It features a grid-like design with two separate parts and an internal disc that rotates water to spread splashes around the house. This is called the cold-evaporative mechanism and is considered one of the most hygienic methods of adding moisture to the air.

Filterless performance

The concept doesn’t involve any filters, but this doesn’t mean that air pollutants are not eliminated or that you will alter the air quality. On the contrary, impurities will be taken down along the process, so the air will feel and actually be healthier.


The top control panel is user-friendly, guiding you through powering and setting it to work. You can pick from 3 mist levels that will regulate moistness from 40 to 60%, maintaining the optimal level that eases breathing and keeps you comfortable.

The bottom reservoir is very large, holding 2 gallons of water so that you won’t have to stress over refilling it regularly. We can’t determine the runtime, as there are several levels to set so the duration can differ. Depending on the intensity level you pick, around 3 gallons of mist will be spread daily, ensuring worry-free functioning.

Stress-free upkeep

Cleaning the basin is not complicated at all; simply remove the top part, empty the remaining water in the reservoir, and rinse clean the disc stack to ensure all the components are clean. Eventually, add some Venta’s Water Treatment Additive to the water and your device is ready to go.

If your basement is giving signs of mold and bad odor, you may have a problem with high humidity. See our choice of dehumidifiers for basement and counteract this problem before it grows into a bigger one.

Venta LW25 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Evaporative Area Coverage: 430 square feet
Tank Size: 2 gallons Runtime: N/A
Maximum Moisture Output: N/A Mist Settings: 3
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: 24 dB
Dimensions: 11.8” x 11.8” x 13” Warranty: 2 years

9. Boneco S250

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Thanks to the decalc pads, no mineral buildup will appear
👍 Since it shows current humidity, it’s simpler to keep tabs on its progress
👍 It doesn’t run dry as it turns off when there is no water left
👍 You can check the water level through the transparent tine on the front
👍 The mist is warm but it will not burn your hand if you touch it


👎 The tank is small and immediately remains empty
👎 The control buttons are not illuminated, only the humidity level on the panel is

It is recommended for use in rooms up to 430 sq. ft. and it has a 0.8-gallon tank that can deliver 1.8 gallons of mist every day. A full tank will last around 8 hours, so you will have to refill it at that point. However, as a safety precaution, the device will shut off when it runs out of water.

Germ-free mist

To ensure no impurities will be released into the air along with the vapors, the water is previously brought to a boil before being expelled into the air. However, this doesn’t mean that the resulted mist is dangerous. An incorporated fan cools it down to a safe temperature so that it can be used around children or pets without worrying they will get burned


The front control panel includes a touchscreen with pictograms that guide you through making the desired settings. It also includes a humidity indicator so you can keep tabs on the current moisture level. To ease upkeep, a special cleaning mode is available along with a reminder to add water to the reservoir when needed.

It doesn’t involve filters or pads so you won’t have to worry about purchasing or replacing any of those. For extra convenience, know that it runs quietly, at only 35 dB so it can be used in bedrooms or nurseries with peace of mind.

– Aromatherapy compatible
If you prefer, you can add essential oils to the included tray that acts as a diffuser, filling the air with a pleasant and relaxing scent

– Decalcification mode
Rid the water reservoir of lime and deposits using the included anti-mineral pads that help you handle upkeep with ease

– Generous service
For any issue that might appear, the manufacturer has you covered for 3 years after the purchase date. The period is larger than what others offer, so it’s a nice asset to have in mind.

Boneco S250 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Steam Area Coverage: 430 square feet
Tank Size: 0.8 gallons Runtime: 11 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 1.8 gallons per day Mist Settings: 2
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: 35 dB
Dimensions: 11” x 6.8” x 12.4” Warranty: 3 years

10. Air Innovations MH-701BA

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Thanks to the tall removable nozzle, the mist is sent far into the air
👍 Fully customizable, with humidistat, timer, and dual direction airflow
👍 Very attractive design
👍 Compatible with aromatic oils


👎 It tends to build up limescale inside and cleaning is not very simple
👎 It’s a bit unstable as the base is slim and the shape is elongated
👎 Users claim that filling the tank is cumbersome

The permanent ceramic filter it utilizes ensures that there isn’t the case for extensive additional investments down the road. Undoubtedly, it is among the more innovative models as it has been crafted with the expediency of the user in mind. For example, the antimicrobial reservoir and base will fresh up your home with clean and pure moisture.

