Program Includes

Free Air Conditioning Units

Program includes free, fully installed high-efficiency HVAC systems and Ice Energy’s award-winning energy storage solution.

This is our first energy storage project launching a new era
– Utility 2.0 – for the city of Riverside.

- Girish Balchandran, general manager for Riverside Public Utilities.

Working together

Riverside Public Utilities works together with local businesses and building owners to remove older inefficient air conditioners and replace with new, high-efficiency HVAC systems AT NO COST TO BUSINESS OWNERS.

The new HVAC systems are linked with the award-winning Ice Bear® thermal energy storage solution to further reduce electricity costs for your business. All at no cost to qualified Riverside businesses.


Keep your cool and your cash

  • Replace older, power hungry AC units free of charge
  • Lower your energy costs with higher efficiency air conditioning units
  • Store cooling energy at night when rates are low
  • Reduce peak AC energy consumption by 95% using stored cooling energy
  • Help your business and community reduce peak energy use

Does My Business Qualify?

  • You are a Riverside Public Utilities customer
  • Your building height is 3 stories or less
  • Your building has 2 or more rooftop package units
  • You like receiving free, fully installed AC and energy storage units worth $50,000 or more

    Please provide your information below and one of our representatives will contact you.

For more information on the Riverside Public Utilities Free HVAC and Thermal Energy Storage program contact:

Andrew Chang
Riverside Program Manager

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