Ice Energy is a Southern California Edison Energy Solutions Provider delivering distributed, grid-scale, thermal energy storage solutions to manage peak HVAC load and improve energy efficiency. The  program provides qualified SCE commercial, industrial and retail customers free, fully installed HVAC systems coupled with Ice Energy’s Ice Bear® energy storage solution.

Program Benefits


The value of an average project to program participants exceeds $100,000 in installed HVAC and Ice Energy’s Ice Bear energy storage systems.


Peak HVAC energy costs are reduced by 95%. Ice Bear thermal energy storage solutions require no utility interconnect; no rebate applications, financing or shared energy savings are required.


Keeping air conditioning compressors offline during the peak reduces wear and tear on HVAC components, extending equipment life by 5 years and reducing maintenance costs.

Program Origins

Retiring Coastal generation sources

Due to the retirement of the San Onofre nuclear generating station and the retirement of other coastal generation sources the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) authorized Southern California Edison to procure between 1400 and 1800 Megawatts of electrical capacity. The procured resources were required to be located in constrained areas of Orange County to ensure adequate available capacity and ensure the safety and reliability of the local electrical grid. The CPUC stipulated that at least 50 Megawatts of the capacity required to make up for the retired generation sources must be provided by energy storage resources.


Ice Energy awarded contracts totaling 25.6 MW

On November 5, 2014 Southern California Edison awarded Ice Energy sixteen contracts to provide 25.6 MW of energy storage using Ice Energy’s Ice Bear product line of thermal energy storage solutions designed for commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Ice Energy will deliver up to 1,800 of its award-winning Ice Bear batteries to the first 300 qualified Orange County businesses and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 200,000 tons over the life of the project.

Our company

Ice Energy’s vision is to dramatically reduce consumption of electricity during peak demand periods thereby lowering business energy expenses, improving the grid reliability and enabling the expanded use of renewable energy sources.


Ice storage is a clean, reliable and least-cost distributed energy storage solution for your business. Since 2005, Ice Bears have been installed in more than 40 utility services, transforming inefficient and polluting air conditioners into efficient and clean cooling systems. With more than 36 million operating hours, the Ice Bear solution reliably benefits both utilities and the customers they serve. Ice Bear batteries improve the efficiency and resiliency of the grid, lower cooling bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Our Ice Bear solution successfully serves more than 40 utility services recording in excess of 36 million operating hours.


The Ice Bear is a smart, distributed thermal battery that seamlessly integrates with your building’s cooling system and addresses the needs of commercial, industrial and retail customers. The Ice Bear 40, our commercial Ice Bear battery, attaches to 4-20 ton commercial AC units. Our advanced, 24-7 monitoring and control system ensures your HVAC and Ice Bear energy storage systems are performing optimally at all times.

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