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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices

Pedestal Fan Pointed Toward Bed

Pedestal Fan Pointed Toward Bed


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S ummer is coming. So is excessive heat that turns your house into a genuine sauna. Although an air conditioner can easily create the perfect conditions for comfortable living, it is rather expensive. Not to mention that the costs of running it make quite a difference when the bills are due, causing a significant rise. So what’s the alternative? An inexpensive, powerful, and reliable fan.

Pedestal fans provide high airflows and feature oscillating heads that ensure the circulation of the cooling breeze over large surfaces. Energy-saving, simple to use, and built with air circulation effectiveness in mind, all at the fraction of the cost of their more modern bladeless and tower-style counterparts, these fans are a must-have to beat the summer heat. You can even place one in the kitchen and use it when you cook to get rid of those pesky smells faster instead of letting them invade your home.

With a similar design yet completely different since it sprays cooling mist while running (perfect for those torrid summer days when you want to tan by the poolside), the outdoor misting fan is a product worth considering if you want to feel a truly refreshing breeze when you’re in your backyard.

Top 14 Pedestal Fans Compared

Fan Head Diameter
Speed Settings
Number of Blades
Tilt Fan Head

Best Overall
Adjustable from 42” to 54”
1 year

Best for Garage
Adjustable from 39” to 54”
1 year

Best for Bedroom
Adjustable from 28” to 40”
5 years

Editor’s Choice
Adjustable up to 6”
1 year
Adjustable from 37” to 52.5”
1 year
Up to 56”
1 year

Best for the Money
Adjustable from 37” to 53.75”
1 year
Adjustable up to 48”
1 year
Adjustable from 34” to 47”
3 years
Adjustable from 41” to 47-3/8”
1 year
3 years
Adjustable from 42” to 48”
1 year
Adjustable from 43.5” to 53”
90 days
Adjustable from 44.8” to 53”
90 days

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Pedestal Fans?

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  • Rowenta VU5670: Ultra-quiet, powerful and versatile, with a user-friendly control panel and an energy-saving function, this fan is everything you need to go through the torrid summer. The remote control provides even more freedom, while the 1-year guarantee keeps you covered against manufacturing flaws so that you enjoy the product’s benefits to the fullest.
  • Hurricane 736472: it can easily handle large rooms, whether we are talking about bedrooms, living rooms, or garages. The heavy-duty structure is made to last through humidity or sun exposure as the powder-coated finish ensures proper protection against rust. Furthermore, it features highly efficient aluminum blades and the strong motor enables it to produce an airflow of up to 4,500 CFM.
  • Vornado 783: It is powerful and effective, with 5 strong blades that thoroughly circulate the air using the latest technology. Moreover, it provides a strong airflow that makes it a good choice even for large rooms and is backed by a generous 5-year warranty.
  • KLARSTEIN Silent Storm: Boasting a robust design, this fan is your best option for large rooms. With 5 modes and 12 fan settings available, it provides the optimal versatility to meet the standards of every member of your family. Besides that, it is energy efficient, consuming less than 35 watts on the highest speed setting, so it will even help save energy compared to most of its competitors.
  • Hunter 90439: This chic, retro-looking fan will bring some color into your house and help you get rid of the insufferable summer heat. Whether you place it in the living room or the kitchen, it will keep its balance as the rubber feet keep it from sliding off surfaces. Moreover, it comes with a 3-speed motor and telescopic height adjuster so you can customize its operation exactly as you like.
  • Vie Air 18″ Stand Fan: A 3-blade fan that doesn’t come at an exorbitant price and on which you can rely for years to come considering the all-metal build it flaunts, the Vie Air is an option you ought to seriously consider. It’s quite simplistic in its design, so you won’t have trouble setting it up and using it, and it features widespread oscillation to ensure all corners of the room are covered.
  • Air King 9119: Air King is among the leading manufacturers when it comes to the production of fans, so it comes as no surprise that the 9119 pedestal-style model made an appearance in our top, ranking so high. It is a 3-speed model that produces 1,950 CFM on the highest setting, so needless to say, it fares more than decent when it comes to air circulation.
  • Honeywell HSF1640B: If you are looking for a budget option from a reliable brand, we recommend this Honeywell fan. It comes with a 1-year warranty and customer support is known to be prompt in aiding those in need with information. Plus, it is built with durability in mind and lets you adjust its height and running speed, so you can set it to meet your demands at any given moment.
  • Lasko 2521: Considering the 1,140 CFM airflow capacity of this Lasko fan, as well as the wide area it spreads the cooling breeze over, the cheap asking price, and adjustable stand height, it was bound to make an appearance in our top. Since it is made by one of the most reputable brands on the market, you are guaranteed long-lasting durability too, which is a plus on its own.
  • Comfort Zone CZST161BTE: With the useful tilting head functionality and widespread airflow granted by the 90-degree oscillation, this Comfort Zone product is an option you ought to seriously look into. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t weigh much either, which is a plus since you will be able to relocate it whenever you want without much effort.
  • Climatik CPF-100: If you seek a performant fan that can keep you cool throughout the entire summer or help you remove cooking odors or smoke from your house, all at a good price and without amping your energy bill, the Climatik CPF-100 is a smart option. Flaunting a clean look and featuring a user-friendly LED display, it is an elegant, modern, and easy-to-use solution to create comfort indoors even during the hottest summer days.
  • Pelonis FS45-18UR: Able to produce strong wind and equipped with all the necessary functions to keep your house safe and comfortable, this fan is everything you need to keep the summer sweat away. Plus, it is affordable and doesn’t draw much power when it runs, so you might even save some money in the long run if you use it rather than turning to a different product.
  • Best Choice Products SKY3865: In a nutshell, this is an affordable model with a sleek design and adjustment features that grants personalized home cooling. It includes a remote control to let you switch between settings and modes more conveniently. ETL tested, it is safe and efficient, so you can purchase with confidence.
  • COSTWAY VD-54237HW: A value deal considering the stats that it boasts and the cheap price it comes at, this Costway is a must-have if you are on a budget. It boasts a safe design that makes it a viable option for households with children, and it’s as easy to use as it gets. Reliable performance-wise and featuring a weighted base that keeps it in place, it’s an option we strongly recommend you look into before you decide.

