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Ice Energy’s thermal batteries offer a host of benefits for utilities, businesses, governments and homeowners. They improve the efficiency and resiliency of the grid, lower cooling bills and reduce carbon emissions. Ice Energy's hard-working Ice Bear batteries have been generating news and winning awards since 2005. New Ice Bear innovations and commercial developments keep creating excitement!

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Ice Energy and NRG Energy Announce Start of World's Largest Ice Bear Energy Storage Deployment

Ice Energy, the leading provider of distributed Ice Bear battery storage solutions, in partnership with NRG Energy, Inc., announced that it will start installing its award-winning Ice Bear 30 systems on qualifying ...

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Ice Energy to Deliver Up to 100 Residential Ice Bears to Southern California Public Power Authority

Southern California Utility Group Launches Program to Deploy Ice Bear battery-Based Residential Cooling Systems Among Member Utilities.

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SEPA National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smartgrid

Washington D.C.

Grid Integration - Solar+Storage Breakout Session
July 13, 2016, 10-11 a.m. EST

The session digs into how both battery and thermal storage technologies can deliver increased value to the customer and utility through integration of solar, load management protocols, and the provision of grid services. Ice Energy CEO, Mike Hopkins, will present on “Toward Hyper-Efficient Buildings and More Resilient Grids”

Moderator: Kevin Lynn, Director, Grid Innovation, US Department of Energy

Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy
Stan Brock, Director of Utility Solutions, Sunverge
Matt Owens, Director Business Development, Stem


Ice Energy's New Residential Ice Bear battery Part of White House Initiative for Scaling Energy Storage and Renewables

Washington D.C.

June 16, 2016

Ice Energy announces the launch of a new ice-based home cooling system based on the company’s ) Ice Bear battery for commercial and industrial AC systems.  Ice Energy’s home cooling system is intended to replace the conventional home AC compressor and can cool a home for 4 hours without using any electricity to create cooling, thereby removing AC load during peak hours and reducing peak demand.


ESA 26th Annual Conference & Expo

Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Convention Center

Beyond the Peak: Storage creating grid-wide efficiency - Workshop
April 26 2016,  11:20- 12-15 pm EDT

Ice Energy CEO, Mike Hopkins, will explain how energy storage will transform the grid and enable full displacement of fossil fuel generation by renewables, including the role and benefits of thermal energy storage.


17th PLMA Spring Conference

San Francisco, Hilton Union Square

Behind-The-Meter Storage Workshop
April 18 2016, 10:00 - 11:15 am PST

Ice Energy CEO, Mike Hopkins, will participate in a Behind-the-Meter Storage Technology Panel during the pre-conference workshop. The presentation will provide information on the latest technology available for        grid-interactive behind-the-meter storage and discuss program applications, case studies, and where the state of the industry is going.

Moderator: Steven Koep, Vaughn Thermal Corp.

Paul Steffes, CEO – Steffes Corp.
Mike Hopkins, CEO – Ice Energy
Matthew Blackler, ZEF Energy / Power Over Time
Millisa Marona, Director – Utilitity & Govt Relations, Sonnen Batterie
TBD – Tesla


Yale Center for Business and the Environment


Accelerating Energy Storage Deployment Webinar
April 7, 9:00-10:am PST

Paul Gardner of DNV GL will summarize recent work by the World Energy Council on the costs and value of grid-connected energy storage, with particular reference to use with solar and wind. His presentation will discuss metrics commonly used for assessing the costs of energy storage, their advantages and disadvantages.  The importance of the ‘use case’ or ‘application case’ will be explained.
Mike Hopkins, CEO of Ice Energy, will then share one current market solution to energy storage deployment. Ice Energy has been in the business of thermal energy storage since 2003, with its product, the Ice Bear, creating and storing cooling for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Each Ice Bear is networked and fully dispatchable, and designed to be aggregated at MW scale for utilities, transforming the AC load from an uncontrolled problem into a clean, reliable, and flexible asset for the grid.

Mike will share Ice Energy's advantages over chemical batteries like lithium ion, including lower cost, higher reliability, longer life, no degradation, and no environmental issues, as well as challenges to growth in the current energy market.


We are proud to have been recognized for our technical innovations and for delivering sustainable solutions to utilities and to their customers.


Company Energy’s 50 Most Innovative New Renewable Energy Companies


Ice Energy has been recognized as one of the top 50 most innovative clean energy companies by the Energy Company. Winners were selected for their innovative products, technologies, or processes and for supporting new, affordable and clean energy resources.


Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award for Its Thermal Energy Storage Technology


Ice Energy has won a Los Angeles Business Journal Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award. The award was presented at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. Ice Energy was among 15 finalists competing for five annual awards that honor the region’s most impactful innovators. Ice Energy recently was awarded 16 contracts from Southern California Edison to provide 25.6 megawatts of behind-the-meter thermal energy storage using Ice Energy’s proprietary Ice Bear system.


Going Green Silicon Valley Global 200 Winner


The GoingGreen Global 200 winners were selected from among thousands of domestic and international technology companies nominated by investors, bankers, journalists, and green technology industry insiders. The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a rigorous three-month selection process to finalize the 2012 list.

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