Ice Energy is a Southern California Edison Energy Solutions Provider working with Orange County area businesses to lower peak energy use by removing older, inefficient air conditioners and replacing with new, high-efficiency HVAC systems coupled with Ice Energy’s award-winning Ice Bear® thermal energy storage solution.


The program provides free, fully installed HVAC units.

Working together

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California Ice Energy works closely with Orange County businesses, property owners and property management firms to reduce HVAC capital and operational expenditures.

The goal of Ice Energy’s Keep Your Cool program is to reduce peak electricity use by identifying businesses with older, inefficient air conditioning units and replacing with free, high-efficiency HVAC systems coupled with Ice Energy’s award-winning thermal energy storage solution.

The additional benefits of the Keep Your Cool program are extended life and reduced maintenance for your HVAC assets and significant reductions in your business’s peak electricity costs.


Reduce Your Costs & Help Your Community

  • Replace older, power hungry A/C units free of charge
  • Lower your energy costs with higher efficiency air conditioning units
  • Store cooling energy at night when rates are low
  • Reduce peak HVAC energy consumption by 95% using stored cooling energy
  • Extend the life of your HVAC assets by 3 to 5 years
  • Help your business and community reduce peak energy use

How Does My Business Qualify?

  • Your building height is 3 stories or less
  • Your building has 4 or more rooftop package units
  •  Contact Ice Energy to schedule a free survey

“As a Southern California Edison energy services provider, Ice Energy is committed to significantly lowering energy costs for Orange County businesses.

Our Keep Your Cool program immediately benefits qualified OC businesses by providing free, fully installed HVAC and energy storage solutions and reducing HVAC peak energy use by 95%.”

- Mike Hopkins
CEO of Ice Energy

  • Contact us today to qualify for this limited time program.

For more information on the KEEP YOUR COOL™ program please contact:

Tony Huffman
Director of Site Acquisition

1575 Sunflower Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626