If you seek a more efficient means to keep cool, then instead of looking into fans, you ought to opt for an AC system. See here the best portable air conditioners that you can relocate with ease from one room to another and that effectively lower indoor temperatures, guaranteeing comfort even on the most torrid summer day.

1. Rowenta VU5670

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Exceptional airflow ensures a quick, constant cooling of the room – rated at 2,436 CFM capacity
👍 Ultra-quiet operation won’t disturb you while you work or sleep your work or sleep – only 35 dB on low
👍 Adjustable stand height for customized airflow direction – from 42 to 54 inches
👍 Guaranteed to be free of defects for 1 year – otherwise, the manufacturer fixes it free of charge


👎 The grille is not removable, so it is hard to clean
👎 Remote requires a custom battery that is not included

Rowenta is well-renowned for its high-quality products and generous warranty time, and the VU5670 makes no exception. Before we dig into the stats of this product more thoroughly, let’s quickly look over some of the highlights that make it the market leader:

  • It is fitted with a sturdy base that keeps it steady while delivering a high 2,436 CFM airflow on the peak speed setting.
  • The extra-large 16-inch fan head combined with the high airflow capacity make it a reliable option for producing that soothing refreshing breeze in medium to large rooms.
  • The 5 blades that it features effectively cut through the air, pushing the heat away – and all this without making much noise in the process either (it is rated to produce only 35 decibels on the lowest running speed).
  • A feature that very few products come with yet this one sports is the 8-hour timer. With its help, you can create comfortable conditions in the room before you get home from work, for example.

Powerful Airflow

Regardless if you need to get a break from the summer heat or to quickly evacuate smoke or odors produced by different chores you do around the house, you will find the necessary power in Rowenta’s 2,436 cubic feet/min. airflow. The head oscillates to cover every corner, and you can easily change the settings from afar with the remote. You can pick between 3 classical speeds, and the additional Turbo Boost and Silent Night modes.

Airflow Direction Control

Since it lets you adjust the height of the stand from 42 to 54 inches, you can guide the airflow at the exact level you are sitting at so that your whole body is hit by the soothing breeze. The fact that it oscillates is another plus since you can set it to move from left to right when it runs, ensuring that the whole room benefits from the fan’s operation. The tilting head feature also lets you adjust the orientation of the cooling breeze, these few traits granting you full control over the fan’s operation.


It provides comfort at any hour of the day, without disturbing your work, sleep, or relaxation time, so the sound it produces is as low as 35 dB. Moreover, in Silent Night mode, you won’t hear a sound. You will only feel the fresh airwaves traveling around the room and cooling your body for a well-deserved, restful sleep.

Convenience and Warranty

The remote control helps you navigate through speed settings or operate the timer that can be set for up to 8 hours. The electronic control panel is intuitive and you will be able to figure out how it all works in no time. When it comes to the last aspect we want to discuss before ending the review, the warranty, know that Rowenta covers the product against production defects for 1 year after you acquire it.

With a modern design and just as efficient (if not more, depending on the model at hand) the tower fan is another option worth considering for pro-grade air circulation indoors and creating a comfy habitat to be in even when the temperatures go haywire.

Rowenta VU5670 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 42” to 54”
Speed Settings: 5 Number of Blades: 5
Airflow Capacity: 2,436 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 70 watts
Noise Level: 35 dB Warranty: 1 year

2. Hurricane 736472

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The powder-coated all-metal structure provides a longer lifespan
👍 High 4,500 CFM airflow ensures that it can cover large spaces
👍 Versatile, with an adjustable height and fan speed
👍 Extra-large head increases efficiency
👍 Generous 1-year guarantee


👎 A bit noisy
👎 The oscillation feature could be improved

If you seek a reliable, heavy-duty fan that can look great inside your house but also deal with the harsh conditions of a garage or workshop, Hurricane 736472, with its all-metal structure and heavy base, is exactly what you need. The head flaunts a 20-inch diameter (among the largest available) and oscillates, sending fresh air in every corner of the room. Furthermore, the aluminum blades are engaged by a powerful motor that can generate an airflow of up to 4,500 CFM at a peak of 1,400 RPM speed.

Highly versatile, it comes with a telescopic stand that lets you adjust the height from 39 to 54 inches, depending on the room size or the place where you are sitting. Moreover, you can select between low, medium, or high speed for a more efficient run.

It is covered by a 1-year assurance and comes with a powder-coated structure that will keep it rust-free, no matter where you place it, so we would say this is an excellent investment that won’t take long until it fully pays off.

Looking for a more compact solution to create that cooling breeze you like so much? Then maybe a box fan is a better-suited option for you.

