Look deeper.

A free ice bear is just the beginning.

Genbright provides the Ice Bear unit at a discounted price and installation is provided by your local, qualified contractor.

Homeowners can receive a new Ice Bear energy storage and air conditioning unit with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

Homeowners will receive energy cost savings by replacing older less energy efficient air conditioning equipment.

Homeowners participating in the program help postpone costly undersea transmission cable investments.

The hottest technology

also happens to be the coolest.

Ice Bear works with ductless mini split and ducted air handler systems. Ice Bear technology freezes simple tap water at night and then uses that ice to cool your home during the peak energy demand hours of the day. It’s simple, efficient and green. Watch the video below to see how it works—and how you will save.

Working with the Nantucket Community

Part of the Town's Beat the Peak initiative for the island of Nantucket is to promote and incentivize the installation of innovative solutions like solar pv and the Ice Bear energy storage systems to reduce peak energy usage and postpone costly undersea transmission cable investments which are disruptive to the island economy, precious land and sea life.

Ice Bear technology is quiet, eco-friendly, unobtrusive, automatic and maintained by your local contractor. This solution reduces peak demand without sacrificing homeowner cooling comfort during the hottest and most humid days of summer.

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For more information on the Nantucket Ice Energy Project please call 1 (833) 423-2665

Chris Tomasini
VP of North East Region
Ice Energy

Office: (833) 423-2665

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Energy Coordinator
Town of Nantucket
2 Fairgrounds Road

Office: (508) 325-5379

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Managing Partner
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