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Trying to save on your air conditioning bill? We have good news for you! You no longer need to sacrifice your family’s comfort to save money and protect the environment. Ice Energy’s home Ice Bear AC and AC modifications provide 24/7 efficient cooling for your home and can cut your bills by up to 40%! You start saving from day one and your carbon footprint melts away as your Ice Bear comfortably cools your home. No reason to sweat next summer’s bills!

Stay cool

Your Ice Bear makes ice during off-peak hours when rates are low and your home draws cleaner electricity from the power grid. When demand goes up and peaker power plants generate more carbon-intensive electricity, your Ice Bear battery switches its compressor off and uses the stored ice to cool your home. The results? You cut your peak electricity use by 95% without breaking a sweat.

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Enjoy up to 40% savings

Less is more

Ice Bear’s efficient cooling technology starts by reducing your overall energy use. It also stores energy when rates are low, and discharges when rates are high, so you use less and cheaper electricity. It all adds up to a lower bill!

$0 down

In some areas where air conditioning stresses the grid, Ice Energy partners with utilities to provide homeowners with low cost Ice Bears. Elsewhere, you can take advantage of clean energy incentives like the federal Income Tax Credit and the California Self Generation Incentive Program to save on equipment and installation costs. You start saving from day one with an Ice Bear!

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You are doing the right thing!

Your Ice Bear battery is much more than a money-saving machine. It is also a green way to cool your home and a smart way to support your community.


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Ice Energy and utilities partner to provide you with low cost Ice Bear units. Elsewhere additional federal, state and local incentives are available. Call your utility or contact us to see what programs and rebates are available in your area.

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Home Developers

Ice Bear batteries are a great way to enhance the value of new homes. Ice Energy is working with home builders to bring Ice Bear’s savings and comfort to more homeowners worldwide. Please contact us if you’d like to integrate Ice Bear batteries in your projects.

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