From Ice Energy, partnered with local HVAC contractor Ack-Air
Duct and supported by the Town of Nantucket Energy Office.

Before and after AC installation in Nantucket

Of 20 units, less than half remain. Replace your AC today for less cost thanks to a grant from the Mass. Dept. of Energy Resources (DOER).

Program Objectives

  • Locate and replace aging and inefficient air-conditioning compressors
  • Increase energy efficiency, improve dehumidification, and make your home more comfortable in the summer.
  • Reduce peak summer load by adopting cutting edge HVAC technology.

Program Qualifications

  • Residential and Small Commercial applications
  • 2 to 5-ton air conditioners, preferably 10 years or older
  • Central air / ducted and or ductless mini split applications

Special Offer

  • Subsidized Ice-Bear 20 replacement compressor unit for Nantucket Home owners
  • Free quote from Ack-Air to cover additional parts and labor needed to install Ice Bear 20

Limited Offer

Qualified Residences get free equipment to reduce peak period electricity use by 90%, helping Nantucket avoid a costly additional undersea cable.

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Why Thermal Storage?

Thermal Storage air conditioning helps increase the value of renewable generation by storing energy at night. Ice Energy’s thermal storage technology shifts electrical load by creating and storing ice at night. During the afternoon when demand is higher, your AC uses the stored ice to maintain comfortable temperatures. Thermal storage technology offers many benefits including:

  • Reduced on-peak electric demand
  • Lower capital costs – FREE CONDENSING UNIT!
  • Improved operational flexibility

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