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Markus Mackay

January 25, 2021

Chromotherapy Sauna – Color Therapy Explained and Benefits

A common feature in infrared saunas, chromotherapy is said to have multiple health benefits for those who use it right. But what are these benefits and what color settings should you use to benefit from the therapy to the fullest? Learn more about this topic here so that you better understand the importance of color light therapy and know how to use it.
January 18, 2021

12 Best Rated Fireplace Inserts With Modern and Exclusive Design

Want to keep warm and cozy in a stylish and modern manner when the bad weather comes? Then check out our selection for the best fireplace inserts and get yourself one right now.
January 17, 2021

11 Most Popular Electric Fireplace Stoves

Heating is compulsory during the wintertime. If you have not already decided what's the best option, you might consider the electric fireplace stoves, as they are effective, practical, easy to use and care. Plus, they have a great design and offer a cozy indoor ambiance.
January 16, 2021

11 Most Popular Ventless Tabletop Fireplaces

Keep warm and add an interesting decorative element to your living room or any other space in your home with the addition of a ventless tabletop fireplace. Small yet effective, it's a must-have in any modern household.
January 16, 2021

10 Best Rated Ventless Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Fireplaces might be stylish and effective, but they are dangerous and harm the environment. If you are looking for a smarter solution to keep warm, a ventless gel fuel fireplace is your right pick.
January 7, 2021

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for Crawl Space – In-Depth Reviews

If the crawl space of your house isn't vented or if you have vents yet condensation still builds up, it means that you are in need of a little extra help only a crawl space dehumidifier can provide in order to keep mold and mildew at bay and normalize moisture levels in the air.
January 5, 2021

10 Best Rated Dehumidifiers – Get Rid of Moisture Quickly

Excess moisture is a real reason for concern, being the primary indicator that mold and mildew are preparing to make an appearance. Once they do appear, your health and the health of the other household members is put in great danger. Fortunately, the perfect solution for dealing with excess moisture already exists, this solution being the dehumidifier. This appliance effectively lowers humidity, ensuring a complete protection against the side-effects of dangerously high levels of moisture.
December 26, 2020

6 Best Rated Vertical Window Air Conditioners to Cool a Room Quickly

With the differences in temperature that tend to be more and more dramatic, every house needs an AC unit. Useful in both cold and warm weather, these devices are ideal if you want to quickly make the temperature in your house comfortable while keeping the bacteria and unwanted allergens away.
December 24, 2020

8 Best Rated Smallest Window Air Conditioners You Can Buy

Beat the summer heat with a window air conditioner. The models selected by us are small yet very powerful. We compared them for you, so take a pick at their specifications and get the one that fits your window and the room size.
December 18, 2020

9 Best Rated Through The Wall Air Conditioners for a House

An AC unit is indispensable to your house, regardless of how and where you choose to install it. Less obtrusive than its counterparts, without getting in your way, nor bothering you in any way, a through-the-wall unit will match your requirements regardless of how hot the summer days are.
February 22, 2020

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Long gone are the days when you sweat your way through summer as AC systems provide immediate cooling to help make the temperatures bearable. But what makes them tick? How do they work? What makes them so effective? Learn the answers to all of these questions related to AC operation here.
February 10, 2020

How Long Should You Sit in a Sauna?

The sauna might be beneficial for your health, but it can all turn bad in only a few minutes if you don’t pay attention to the clock. Yes, overusing the sauna can be dangerous, and if you want to know what is the right amount of time to spend in the sweat room, first read this article before you get inside uninformed.
March 6, 2018

Tyent UCE-11

When you seek out the best product in any given niche, expect to pay a pretty buck for it. This is the case with the Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer as well, but considering the plentiful pH setting options, thorough filtration, and lifetime warranty, it is worth every cent if you truly seek a high-performance appliance that will last you a lifetime.

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