Ultrasonic Technology

The large reservoir size enables uninterrupted use for 96 hours when used on the lowest setting. Thus, if you only let it run during nighttime, expect for up to 12 nights to pass before you have to refill it. Some of its main design traits include:

  • Aromatherapy – provides soothing humidification so that the whole household feels better
  • Bottom handles – carry it wherever you go as the handles are accessible at the top of the unit
  • Self shut-off once there is no more water left, it turns off to grant system longevity

The cool mist will help babies and adults with symptoms such as dry eyes, dry skin, and itchy throats. It will also encourage reduced snoring and better sleep.

Set the Timer as You Like

It lets you turn it on or off as you like. However, for added expediency and control, you can use the programmable timer to keep it working on your terms with as little hassle as possible. Its particularities are:

  • Humidistat – it will maintain the comfort levels according to your preferences with no intervention on your behalf
  • Nozzle – 15” extension nozzle protects your floors, furniture, and wooden cabinets
  • Dual directional – choose between the two positions to direct the air wherever you need it the most

Air Innovations MH-701BA Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 600 square feet
Tank Size: 1.7 gallons Runtime: 12-96 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 0.75 gallons per day Mist Settings: 5
Mist Nozzle: 15” removable extension nozzle Noise Level: 38 dB
Dimensions: 8.2” x 18.5” x 8.2” Warranty: 1 year

11. HuPro PRO-777

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Designed for large rooms that need plenty of moistness
👍 One of the most silent models that can operate in bedrooms or nurseries
👍 The ultrasonic technology creates a micron-size mist
👍 It’s safe and energy-saving as it shuts off when needed and can be programmed to work for a certain time
👍 Easy-filling through the top side or by taking out the bucket


👎 The hygrometer often goes off and shows inaccurate numbers
👎 The warm mist is not much warmer than the cool one

This one also lets you pick between warm and cool mist, so it’s simple to customize it to work to your liking. What’s more, it can turn out to be helpful all year round, as the two types of mist can aid in dealing with the unpleasantness of the cold and warm seasons.

It’s a very nice looking model, with a top-fill tank that holds 1 gallon of water. At its working rate, it is enough to cover 500 sq. ft. and run for 30 hours before requiring more water. The tank is removable for quick cleaning, ensuring no deposits and impurities will linger inside it. To guarantee maximum safety in use, an internal ionizing lamp was added, as well as a ceramic filter with active carbon and mineral pellets that eliminate any sort of contaminant.

– Ultra-fine mist: To spread the pleasant mist, the motor vibrates 2.4 billion times per minute, creating a fine fog that makes the indoor air feel more comfortable. It can help you fight allergies and irritating flu-like symptoms, restore the comfort of your home, and even protect furniture from the bad effects of dry air.
– In-built aroma box: At the bottom, you will find a drawer with a soft cloth where you can add your favorite scented oils to extend the benefits to aromatherapy.


– Whisper-quiet: In case you want to use it in the bedroom, go ahead, as it remains incredibly silent, under 30dB, so you won’t even sense it is working
– Sleep mode: for even more silence, this setting turns off any sound and light, to meet the needs of the most sensitive sleepers

Energy-saving and safe

With a 12-hour timer, it’s easy for you to set a functioning schedule during the day or night by programming it to turn off after a certain period. It also turns off when the water level is low, to ensure it will run safely.

HuPro PRO-777 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 500 square feet
Tank Size: 1.05 gallons Runtime: 30 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 250 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 5
Mist Nozzle: Noise Level: 29 dB
Dimensions: 15” x 11.4” x 10.5” Warranty: 1 year

12. Miroco MI-AH001

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 A full tank lasts for a very long time
👍 The large water inlet makes it easy to fill and clean
👍 The water level is visible through the side transparent gauge line
👍 It has a nice light that makes it double as a lamp overnight


👎 It makes a strange noise when it needs cleaning
👎 The tuning on the knob is not very fine so the mist volume doesn’t differ much from low to high

Apposite for spaces upward to 430 sq. ft., this ultrasonic model is designed to offer optimal functioning when it comes to normalizing moisture levels indoors, all while maintaining utter quietness when it runs. While other models in its price range tend to get quite noisy, this one emits a mere 26 decibels. Moreover, it features a soothing glow that is visible in the dark so that it helps you nod off faster.

