Past events

AEE New England Technology Innovation Night - December 12, 2018

Waltham, Massachusetts
Ice Bear - Thermal Storage for Roof Top Units
December 12, 2018, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

AEE New England discusses the latest cutting edge technologies in the energy efficiency industry. Ice Energy speaks on the various models of its Ice Bear thermal energy storage solution that can reduce energy demand caused by air conditioning in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Chris Tomasini, VP of North East Region


World Bank International Conference on Sustainable Cooling - November 28-30, 2018

Washington D.C.
November 28, 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET
Thinking Ahead: What are the Solutions for Sustainable and Affordable Clean Cooling?

The International Conference on Sustainable Cooling brings together representatives from government, private sector, financial institutions and international organizations to discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable cooling in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and the Kigali Amendment. Ice Energy speaks on a panel to discuss the global landscape of cooling technologies, challenges, and thoughts around short and long term solutions needed for sustainable and affordable cooling.

Moderator: Toby Peters, Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
Gabrielle Dreyfus,Head of Policies, Standards and Programs, Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP)
Rushad Nanavatty,Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute
Mark Menzer, Director of Industry Affairs, Danfoss Cooling
Alex Collins, COO, Ice Energy


Solar Power International – September 24-27, 2018

Solar Power International - September 24-27, 2018
Anaheim, California
Exhibitor Booth #3721, Hall D

Solar Power International (SPI) and Energy Storage International (ESI) generate success for energy professionals and the global solar industry. SPI is the fastest growing and largest solar show in North America, and ESI is the largest energy storage conference in North America featuring over 160 energy storage exhibitors, dedicated full conference education, show floor education in Storage Central and an exclusive storage networking event. The attendees at SPI and ESI represent all segments of the solar industry, from installers, utilities, C&I, and more.


Energy Storage North America – August 8-10, 2017

San Diego, California
Markets and Drivers for Solar, Storage and Load Shifting
August 9, 2017, 2-3 p.m. PST

This hybrid session will feature three engaging presentations from industry leaders in DER business models, distributed solar+storage challenges and opportunities, and permanent load shifting through thermal storage. These deep dives will be followed by a robust panel discussion in which attendees will learn about regional market sectors, best practices in customer engagement and acquisition, and near term challenges and opportunities for customer-sited energy storage.

Moderator: Gavin Bade, Editor, Utility Dive
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy
Anne Hoskins, Chief Policy Officer, Sun Run
Thomas Leyden, Senior Director of Distributed Electricity and Storage, EDF Renewable Energy


GTM Grid Edge World Forum – June 27-29, 2017

San Jose, California
Energy Storage Technology Trends: A spirited conversation on what's hot, what's not and what we're all forgetting
June 29, 2017, 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST

Moderator: Brett Simon, Analyst, Energy Storage, GTM Research

Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy
Jordan Little, Lead Applications Engineer, SimpliPhi Power
Doug Staker, Vice President Global Market & Business Development, Demand Energy Networks, Inc.


Community Solar Value Project – June 7-8, 2017

Golden, Colorado
Community Solar Procurements, Programs and Pricing: Efficiency and Reliability – A Win/Win for Utilities and Consumers
June 7, 2017

Greg Miller, EVP Market Development & Sales, Ice Energy


West Coast Energy Management Congress – June 7-8, 2017

Long Beach, California
Flattening the Duck Curve with Ice Battery Technology
June 8, 2017, 9:30-10 a.m. PST

This presentation discusses the challenges of distributed energy resources for building owners and utilities, and explores how behind-the-meter thermal storage can provide an energy- and money-saving solution, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy


5th Annual California Energy Summit – May 16-18, 2017

Santa Monica, California
Muni and CCA Perspectives on Renewable Energy Power Purchases and Supply in California
May 17, 2017, 2-3 p.m. PST

The retail energy space in California is on the brink of fundamental change, driving a concomitant change to the wholesale power market. Over 50% of the retail load in CA might exit being directly served by utilities and opt to join CCAs, while munis and other public power entities are looking to both green their power supplies and hedge against power price volatility. This panel will discuss the prospects for procurement of wind, solar and other sources of power.