Hurricane 736472 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 20” Adjustable Stand Height: From 39” to 54”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 4,500 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 140 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 1 year

3. Vornado 783

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Top-notch Vortex technology generates a performant airflow
👍 Doesn’t make much noise when it runs – ideal for bedrooms
👍 Adjustable height and 3 speeds for increased versatility
👍 Long cord for better maneuverability
👍 5-year warranty provided by the company


👎 The peak height at which you can adjust it is rather low
👎 No remote available – classic-style unit

In terms of air circulation, Vornado is undefeatable due to the revolutionary vortex action airflow. Unlike most fans that use oscillation to send cool air in as many directions as possible, the Vornado circulator functions more like an air conditioner by circulating the entire air in the room and ensuring a comfortable environment for everyone, no matter the corner they chose to sit in. Furthermore, the deep-pitched blades are enclosed in an air duct that sculpts the air into a high-velocity column and pushes it to a distance of up to 100 feet, turning this fan into a perfect solution for large rooms.

The maximum height of the stand is 40 inches, and you can adjust it down to 28 inches to make sure that the cooling breeze is released at the level you prefer in the room. Moreover, the 12-inch head tilts, so can choose the direction in which the air is sent. The grille is detachable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

The U-shaped base comes with rubber feet to keep it balanced and prevent it from scratching the floor. East to assemble and practical, it comes with a 6-foot cord that makes it easy to find a good spot for it in the room. Plus, it is covered by a generous 5-year warranty that extends upon both parts and labor, so you can put your mind at ease.

More simple to upkeep due to its design, the bladeless fan is a modern alternative to pedestal models that you ought to look into if you want a more innovative product to help with comfort enhancement.

Vornado 783 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 12” Adjustable Stand Height: From 28” to 40”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 583 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 84 watts
Noise Level: 36 dB Warranty: 5 years

4. KLARSTEIN Silent Storm

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Versatile operation granted by the 5 operating modes comprised
👍 Brushless motor provides a longer lifespan
👍 Energy-saving – evaluated at 35 watts power draw tops
👍 User-friendly, with a remote control and easy to use LCD
👍 12 fan speeds for optimal customization


👎 Poor assembly instructions
👎 It makes a noise every time the head oscillates

Beautifully designed, with a sleek black finish and a large 16-inch head, this fan will bring a cool, refreshing breeze into your house without messing with your carefully arranged décor. A built-in, auto-dimming LCD screen is at your disposal for quick speed adjustments and, for even more freedom, a battery-powered remote control is included. You will be able to choose between 5 operating modes, cleverly thought out to cover as many situations as possible. These modes include:

  • Natural mode: This is the strongest of the bunch, when it runs in this mode the fan generating a powerful airflow to easily cool a large room of up to 850 square feet.
  • Night mode: While it runs in this mode, the automatic shut-off timer is activated for added energy efficiency, and the unit produces as little noise as possible too.
  • Quiet mode: When you select this option, the noise is reduced to a minimum (32 dB) to create perfect conditions if you intend to sleep, work, or study in the same room with the fan.
  • Comfort mode: The speed is automatically adjusted according to current conditions in the room to preserve an optimal temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit tops.
  • Classic mode: Pick the speed and just let the fan run as it normally does.

Rely on it to produce a hefty 4,600 cubic feet per minute airflow when you use it at its peak capacity performance-wise. Thus, you can see why a lot of customers have chosen to even use it in garages and similar large spaces where air circulation needs are significantly more serious. A remote control is included that you can use to conveniently change settings from afar.

The robust base ensures perfect balance, while the telescopic stand lets you adjust the height by up to 6 inches. The head is flexible with a tilting and oscillation function that ensures an even distribution of cold air. Moreover, it is energy-saving, with a maximum power draw of only 25.8 watts. Worthy to mention as well, the 1-year guarantee covers both the brushless motor and components.

KLARSTEIN Silent Storm Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: 4,600 CFM
Speed Settings: 12 Number of Blades: 5
Airflow Capacity: N/A Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 25.8 watts
Noise Level: 32 dB Warranty: 1 year

5. Hunter 90439

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Onyx copper finish provides a nice retro look
👍 Easy to adjust, with a rear-access speed selector
👍 All-metal structure for added durability
👍 The oscillation function ensures an even distribution of cold air
👍 A telescopic height adjuster lets you pick the height at which the airflow is released


👎 It may sound loud to some users
👎 The cord is running outside the stand

Industrial décor is trending again, so why not add a bit of heaviness to your favorite room? Hunter 90439 flaunts an onyx copper finish and matte black legs to create the perfect retro atmosphere. All-metal, and equipped with rubber feet that provide great stability and prevent it from slipping on bare floors, you can put it on any surface without worrying that it might leave marks or scratches when you slightly move it around.

The 16-inch diameter head can be tilted and it also oscillates if you choose to activate this function, ensuring that the cooling breeze is directed as you like in the room. The powerful motor engages the 3 metal blades, generating an excellent airflow that can cover any medium or large room.

It comes with a telescopic stand that allows you to regulate the height between 37 and 52.5 inches. Moreover, although it is all-metal and seems heavy, it is easy to maneuver and put together, so you will get it set and ready to work in no time. The warranty is active for 1 year and covers both labor and components. Plus, the price is fair, and it is energy-efficient, so we would call this a good long-time investment.