Filter-Free Operation

By considering this option, you actually might end up saving time and money as its filter-free design ensures you won’t have to invest money down the road on maintenance and that you won’t waste much time on system care either. Some of the smart aspects it is packed with include:

  • Dial knob – turn it as needed to correct the mist level it produces according to your preferences
  • Refill – the large 3.5” water inlet ensures reservoir replenishing and cleaning won’t be any hassle at all
  • Indicator light – it turns red when the water point is low so that you are aware when refilling is required

As you are notified of system status, chances of it overheating are tremendously reduced, so you can rest assured understanding that you are likely to use it for years to come.

60-hrs Constant Operation

As it boasts quite a hefty reservoir volume, it can work for up to 60 hours without stopping so that your intervention is not needed as much as it is with similar systems. As it ranks among the best, it comes as no surprise that it boasts quite a few convenience-enhancing features, counting the likes of:

  • Handle – the built-in carry handle grants ease of transportation and relocation
  • Cleaning brush – clean the base with the brush to remove debris and dirt
  • Dustproof sponge – it will remove contaminants, allowing you to respire with ease

Purchase it with confidence as it comes with a 1-year assurance period. If you don’t like how it works when it arrives, you will also be covered by the 90-days money-back guarantee. Thus, you can send it back and receive a full refund.

Miroco MI-AH001 Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 430 square feet
Tank Size: 1.6 gallons Runtime: 20-60 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 300 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: Variable, turn dial knob
Mist Nozzle: 360° Noise Level: 26 dB
Dimensions: 10.2” x 7” x 16.3” Warranty: 1 year

13. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic

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13 Best Rated Humidifiers For Large Room to Fight Dry Winter Air


👍 Runs quietly so it won’t pose a disturbance
👍 The tank holds an impressive amount of water
👍 The bottom tray is ideal for adding aromatherapy to your daily routine
👍 The sound it makes while running is not disturbing by any means


👎 Users complain that refilling is difficult
👎 It lacks a humidistat so it doesn’t stop humidifying at a certain level

The high moistness production makes it suited for big areas of up to 500 sq. ft., where, on a filled reservoir and low operating setting, it can actually run upward to 50 hours uninterrupted. It runs smoothly and quietly due to the advanced mist technology. Note, however, that it works best with distilled and demineralized water.

Innovative and Smart

Up to 6 days can pass before you need to fill it with water, this low-maintenance profile making it quite an appealing option for modern folk. The filterless design it boasts is another highlight as it indicates this is an economical and sustainable model which you are sure to use for years to come. Among its main traits are included:

  • Self shut-off – activates when there the reservoir empties to grant longevity to the system
  • Essential oil tray – emits an aroma from your favorite essential oils for a more relaxing indoor ambiance
  • Whisper quiet – lets you keep it functioning at night time


This model measures 14.4” x 12.5” x 7.8” and weighs 4.2 lbs. so you can take it wherever you go. One of its more interesting characteristics is the 360 rotating spout that discharges moisture in all corners of the room. Moreover, the cool mist makes it all the more desirable to run when the hot season comes.

Compact and Helpful

The rotary knob lets you change settings with ease so that even if you are a first-time user, you won’t have trouble with the system in the slightest. The blue LED light it features makes it viable for use even when night comes. Some of its main highlights include:

  • Easy replenishment – aside from ease when this specific task is due, the tank lets you see where the water level stands to eliminate the deduction
  • Adaptable – you will be able to turn the LED light off in case you don’t want any lights disturbing you
  • Housing – durable material used ensures it won’t ever be prone to leaks

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Specifications Sheet

Technology: Ultrasonic Area Coverage: 500 square feet
Tank Size: 1.6 gallons Runtime: 24-50 hours
Maximum Moisture Output: 270 milliliters per hour Mist Settings: 2
Mist Nozzle: 360° Noise Level: 38 dB
Dimensions: 14.4” x 12.5” x 7.8” Warranty: 2 years

How to Size a Humidifier

Once you’ve decided which system fits your preferences, you need to decide whether it fits your room’s requirements. Though the main aspect that you should look for is the applicable area, you must also consider other factors that can determine how efficient the product is. You can get the highest possible efficiency from the system by looking at the following factors:


All of the models mentioned in this review have large square footage. Ranging from 200 to 4,000 sq. ft., you can surely find the one that will fit your large living space. Moreover, you will have to look at the extent of moisture it will typically add to the area within 24 hours. Remember, too much moisture can be detrimental.

