It’s Like An Ice-Powered Battery

Ice storage is a clean, reliable and least-cost distributed energy storage solution for the grid. Since 2005, Ice Bears have been installed in more than 40 utility services, transforming inefficient and polluting air conditioners into efficient and clean cooling systems. With a reliability record in excess of 98%, they benefit both utilities and their customers. Ice Bear ACs and modifications improve the efficiency and resiliency of the grid, lower cooling bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Powered by ice

Ice Bear charges by making ice during off-peak hours and discharges by using the stored ice to cool buildings during peak hours. Our smart Ice Bear battery reduces peak cooling electricity by 95% for up to 6 hours a day, every day.

How it works

The Ice Bear is a smart, distributed thermal battery that seamlessly integrates with a building’s cooling system and answers the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers. Ice Bear 40, our commercial Ice Bear battery, attaches to 4-20 tons commercial AC units while Ice Bear 20, our home battery, integrates with ductwork or ductless mini-split systems inside new or existing homes.

Ice Bear 40 – Designed for commercial and industrial applications

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Ice Bear 20 – Designed for residential applications


Ice Bear 20 connects to a ductless mini-split system inside the home


Ice Bear 20 connects to the ducting inside the home

Ice Bear 20 combines Ice Energy’s patented thermal storage technology with integrated cooling. When dispatched to provide cooling, it turns its compressor off and uses the stored ice to cool your home for up to 4 hours — consuming only 5% of the electricity usually required.

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Inside Ice Bear

Smart Grid enabled

Ice Bear is equipped with a CoolData® Controller enabled and bi-directional communications technology to provide real-time visibility and control.

Remote Monitoring
Ice Bear is fitted with sensors that remotely monitor the performance of each unit.

  • Coolant systems pressure
  • Ice Temperature
  • Control housing temperature
  • Outside ambient temperature
  • Ice Bear components
  • Supply and return air temperature, on either side of the air handler
  • Indoor thermostat
  • AC compressor on/off status

Remote Controls
Operating instructions and needed adjustments can be sent remotely

  • Dispatch Ice Bear to make or melt the ice
  • Set or modify charge/discharge schedule
  • Control how much cooling is provided and for how long
  • Update software and upgrade firmware to roll out new product features and fixes
  • Control and dispatch additional demand-response assets

The Ice Bear network is a secure, private wireless network with end-to-end encryption. Servers and databases are located behind firewalls that use security best practices.



Control dashboard

The Control Dashboard provides cumulative and real-time system performance data from aggregated and individual Ice Bear units. It also allows customers to remotely control Ice Bear and any additional demand-response assets that are connected to it.

Why Ice Bear?



Two way communications allow real-time control and monitoring of each individual unit or groupings of units. Most fixes, software upgrades and firmware updates can be performed remotely. End-to-end data and network security provide additional peace of mind.



Ice Bear storage is commercially-proven. Since 2005, our smart thermal batteries have logged over 34 million operating hours with a reliability record in excess of 98%. Our thermal batteries were built to last and require minimal maintenance.



Ice Bear batteries cost less than half of lithium ion batteries of the same capacity on a life-cycle basis. They can eliminate the need for expensive peaker plants, and new transmission and distribution upgrades. Customers save up to 40% on their cooling bills too.



While chemical batteries degrade over their relatively short life, our Ice Bear batteries last at least 20 years and suffer no degradation, regardless of use. They can be fully charged and discharged every day for up to 20 years without any capacity loss.



Ice Bear storage is available for both commercial and residential applications. Utilities can dispatch individual units, custom groupings or fleets, and schedule them for permanent load shifting or for real-time dynamic load optimization.



Ice storage firms solar capacity and makes productive use of solar over-generation. Unlike chemical batteries, Ice Bear batteries can work with solar for the entire life of the solar assets, and do so every day, at the full rated capacity of the Ice Bear batteries.



By eliminating the need for fossil-fuel “peaker” plants and supporting renewable energy, Ice storage reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40% and NOx emissions by up to 56%. Unlike chemical batteries, it does not use any hazardous or toxic material, and does not create any end-of-life disposal issues.



Ice Bear storage provides air conditioning savings to businesses and homeowners, and generates long-term business opportunities for local HVAC contractors. It integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and enables a cleaner, more efficient power grid for the community.


Ice Bear is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into a building cooling system

  • Ice Energy works with select certified HVAC contractors in your area. We supervise and coordinate the installation to give you peace of mind.
  • In residential applications, Ice Bear simply replaces the compressor unit that sits outside the home.
  • For commercial and industrial buildings, Ice Bear attaches to one or more 4-20 ton commercial AC units and can be installed on rooftops or on the ground.



Operations & maintenance

Ice Bear storage is a commercially-proven and reliable technology that has been deployed in more than 40 utility territories with a reliability record in excess of 98%. Each Ice Bear battery is designed to last 20 years and requires minimal maintenance. A smart-grid controller monitors the system’s performance, controls its operation and allows for most repairs and fixes to be performed remotely. Our thermal batteries are backed by Ice Energy’s comprehensive warranty.

Acquire Ice Bear


Fleets of Ice Bears can be purchased as grid assets or via power purchase agreements (PPA). Ice Energy is already working with more than 40 utilities and is looking forward to providing clean, reliable and cost-effective storage to more grid partners.

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Businesses & Government

Building owners have access to Ice Bears at no cost in areas where Ice Energy has developed ice storage programs with utilities. They can also purchase Ice Bears directly from Ice Energy or through its partners, and benefit from clean energy incentives.

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Ice Bear is now available to homeowners in areas where Ice Energy has developed ice storage programs with utility partners. Direct purchases are available in California now and will be available for all homeowners in the United States in early 2017.

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