Hunter 90439 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 37” to 52.5”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 2,000 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 45 watts
Noise Level: 60 dB Warranty: 1 year

6. Vie Air 18″ Stand Fan

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Wide oscillation ensures that you will feel the cooling breeze no matter where you sit in the room since full coverage is guaranteed
👍 Since it weighs a mere 16.2 pounds, moving it from room to room won’t be much of a hassle
👍 Resilient all-metal construction – it stays in top-notch condition even if you bump it
👍 3 variable speed settings let you customize its operation as you see fit
👍 Due to the tilting head feature, you can direct the airflow wherever you want to


👎 The stand tends to slide down a bit when you touch the fan
👎 Some users had issues putting it together because of the vague assembly instructions

With a simple yet elegant design, this Vie Air product is what any modern space needs amid those hot summer days when a gentle cooling breeze in any indoor area is mandatory for comfort. The build is all metal, which is a plus since it ensures stability and long-run durability, bumps and knocks not having a damaging effect on its construction as easily as they do with cheaply made products.

Since it is made with durable materials, it’s normal for it to weigh a bit more compared to similar products. However, considering that it weighs 16.2 pounds, you surely won’t break your back moving it from one room to another whenever you need to. It is rated at 130 watts, and considering that it is rated to produce 4,460 cubic feet per minute on the highest setting, there’s no denying that it will make a significant difference when it comes to indoor conditions.

This 18-inch fan is fitted with 3 blades, hence the higher airflow capacity that is generally typical for products with this specific design. Just like its better-ranked counterparts, it features widespread oscillation. Thus, the cooling breeze it produces will be felt in all corners of the room to ensure that no matter where you sit or how you move around, it will reach you.

Another feature that you will surely benefit from considerably is the tilting head since it lets you position the fan as you like to direct the airflow where you need it most, optimizing its operation. There is a total of 3 speed settings that you can pick from with this product, so you are granted full control over how hard the wind blows.

We also like that the stand height can be adjusted to 56 inches tops, so you get to set it as high or low as you prefer depending on how you want the breeze to blow in the room. Before we end analyzing the Vie Air, we must also mention that the manufacturer covers it against defects for 1 year after you make the purchase.

Vie Air 18″ Stand Fan Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 18” Adjustable Stand Height: Up to 56”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 4,460 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 130 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 1 year

7. Air King 9119

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The tilt-back head lets you direct the airflow where you need it most
👍 The rear-mounted dial controls make operating it a breeze even for first-time owners of a fan
👍 The 90-degree oscillation guarantees that the cooling breeze is felt throughout the whole room
👍 Draws from 83 to 114 watts when it runs – energy-efficient operation
👍 Backed by a 1-year warranty against defects


👎 It is a bit wonky, wobbling a bit and having issues with stability when it is touched
👎 Gets quite noisy when you set it on the high speed setting

A brand that needs no introduction at this point considering the wide range of high-quality products it has released, Air King stands behind designing the 9119 model, a fan that you can rely on to provide a comforting cooling breeze and help you get through the toughest summer days. There are 3 speeds that you can pick from (low, medium, high) so that you match the airflow to how hard you need the breeze to blow at any given moment. On each setting, the unit flaunts different specifications performance-wise too, namely:

  • On low: 83 watts power draw; 0.59 amperage; 1,380 CFM airflow; 800 RPM motor speed
  • On medium: 85 watts power draw; 0.67 amperage; 1,680 CFM airflow; 950 RPM motor speed
  • On high: 114 watts power draw; 0.85 amperage; 1,950 CFM airflow; 1,100 RPM motor speed

The telescoping stand is yours to customize as you like in regards to height – set it from 37 inches to 53.75 inches. The cord measures 6 feet in length, so it’s unlikely that you will need extension cords to set it up in the spot you want in the room seeing how there’s enough space between the unit and the outlet you plug it in.

This is a 90-degree oscillating model that you can either let run with this function turned on, or block it in the non-oscillating position of your choice if you want to fix the airflow in a specific direction. Speaking of, since the head tilts, you have further control over the direction in which the cool breeze goes.

It is fitted with 5 blades that have an 18-inch diameter and are made with polypropylene. In front of the blades stands a powder-coated steel grille, while in the back they are encased with a plastic grille. It produces an estimated 43 dB on the lowest running speed, so you will barely be able to hear it (this is quite an advantage considering that you might want to leave it on while you nap, or set it up in the office, a room where you need silence to focus on your tasks).

The motor that stands at the core of this unit and makes the blades move so efficiently is a 1/20 HP, 1-phase, permanently lubricated split capacitor model that doesn’t need any maintenance in the long run. In what concerns backing, the manufacturer has the product covered against defects for 1 year as of making the purchase.

Air King 9119 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 18” Adjustable Stand Height: From 37” to 53.75”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
Airflow Capacity: 1,950 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 114 watts
Noise Level: 43 dB Warranty: 1 year

8. Honeywell HSF1640B

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The head tilts and oscillates at a wide angle, being able to cover large spaces
👍 Easy to control either using the built-in electronic panel or the remote control
👍 The 8-hour timer reduces the risk of overheating and prevents energy waste
👍 Easy to clean due to the removable grille


👎 Some customers complained that it is too powerful, even on the lowest speed setting
👎 Poor assembly instructions

Honeywell is already a renowned brand among appliance manufacturers and highly popular on the market due to its fairly-priced products. This model is one of its best, as it comes with a strong and stable base and a large 16-inch oscillating head, and was specially designed to cover medium to large spaces. It is fitted with 3 blades and the stand can be adjusted in height to a maximum of 48 inches. Moreover, it features 3 speed settings that allow you to customize the airflow by choosing between Normal, Natural, and Quiet.

Besides the 3 speed settings, it features 3 breeze modes as well, namely the Breezy, Variable, or Constant option. To control these settings, you can either use the control panel that is located at the front of the unit, or the remote control that is included with the package. Plus, you can let it run in the evening to keep you cool during sleep and program the fan to stop after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of operation.

