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Medify Air MA-112 Review

S ince pollution is sadly still a top concern in every majorly populated area, air pollution devices are becoming a more and more common household appliance.

When living in a large city, simply opening the windows to air out your home can invite a number of unwanted pollutants like car emissions, dust from constructions, factory chemicals, pesticides, and just plain old pollen. But these are not all the risk factors. Having a pet also exposes you to dander from their fur, or having a freshly painted room can mean paint particles in the air you breathe. Solid particles and harmful gas in the air we breathe pose a serious threat to our health and are not to be taken lightly. And with viruses and bacteria, there’s more than meets the eye. Luckily, there are products that can make the air you breathe of top quality.

The Medify Air MA-112 air purifier is a prime example of modern technology and modern design that can make you feel as if you’re waking up to the crisp, fresh mountain air every day.

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This compact, 15.7 by 15.4 inches, 28.3-inch height unit is perfect for the average household. At 32 pounds, which would be the approximate weight of a medium-sized dog, it is relatively easy to move around the house. The color variety is the standard white or black, so it can blend in with most color schemes. The outer shell is made of high-quality plastic, coated with a gloss finish, making for a sleek, top-quality feel.


MEDIFY AIR MA-112 Spec Sheet
Area coverage 3,700 square feet
Air purification efficiency 99.9%
Filtration stages 4
Filter media Pre-Filter, H13 TRUE HEPA, Activated Carbon Filter, Ionizer
Air changes per hour 2
Air circulation
CADR rating AHAM CADR 950
Energy Star certification
Noise output maximum noise level <70 dB(A)
Filter life 3,000 hours
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 4
Size 28.3″H x 15.7″W x 15.4″D
Guarantee Lifetime Warranty
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Check Price at Amazon


Since air purifier performance heavily relies on the filters, we will discuss the type of filters it has, their lifespan, and filter precaution. As mentioned in the specifications, the MA-112 purifier has 4 types of filters, thus 4 stages of filtration.

  • The first stage implies the ‘sweeping’ of the house. The pre-filter deals with the large, visible particles like hair strands, loose clothing fibers, and any other big pollutant.
  • The H13 TRUE HEPA filter coming to action is when the 99.9% is eradicated. Particles with the size of a measly 0.1 microns are removed, along with the outside pollutants previously discussed, PM2.5 particles like car emissions, pollen, chemicals, etc.
  • The Activated Carbon filter‘s activity is probably the most noticeable of the 4 since it has to do with the odors in your home. It absorbs any uncomfortable, lingering smells, VOCs, and toxic substances, welcoming you to a clean smelling home.
  • In the last stage, the Ionizer is not a filter per se, but it does its part in air cleaning by using negative ions, which neutralize positive ion particles, making them fall on the ground to be further collected.

The lifespan of these filters is calculated as being 3,000 hours, or somewhere in between 4 to 6 months at the most. Being the only component that you need to pay special attention to (i. e. changing) you need to make sure you don’t accidentally shorten their lifespan by damaging their quality. Therefore, don’t place the air purifier in rooms where cooking with oils or grease is a common activity, and don’t place it in rooms where pesticide or fumigation treatments are in progress because the filters can get clogged, requiring an early change. Clean your unit regularly to avoid any dust build-up that could reach the filters but don’t clean with abrasive, corrosive, or flammable cleaning products. And also do not wash the filters because they are composite.

While there are common particles that every air purifier can get rid of, the MA-112 adds the following to the list: asbestos, paint pigment, pesticides, anthrax, any dust related to carbon, cigarette smoke, and virus carriers.

The air in your room can get circulated on 4 different speed settings, but in order to make your device as efficient as possible, place it with a distance of 20 inches from obstructions like walls or furniture. The AHAM CADR rating of 950 makes this the best purifier available with a below $1000 price tag.

Depending on your room size, the air change per hour can be of 2 or 4 times. More specifically, at 1,250 square feet the air changes every 15 minutes, while at 2,500 square feet it changes every 30 minutes. The maximum surface this purifier covers is 3,700 square feet, making this a heavy-duty gadget.

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Other than what we have already covered, there are a couple more features worth taking a look at.

Firstly, the touchscreen control panel is a breeze when it comes to being user-friendly, and for any setting that you might need clarifications with, the user manual has you covered.

Secondly, the filters come with a replacement indicator to make your task of changing them as easy as possible, and the aforementioned Ionizer can be optional, as it comes with an on and off button.

This can be a bonus if you have children or pets and would prefer to only keep the initial 3 stages activated. Speaking of children, the control panel also features a Child Lock option, to avoid any involuntary changing of settings while the purifier is working.

Other than the 4-speed fan settings, a timer or a sleep mode are also options with this model. You can adjust all these settings, and the dual air intake will take care of the air in the room in the shortest time.

Warranty & Support

Although the specifications say that you are presented with a Lifetime warranty, there are a few steps you must abide by for it to be valid. The most important and time concerning step is activating your warranty by registering your unit, either online or by filling a form and sending it to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase.

The risks when it comes to voiding your warranty include: not changing its filters at a maximum of 6 months (or 3,000 hours of use), not purchasing genuine filters sold by certified stores, using an outlet higher than 110V (risk of burning the motor), and tampering with the product in any way instead of contacting authorized personnel for repairs.

Within 30 days of a complaint, Medify will change your unit and reimburse any prepaid shipping fees. In case of any other questions or concerns for which you can’t find an answer in the user manual, Medify customer support is available at any time. Options of contact are through e-mail or by calling the phone number shown on their website.


Considering the mutiple setting options and filter benefits that make this device a top contender for everyone from pet owners, to parents, to smokers, and to people with respiratory difficulties, it doesn’t need a second thought about whether it is the right purchase.

With so many pollutants in our busy lives and with the possibility of their number growing, buying the Medify Air MA-112 air purifier for your household will guarantee that you will never again worry about any dust, chemical gas, or foul scent inside your home.

Landon Callahan
Landon Callahan
Landon is the newest addition to the team. He is young, curious to learn as much as he can, and willing to put in the extra hours he needs to make sure every review and article comes out perfect and contains all the important info that might interest you, the reader. Impressive despite his young age, he always tries to diversify his work and write about new types of products so that his work won’t go stale.

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