Nonetheless, it’s often found that manufacturers are not truthful when it comes to the mist output. Hence, if your room measures up to 200 sq. ft., you should go for a unit that will cover around 360 sq. ft. This will ensure that the mist is diffused evenly throughout the room.

Room Insulation

These units circulate the air in a room several times per hour. Thus, the amount of air that flows into the room will determine what size unit you need. If your home is overall tight or has insulation into the walls, you will need to aim for a smaller size model than the square feet of your living space.

The opposite is for drafty homes. If you have a lot of windows and doors, the airflow will be much larger, hence, the system has to work harder. If you fall into this category, make sure to acquire a model with proper coverage.

Room Volume

You may have seen numerous charts with the same numbers if you’ve ever searched this subject before. The problem with these charts is that they are calculated according to standard ceiling heights. Recently, ceilings have been made with a height of up to 9’. Before, the standard ceiling size was 8’.

It’s obvious that every house is different, thus, you need to look at your ceiling height. If your house has a higher than usual ceiling, you will need a system with higher coverage than your home’s sq. ft. as this will ensure even coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do humidifiers work in large rooms?
Yes, as long as the mist output per hour is sufficiently high to ensure that the air in the room will increase in humidity at a good pace, the humidifier can make a difference even in a large-size room. Another element that makes a specific model better suited for large rooms is the size of the water tank – the bigger, the better. Tank size matters since you won’t have to refill it with water all that often, the unit continuing its operation uninterrupted for a longer amount of time.

What is the best humidifier brand?
There are quite a few brands that pride themselves on manufacturing superior quality humidifiers, and some of these names include the likes of:

  • Honeywell;
  • Aprilaire;
  • Aircare;
  • Levoit;
  • Pure Enrichment.

Is it bad to use tap water for the humidifier?
With most humidifiers, using unfiltered tap water is fine. Most units feature a filter of their own too, so if there were any pesky impurities in the water, these would be removed before the water is turned into mist or vapor and released into the air. However, tap water can cause mineral dust to appear on surfaces in the room. If this is an issue, you should use distilled or purified water when filling the tank.

Can it cause mold in a room?
There are a couple of circumstances in which a humidifier can lead to mold growth in the room it’s placed in, namely:

  • When you overuse it – Keep an eye on the humidity level when you leave the unit on for a long amount of time. When moisture levels normalize in the room, you ought to turn it off. Otherwise, the excessive moisture will inevitably cause mold to form since it’s the perfect environment for it to grow in.
  • When you don’t clean the tank – If you don’t clean the tank for prolonged periods and you let the water just sit in it, unchanged and unused, mold will form on the inside. When you turn the machine on, it will release mold spores into the air, which will stick to surfaces and grow. To stop this from happening, you should occasionally clean the tank with water and vinegar (every couple of weeks, preferably).

Can it cause pneumonia?
As long as you clean the humidifier regularly and follow the recommended maintenance procedures, it will not cause any breathing difficulty or health issues of any sort, pneumonia included. In fact, the appliance can help alleviate pneumonia symptoms as long as you use it properly.

Do humidifiers clean the air?
No, humidifiers don’t affect airborne allergens since these units only add moisture to the air. Their purpose is solely adding humidity to the room to provide relief from dry air symptoms like dry skin, dry hair, itchy eyes, itchy throat, stuffy nose, and so on, all without affecting air cleanliness.

Does vinegar kill mold in a humidifier?
Yes, since it is an antibacterial and antimicrobial solution, vinegar is an option that you can confidently use to get rid of mold that has formed in a humidifier’s tank and prevent it from reappearing for a considerable amount of time.