Since it is rated at 35 watts power draw, you can rest assured knowing that you can run it for as long as you like without this causing a significant increase when the energy bills are due. It is among the quieter models available, therefore suitable for bedrooms. Plus, you won’t have trouble keeping it clean seeing how the grille is removable to provide easy access when upkeep work is due.

Honeywell HSF1640B Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: Up to 48”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: N/A Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 36 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 1 year

9. Lasko 2521

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 Blue Plug safety fuse technology adds to the product’s safety in use
👍 Weighs only 9.25 pounds, making your job of relocating it effortless
👍 Lets you adjust the height from 34 to 47 inches – a wide range to pick from
👍 Controls for the speed settings and oscillation are positioned at the rear of the unit


👎 The breeze it produces isn’t as powerful as some expected (although expected considering the asking price)
👎 Flimsy build as opposed to its more expensive counterparts

Among the lightest products in our top, and thus one of the easiest to relocate from room to room depending on where you sit to benefit from its cooling breeze, this Lasko unit made quite an impression on customers who have previously acquired it due to its powerful airflow and cheap asking price. It weighs only 9.25 pounds, so you can see why we emphasize the fact that it’s lightweight, being a cinch to move it around when and how much you want.

The peak airflow it produces is 1,140 cubic feet per minute, sufficing for a medium-sized room where the air easily gets stuffy. You have control over the stand’s height seeing how you can adjust it from 34 inches to 47 inches depending on how you want to direct the air in the room. Since we’re on the topic of airflow direction control, we must highlight two features that add to this customization aspect of the fan, namely the fact that it features wide-area oscillation (choose to either turn it on or off) and a tilting head.

This 16-inch model features 3 paddle blades, which explains the fairly large airflow capacity. It is rated at 120 watts, so while it might not be the most energy-efficient option of them all, it won’t draw an absurd amount of power when it runs either. The Blue Plug safety fuse gives you peace of mind even when you let the unit run while leaving home, ensuring that no unwanted incidents occur in your absence.

The manual controls for the speed settings and oscillation function are positioned at the back of the fan’s head for easy access. We must praise the fact that the manufacturer grants a 3-year warranty for this product, so whatever defects appear while the agreement is active are handled by the company free of charge.

Lasko 2521 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 34” to 47”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 1,140 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 120 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 3 years

10. Comfort Zone CZST161BTE

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The 75-degree oscillation ensures that the breeze produced reaches all corners of the room
👍 The large-size blades guarantee superior airflow – you feel the difference in terms of comfort as soon as you turn it on
👍 The collapsible legs make it a perfect solution for those who live in small condos since it won’t take up much storage space
👍 Allows height adjustment from 41 to 47-3/8 inches
👍 5-foot long power cord makes it unlikely that you will ever need extension cords


👎 Not the sturdiest build – avoid knocking into it
👎 The instructions regarding assembly are incomplete

This Comfort Zone model is an option worth considering if your budget is tight since it sports impressive stats that make it quite similar to its more expensive counterparts, all at a fraction of the cost. However, considering that its peak airflow capacity is 445 CFM (when set on the top speed setting) it is a better-suited option for smaller-sized rooms like the kitchen or nursery.

It is rated at 50.5 watts, so in terms of energy efficiency, no model can compete with it, drawing little power when it runs so that you can even leave it on most of the day without worrying about costs when the bills are due. The 3-speed push button controls provide an intuitive means to customize the running speed of the fan as you like at any given moment.

It lets you adjust the height of the stand from 41 inches to 47-3/8 inches, and you can even adjust the head since it is a tilt model, directing the airflow where you want it to go. Speaking or directing the cooling breeze, you can choose to let it oscillate so that the whole room benefits from the fan’s operation, or you can pick the non-oscillation option and freeze the fan head in the specific direction you want the breeze to flow in.

The cord is 5 feet long, so chances are that you won’t need extension cords to place it where you want in the room as opposed to the closest power outlet. It is fitted with a 2-prong safety plug that is polarized with a safety fuse, ensuring that accidents won’t happen when it runs unsupervised.

A design aspect that you will surely be fond of stands in the collapsible legs that let you reduce it to a very compact size when you are done using the fan and want to put it back in storage. Lastly, we must mention that the product is backed against defects for 1 year, so whatever manufacturing issues arise within this period are handled by the company, Comfort Zone, free of charge.

Comfort Zone CZST161BTE Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 41” to 47-3/8”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 445 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 50.4 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 1 year

11. Climatik CPF-100

Check Price at Amazon

14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The powerful 55-watt motor moves the 3 blades, guaranteeing a hefty cooling breeze is created in the process
👍 Powder-coated metal grille for increased durability
👍 Use the included remote to change settings without moving from the couch
👍 Wide 80-degree oscillation ensures cool air for the entire room


👎 The light produced by the display is too bright
👎 The user manual is not included

Modern and with a clean look, CPF-100 is a great solution for small to medium spaces, as it will easily fit in a tight corner. The robust 55W motor engages the 3 blades to produce strong wind, while the 16-inch tilting head with an 80-degree oscillation function ensures proper air dispersion throughout the entire room. Depending on your preferences and the temperature in the room, you can choose between low, medium, and high speed, adjusting the noise level and power consumption pace as well in the process depending on the setting you choose.

Another practical feature is the touch-screen LED display that is intuitively designed and allows you to easily control the fan functions. A multifunctional remote control is included, so you can easily set the settings from your couch or bed. Easy to assemble since no tools are needed for the job, it can cool the air in your house in no time. Furthermore, the metal grille is powder-coated for extra protection against corrosion and rust.