Craig Lewis, Executive Director, Clean Coalition
Greg Brehm, Director of Power Resources, Marin Clean Energy
Howard Choy, General Manager, Office of Sustainability, County of Los Angeles
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy
Jim Stack Ph.D., Senior Resource Planner, City of Palo Alto Utilities


5th Annual California Energy Summit – May 16-18, 2017

Santa Monica, California
Impacts of the Expanded SGIP Program on DER Expansion
May 16, 2017, 1:30-2:30 p.m. PST

The CPUC recently expanded SGIP program funding to the maximum extent, while also revising the rules for application and awards. How will this work in the market to increase the introduction of DERs?

Greg Miller, Executive VP of Market Development and Sales, Ice Energy
Jason Babik, SVP Strategic Planning and Business Development, CPower
Rebecca Feuerlicht, Sr. Project Manager, Self-Generation Incentive Program, Center for Sustainable Energy
Olaf Lohr, Director of Business Development, Sonnen


Energy Storage Association 27th Annual Conference and Expo – April 18-20, 2017

Denver, Colorado
Customer-Site Storage Solutions
April 19, 2017, 4:30-5:30 p.m. MST

As cost declines continue to accelerate and expanding utility programs enable storage system participation, new business models and market opportunities are becoming available. When paired with renewable energy systems, customer-storage systems are also accelerating our transition to a clean energy future.

During this session, presenters will provide real-world case studies and experience with systems operational in the field. Attendees will learn about customer-sited system design and sizing, deployment, applications, and business models.

Neil Maguire, CEO, Adara Power
Scott Hinson, Director of Engineering, Pecan Street, Inc.
Beth Reid, CEO, Olivine, Inc.
Brad Fiebig, Product Manager, Lockheed Martin Energy Storage
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy


2nd Annual Grid Modernization Forum – April 3-5, 2017

Chicago, Illinois
Energy Storage and the Integration of Renewables and DERs
April 5, 2017, 8:30-9:45 a.m. CT

There is an urgent call for energy storage to solve the challenges of variability and intermittency that accompany solar and wind generation. Grid modernization will require substantial deployment of storage resources. Innovation seems to be taking place faster than the ability to regulate it. Yet in the absence of assurances and a 15-year track record some utilities remain wary. The panel includes a utility, a software company and an early player in storage technology who will discuss their personal experiences. Key discussion points will be: 1) how new technologies are pushing the boundaries; 2) how to manage the complex integration of storage with the grid; and 3) how utility pilots are testing options to solve their own challenges, such as pairing grid storage with inverter technology.

Ryn Hamilton, President, Ryn Hamilton Consulting
David Dobratz, P.E., Supervisor, Energy Efficiency, Eversource Energy
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy
Clay Collier, Co-Founder and CEO, Kisensum


35th PLMA Conference - April 3-5, 2017

Nashville, Tennessee
The Community Storage Initiative
April 3, 2017

Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy


NY-BEST – March 8-9, 2017

Albany, NY
Innovative Storage Technologies for the Grid
March 8, 2017, 1:30 p.m. EST

Stephane Bilodeau, Ph.D, Engineer, Novacab
Li Kou, Senior R&TD Engineer, NYPA
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy


Infocast Storage Week – February 22-24, 2017

Oakland, California
Combining Solar + Storage for Residential Installations
February 24, 2017, 8:30-9:30 a.m. PST

Cindi Choi, Director, Global Strategy and Business Development, Sunpower Corporation
Jon Fortune, PE, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Market Development, Sunverge Energy, Inc.
Mike Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy


World Future Energy Summit – January 16-19, 2017

Abu Dhabi
Ice Cub Technology
Greg Miller, EVP Market Development & Sales, Ice Energy