Does it help with sinuses?
When it runs, the humidifier releases small water particles into the air, increasing humidity. As you breathe in the humid air, your nasal passages and sinuses are moisturized, and symptoms like burning and dry sinuses go away. It won’t cure your sinuses, but it will make a major difference for the better since it with help with the swelling and decongesting of your nose.

Is it OK to leave a humidifier on all night?
Yes, as long as you make sure that safe moisture levels are maintained and that the air isn’t over-humidified, you can leave the unit on throughout the night. Some of the benefits that automatically come with nighttime use of the humidifier include:

  • Sleep quality improvement;
  • Faster recovery from certain illnesses;
  • No more raspy morning voice;
  • Better hydrated skin, hair, and nails;
  • Cold and flu symptoms relief;
  • Less snoring;
  • Sleep apnea symptoms relief.


As aforementioned, it’s important to keep the moistness levels on a tight rein in your home. If there’s not adequate moisture in the air, this will affect you directly, as well as the environment that you live in. Moreover, maintaining control of air quality and other aspects in a large space is basically impossible without the use of a humidifier.

This being said, let’s take a second look at some of our favorite picks and revise again their most attractive qualities.

Best Large Room Humidifier for Sale: Aprilaire 700

Suggested for use in spaces of up to 4,200 sq. ft., it’s easy to see why this is our foremost selection for large areas. Manufactured by likely the leading brand when it comes to systems that can be used in large residences and are suited for commercial applications as well, more precisely Aprilaire, you can rest assured knowing that utmost attention went into every detail the system flaunts. Moreover, a 5-year backing is provided against flaws, so you won’t pay cash out of your own pocket if anything happens in this period.

Editor’s Choice: Vornado Evap40

With two separate tanks where it holds the water that it will turn into mist and release into the air, the Evap40 is our favorite since it won’t need refilling often. Each tank holds 2 gallons of water, and it features a filter in each chamber, ensuring that the mist it releases is safe for you to inhale and won’t pollute the air in the room. Another element that caught our eye and made the Vornado an instant favorite is the intelligent comfort it provides since it senses the amount of humidity needed to uphold optimal humidity and automatically adjusts its operation accordingly.

Best Large Room Humidifier for Winter: Boneco S250

The warm mist it creates is a great helper for the cold season, as it will offer pleasant warmth that can even combat flu symptoms that are common during the winter. To extend its welfares, a fragrance container was added so you can drop a pinch of your favorite oil and scent the mist that can cover up to 480 square feet. The tank lasts up to 8 hours when full, so it can function during the whole day or you can leave it at night on the peaceful Sleep mode.

Best Large Room Humidifier with Top Fill: HuPro PRO-777

This one is particularly easy to maneuver thanks to the top-located water reservoir that can be filled with minimum hassle. Even though the bucket can be taken out, you won’t even have to stress over that, as you can simply grab the humidifier and place it under the tap or use a carafe to fill it without spilling. The large opening ensures you can quickly add 1 gallon of water that will be enough for no less than 30 hours of continuous mist.

Best Large Room Humidifier with Humidistat: AIRCARE MA1201

The humidistat is probably the most important component in any humidifier, and this model offers it so it will turn out to be practical and efficient. The digital humidistat lets you set a certain level of moisture you want to achieve, and the machine will continue to spread mist until that level is reached. When that happens, it will turn off remotely, saving you the effort of constantly checking it. It lets you set any level below 43% for the optimal living conditions and the highest comfort in your home.

Best Large Room Humidifier without Filter: Venta LW25

Many humidifiers lack a filter and that doesn’t make them less effective or potentially dangerous to your health. This outsized model rated for 430 sq. ft. boasts a rotating disk configuration that ensures water vapors are spread into the air but without any sort of impurity. The cold evaporative humidification it provides guarantees indoor impurities are naturally eliminated, so the effect is completely beneficial.

Best Large Room Humidifier for the Money: Honeywell Cool Moisture Console

For less money than the majority of its competitors, you can benefit from the ample coverage provided by this moisture-augmenting system that delivers optimal results in spaces upward to 2,300 sq. ft. (basically, it’s viable for whole-house humidification). Since the reservoir is large, you can rely on it to do its job for a 24-hour period without interruption, so it is right to expect restful nights during which the atmosphere in the room will be maintained within the optimal parameters.

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