Likely its most interesting feature is the timer that lets you pick beforehand the duration of the fan’s operation to save on operating costs. Last but not least, we mention that the product is backed by a 3-year warranty against defects, keeping you from wasting money when repairs are needed.

Climatik CPF-100 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: N/A
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 5
Airflow Capacity: N/A Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 55 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 3 years

12. Pelonis FS45-18UR

Check Price at Amazon

14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The remote control helps you adjust settings from afar
👍 A sturdy base provides stability throughout the entire cooling process
👍 Tilt and oscillation functions let you direct the airflow as you prefer
👍 Affordable and backed by a 1-year warranty
👍 Overheat protection keeps you and your house safe


👎 A bit noisy, with a maximum noise level of 55 dB
👎 Cannot control oscillation settings with the remote

If you are looking for an option to keep your entire family cool over the summer, this model, with its wide 80-degree oscillation angle is exactly what you need. The large 18-inch head tilts and oscillates so every corner of the room gets the perfect amount of fresh air. Moreover, you can adjust the stand’s height from 42 to 48 inches so the breeze disperses at an optimal level. With a strong, heavy-duty base that provides stability even when the unit runs at the highest speed and built-in overheat protection, it provides consistent and safe cooling.

It features 3 speed settings that can be easily activated from afar with the help of the included remote control. Furthermore, a user-friendly panel is at your disposal so you can navigate through settings even if you happen to misplace the remote. Other practical features are the auto shut-off and the timer that can be set to power it down within an interval of 0 and 7.5 hours.

The high-quality motor provides great power, engaging the blades to produce strong wind for the whole room. Plus, the 1-year warranty and the good price are other attractive features that should be considered, which, combined with the excellent quality make this product highly popular among buyers.

Pelonis FS45-18UR Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 18” Adjustable Stand Height: From 42” to 48”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: 1,890 CFM Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: N/A
Noise Level: 60 dB Warranty: 1 year

13. Best Choice Products SKY3865

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 The dual-blade design ensures superior airflow capacity for immediate cooling effects
👍 Included remote control lets you operate the unit from afar
👍 Use the timer to save on running costs – set it from 0.5 to 7.5 hours
👍 Adjust the stand height to direct the breeze as you like – set it from 43.5 to 53 inches
👍 Comes at a cheap, affordable price


👎 The warranty is only 90 days long
👎 The lights are bright and can be distracting during the night

The most interesting aspect with this fan stands in the dual-blade design, meaning that it engages 3 small and 3 large blades to provide a hefty airflow that will make an instant difference when it comes to comfort levels even during the most torrid of days. The 16-inch head inclines and oscillates, spreading the refreshing breeze throughout the entire room.

It features a telescopic height adjuster that spans from 43.5 to 53 inches and lets you pick the height at which the cooling breeze is sent into the room. Moreover, navigating through settings has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly remote control. With it, you can control the unit from afar, turning it on or off, picking the speed, mode, activating the oscillation, and even setting the timer.

Whether you need it to run during the night so that you are kept comfortable and cool during sleep, or you want to find a perfect corner of coolness in your house after doing some errands through the hot summer air, you will find a mode that suits all of your needs. Not to mention that you can set the timer to power it off after 0.5 hours to 7.5 hours tops, so it doesn’t consume more power than necessary.

Best Choice Products SKY3865 Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 43.5” to 53”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 6
Airflow Capacity: N/A Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 60 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 90 days

14. COSTWAY VD-54237HW

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14 Best Rated Pedestal Fans for Homes and Offices


👍 An electronic timer helps you save power
👍 ETL approved and safe to use around children
👍 Dual blade scheme produces higher airflow
👍 3 speed choices and 3 operating modes allow you to select the perfect wind strength


👎 Warranty is only 3 months long
👎 Some users reported issues with the assembly process

The 90-degree oscillation, a strong-built remote control that permits you to navigate through fan settings from a range of up to 3.3′, and a digital LED display turn this fan into a high-quality, user-friendly unit, perfect for large rooms and families. It features an on/off switch, so you won’t have to unplug it each time you leave the house. Moreover, you can use the timer for customized wind blow sessions as it allows you to automatically turn the fan off after 0.5 to 7.5 hours.

The telescopic stand lets you find the perfect level at which the wind should blow, letting you set the height from 44.8 to 53 inches. Just as important when it comes to air direction control is the fact that you can tilt the head and that you can opt for the fan’s head to oscillate or stand still.

The sturdy base ensures it won’t wobble, no matter if you decide to run it on the low, medium, or high speed setting. Plus, the dual-blade design provides a more powerful airflow, so you can place it in larger spaces like your living room or office. The front fan cover is fitted with metallic rings that prevent shocks and pressure while keeping children from getting hurt since they won’t be able to access the blades.

It is one of the most energy-efficient models available, so you won’t spend a fortune on the electric bills even if you run it for most of the time. There are 3 modes provided to pick from and style the fan’s operation to the occasion, namely the Regular mode, the Nature mode that grants rapid cooling or quick elimination of bothersome cooking smells, and the Sleep mode that delivers the cooling breeze while keeping a lower noise level.

