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Puroxygen P500 Review

W ith pollution on the rise, more and more people are leaning towards buying air purifiers. They provide clean, breathable air, and thanks to recent advancements – they are quiet and don’t take up much space. They also have multiple setting options and features, and perform better than any open window ever could when it comes to providing fresh air.

This is the exact case of the Puroxygen P500. This 6-in-1 unit is extremely capable, doesn’t require much when it comes to maintenance, and is easy to set, so you can turn it on and go about your day without a care.


The unit has a glossy, modern design and a touch control panel display on top. On the side, there is a buckle that helps with opening the cover when replacing the filter. The package comes with a remote and a replacement filter, so for about 200 dollars, you’re looking at 12 to 16 months of continuous use.

If this is your first time purchasing an air purifier, you don’t need to worry about how complicated it is to start it up. Even without prior experience, the P500 is user-friendly and can be up and running in about 5 minutes. The size is not overwhelming either. At 13.07 x 6.65 x 20.16 inches and 9.92 lbs, it can be comfortably placed in any room and even in an RV.

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Puroxygen P500 Spec Sheet
Area coverage up to 550 square feet
Air purification efficiency 99.97%
Filtration stages 6
Filter media Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Activated carbon filter, Cold catalyst, Ionizer, UV light
Air changes per hour 2
Air circulation 123.6 CFM
CADR rating 123.6 ft³/min
Energy Star certification
Noise output ≤61dB
Filter life 6-8 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 3
Size 13.07″ x 6.65″ x 20.16″
Guarantee 1 year
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Check Price at Amazon


In terms of performance, this unit has an advanced 6-Stage air purification system and an air circulation of 123.6 CFM, which ensure that the air you breathe is clean in an area of up to 550 square feet. It’s composed of:

  • A pre-filter, the first step, responsible for catching the particles of 1 micron, or larger. It also acts as an enhancer for the next filter.
  • A HEPA filter, the eliminator of 99.97% of the 0.3 micron-sized particles, and also 95-99% of the below 0.3 ones. From pet dander to dust, it’s all efficiently picked up.
  • A porous carbon filter, with a wide surface, for all uncomfortable odors and pesky VOCs that linger in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else. No more unpleasant smells the moment you return from a long workday.
  • A low-temperature catalyst, with the purpose of decomposing any harmful gases present in the air. By decomposing them, this catalyst is, in fact, disinfecting the air you inhale.
  • An ion generator, which neutralizes common allergens (pollen, dust, mold spores, etc). Any excess positively charged particles are counteracted with the help of this generator (which produces negatively charged ions) and thus fall on the floor to be pulled in by the device.
  • The last stage is a UV light, also a disinfectant, but the difference with this one is that it is on the germ specter. If in the air pulled by the purifier there’s a chance of germ, bacteria, or virus presence, when they pass by the UV light they are irradiated and eliminated. This is an especially great bonus if you or any family member are immuno-deficient or have any respiratory issues.

When the time for filter replacement comes, you should turn off the unit and unplug it, pull the filter cover down, switch out the filter with the replacement one, and put the cover back. To reset the indicator just press the timer and power buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. It is also recommended to clean the pre-filter by either gently vacuuming it or exposing it to direct sunlight for 1 to 3 hours.

The P500 is virtually silent, with the 3 speeds to choose from, the lowest comes to ≤61dB. The design of the fan blade impeller contributes to the silent operation due to it being made by injection molding. What this means is that it cuts air sharply to reduce noise and it is also more durable.

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To access its features you can use both the touch control panel or the remote controller, for easier reach. On them, you will see options for the Automatic Mode, Sleeping Mode, and adjustable fan speed. The Auto Mode has 2 settings (timer for 1 hour or 12), during which you can turn on the Child Lock feature to prevent any tampering. The child lock also works for pets, in case they touch it in any way.

The LED lights can be activated to act as a night light, and during Sleep Mode the device turns them off for a comfortable rest. Sleep Mode also turns the fan speed to the lowest of the 3-speed options, to keep your environment quiet and peaceful.

When it comes to indicators, the P500 has 2. One to detect the air quality and one to detect when the filters need to be changed (somewhere between 6-8 months). The air quality PM2.5 indicator shows up in 4 color options on the purifier’s display:

  • Green – excellent air
  • Blue – good air
  • Yellow – medium air
  • Red – poor air

Warranty & Support

The warranty that this PUROXYGEN air purifier comes with is of 1 year. For the 30-day guarantee to get your money back in case of any problems, or for any further questions, the customer support team is available via the e-mail address provided in the user manual or on their website. You can also follow the website instructions to register your product. The PUROXYGEN team prides itself on an A-class service.


In case you are searching for a new, efficient, silent, and conveniently sized unit, the P500 air purifier might just be the right answer for you. The 6-Stage cleaning process combined with the comfortable features, like the automatic and sleep settings and night light options, are all your house needs to make sure you’re breathing an air of the best quality. And on top of it all, the remote control makes its use that much more comfortable. Keep your mind at ease and your lungs comfortable by purchasing your newest air purification unit.

Landon Callahan
Landon Callahan
Landon is the newest addition to the team. He is young, curious to learn as much as he can, and willing to put in the extra hours he needs to make sure every review and article comes out perfect and contains all the important info that might interest you, the reader. Impressive despite his young age, he always tries to diversify his work and write about new types of products so that his work won’t go stale.

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