COSTWAY VD-54237HW Specifications Sheet

Fan Head Diameter: 16” Adjustable Stand Height: From 44.8” to 53”
Speed Settings: 3 Number of Blades: 3
Airflow Capacity: N/A Oscillation:
Tilting Head: Power Rating: 60 watts
Noise Level: N/A Warranty: 90 days

Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan

Back in the day, a fan’s single goal was to create some airflow in the chamber and keep away the overwhelming summer heat. People weren’t thinking about looks, noise, or smart features, and things went on perfectly for a while. However, the technological boom targeted these characteristics and many others, and the big companies proceeded to improve both the style and the functions of these units.

Nowadays, the offer is broader and you can choose between 4 main fan types, specifically tower, pedestal, ceiling, or floor, depending on your preferences, space, and fan’s purpose. However, two of them have proven to be more appealing to buyers due to their performance and smart technology, so, in this article, we will focus on comparing pedestal and tower fans.

Style and Purpose

Before diving into complex comparisons, let’s take a look at how these fans work and what is different about them in terms of style and functionality. For instance, both use strong motors to engage blades and produce a strong breeze inside the room, but the contrasts appear when we look into the way they disperse the air and the strength of the airflow they produce.

  • A tower fan has vertical blades that swing at the base, being able to blow out air only at a 90-degree angle.
  • On the other hand, the pedestal unit consists of a base, a stand, and a head, most of the action taking place on the upper side.

The motor rotates the blades at high speeds, drawing the air through the backside and pushing it out through the front of the fan. As a rule, stand fans can generate stronger airflows, so they are more fitting for large-size rooms or workplaces. However, tower models come with a sleeker design and are quieter, which makes them better for bedrooms or smaller spaces.

The tilting design and oscillating head allow stand fans to cover larger portions of the room. Thus, they are more efficient when it comes to providing that cooling breeze you seek and removing unpleasant smells. Other uses include recirculating heat in winterdo this by turning the fan’s head toward the ceiling where the warm air tends to rise. On the other hand, tower models are more compact and lightweight. You can relocate them more easily to keep foul smells and moisture from affecting different areas of your home.

Features and Functions

A function that is common for both models is oscillation. However, the difference is better observed in the broadness of the oscillation angle, which is considerably higher in pedestal units. In this case, the oscillation implies the motion of the entire head, so the airflow reaches a vaster area. Tower fans feature inside oscillation that is safer since there is no large-size moving part that could hit other objects if not properly position. Woefully, room coverage isn’t as ample, which is a minus.

Other features that should be examined are height and the possibility to adjust it. Most stand versions come with telescopic adjusters that allow you to easily expand or decrease the fan’s height. Moreover, they are usually taller than their tower counterparts. But, if we consider how compact tower fans are and how lightweight their structure is, there are other tricks that you can turn to and solve the issue with this difference. For example, they can be placed on the floor, on a stand, on the table, or in any other place where we need the cool breeze most. Not to mention that their compact design makes them perfect for tight spaces where a pedestal fan would hardly fit.

Although both variants feature smart functions like timers, LCD screens, overheat protection, different speed settings, and working modes, tower fans have a bonus function, and this consists of air quality improvement. Many of them come with filters or ionizers that remove allergens, dust, and odors, creating a more comfortable environment for users who suffer from allergies.

Price and Operation Cost

With both types, the prices vary depending on quality, functions, and brand. For example, a fan that comes with built-in lamps is more expensive and costs more to run as well. However, if you were to compare the average price, pedestal types tend to be cheaper than tower models. And, since they don’t need to constantly run a purifying function, they consume less power, so the operating costs are lower.


In the end, it all comes down to budget and necessities. No matter how much you like the way a tower-style model looks and the functions it is fitted with, if you have a large space that you want to circulate the air in, you are better off with a pedestal model instead. On the other hand, if the rooms are small and you want a fan that won’t only produce the cooling breeze but will clean the air in the process too, the tower model is your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the number of blades matter?
A fan with a lesser amount of blades – 3, for example – turns faster if the motor is strong, which means that the wind chill effect it creates is more powerful. On the other hand, a model with more blades (let’s say 5), if it isn’t well designed, it won’t cut through the air as effectively, so the airflow produced won’t match expectations. Instead of putting an accent on the number of blades, you should look into the stats specified for the product to figure out how qualitative it is – airflow capacity is the main aspect that you should check.

What brand produces the best pedestal fans?
There is no single answer to this question since there are multiple brands that produce high-end fans which customers have come to appreciate for their efficiency in air circulation and their durability. These brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Rowenta;
  • Vornado;
  • Lasko;
  • Honeywell;
  • Air King.

Is running a fan all night expensive?
Generally, fans do not draw a lot of power when they run, so it’s an inexpensive appliance that you can use as your heart desires. There are differences according to the type of fan discussion, however. For example, DC fans are significantly more energy-efficient than their AC counterparts (especially the older models). The DC models might cost more upfront as opposed to AC fans, but they cost less than a penny per hour to run at the highest speed. Thus, the initial investment is worth the hassle.

Is it bad to sleep with the fan on?
While you might be tempted to do this because of the cooling breeze the fan produces that is bound to help you fall asleep faster, not to say the soothing white noise that the spinning blades produce, it’s contraindicated to leave the fan on during nap time for several reasons:

  • Allergies: The more it runs, the higher are chances for it to circulate dust and pollen in the air, triggering allergies in sensitive individuals. If you inhale these nasty allergens, your sleep will inevitably get interrupted by some unpleasant symptoms like an itchy throat, sneezing, and breathing difficulties, to name a few.
  • Congestion: As the air constantly circulates, your throat, nose, and mouth will inevitably dry out. The immediate side effect of this occurrence is excess production of mucus. To alleviate the congestion, you ought to use a humidifier in concomitance with the fan and hydrate properly.
  • Muscle pain: If the circulated air is directed toward your body while you sleep, your muscles will inevitably get tense or even crap, causing you to wake up with muscle pain and soreness. What you should do is direct the fan away from your body so that the air won’t blow directly on you.
  • Dry skin & eyes: The air blowing directly on you will lead to your skin and eyes drying out. There is a fix for these unpleasant symptoms, namely moisturizing your skin and using eye drops. However, ideally, you shouldn’t let the fan blow on you so long that this occurrence takes place.

Are curved or straight blades better?
To answer the question, we must first understand the difference between the blade designs. Curved blades produce significantly less noise, while straight blades guarantee maximum performance in terms of air circulation. Performance-wise, straight blades are better, but if you are easily bothered by noises, then your better-suited option is the curved blade, hands down.

Is it more cost-effective to run a fan or an AC?
It costs approximately 14 cents per hour to run an AC, whereas fans can cost even less than a cent per hour. Obviously, it’s considerably cheaper to run the fan rather than the AC. However, when you need to decrease the temperature indoors, the air conditioning system remains your best option instead of the fan that solely circulates the air rather than cooling it.

*Tip: Run the fan and AC concomitantly to cut on running costs when you want to make thermal comfort at home during scorching summer days. The fan will disseminate the cool air the air conditioning system makes, so you can set the AC temperature higher to obtain the same outcomes when it comes to comfort. Doing so will lead to decreased energy bill expenses.

Does a ceiling fan use more energy than a pedestal fan?
The answer depends on the exact models that you are comparing. While pedestal fans generally consume 30 to 55 watts, ceiling fans can consume from 30 to 85 watts, depending on how new they are (the newest models are designed with energy efficiency in mind, for this reason consuming an estimated 30 watts when they run). So, there’s no fixed answer to this question since both are equally energy-saving as long as they belong to the newer generation of models that are intended to consume as little power as possible.

What is the two-fan trick?
A little-known trick to cool a room without windows is to place two fans in the ideal positions for them to produce a cooling breeze. What you ought to do is angle a fan toward the ceiling and the other toward the doorway. The fan that faces the ceiling will circulate the hot air that has risen to the ceiling, while the other fan will push the hot air out the door and out of the room, helping lower the temperature in the process.

Does putting a wet towel over a fan make it cooler?
Yes, it does make a difference for the better since the generated breeze will be significantly cooler. Another trick is to put a bowl of ice water in front of the air so that the circulated air is cooler.


Once you’ve bought a pedestal fan, your house will never be the same. No more hellish summers, with days that seem to never end, nights filled with sweat, and unbreathable air. All you need to do is pick a highly qualitative model, and we’ve gathered the best of them. All of the products here are reliable and sturdy, with strong airflows and backed by generous warranties. Plus, they come at variate prices to match every pocket.

However, the best fit is usually a matter of taste and necessity, so we recommend you take a second look at the following products that differentiated themselves through some specific qualities:

Best Pedestal Fan for Sale: Rowenta VU5670

Ultra-quiet, with a maximum noise level of 35dB, it is a popular option for bedrooms and offices since it provides a 2,436 CFM peak airflow without disturbing your nap or work time. The telescopic height adjuster helps you create the perfect cooling path, while the oscillation setting spreads the breeze throughout the room so your whole family can enjoy it. Nonetheless, it is not only highly performant but user-friendly as it includes an intuitive control panel and a remote control.

Editor’s Choice: KLARSTEIN Silent Storm

If you are looking for a versatile fan, then you will surely appreciate Silent Storm’s 12 speed settings and user-friendly control panel that allows you to keep everything under control. The head inclines and oscillates, and will cover rooms as large as 850 square feet. Additionally, it features 5 operating modes, including a nighttime mode with an auto shut-off timer to chill the room without getting you a cold or wasting energy.

Best Pedestal Fan for Bedroom: Vornado 783

It doesn’t only include a revolutionary vortex technology that pushes the cool air over a distance of up to 100 feet, but the whole sturdy structure and powerful engine are protected by an excellent 5-year warranty. Another attractive feature is the quiet run that lets you place it close to your bed or couch – it produces only 36 dB when it runs! Besides that, it is simple to assemble and clean, thanks to the removable fan grille that offers access to the blades so you can effortlessly dust them.

Best Pedestal Fan for Garage: Hurricane 736472

It features an all-metal structure and a solid base that ensure perfect balance no matter the selected speed. Powder-coated for better rust resistance, and provided with a large 20-inch head, this model is perfect for large rooms, garages, greenhouses, or workshops, as it can deliver an outstanding airflow to keep these spaces cool. Moreover, the blades are made of aluminum, so they are more efficient and durable than regular plastic blades.

Best Pedestal Fan for the Money: Air King 9119

When it comes to price and quality, the best deal is this Air King fan that produces a whopping 1,950 CFM airflow on its peak setting at a fraction of the cost that other models are available for. What adds to its appeal for those who seek a value deal is that it doesn’t draw much power when it runs either since it is rated at 83-114 watts depending on the speed it runs at. Best of all, it doesn’t make much noise either – at around 43 dB on the low setting, it’s a fan that you can work or sleep in the same room with.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
Our resident expert in all things AC-related, Markus is a never-ending source of knowledge regarding how these systems work. What makes him so savvy in this field is his direct experience that he acquired while working in sales. The connections he made during that period also came in handy here as Markus knows a lot of experts in this field. With each article uploaded, he makes sure to gather the expertise of his more experienced ex-peers as well, making sure to provide readers with reliable reviews and articles.
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