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Toppin TPAP002 Air Purifier Review

W hen you find yourself in the search for an air purifier, there might be way more options than you thought, all at different prices, sizes, features, and all with different performance. It can be quite confusing, and maybe even overwhelming. But, if the top qualities you’re looking for include small-sized, affordable, and efficient, we’ve got just the product for you.

The Toppin TPAP002 has all that and more. From extra features to budget-friendly replacement filters, all are on the list of reasons for which it should be your top choice.


This air purifier has a compact design that is pleasant to look at and also a light option for nighttime. At only 3.2lbs and 6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3 inches, it can be moved around effortlessly during cleaning or if you choose to change the room location.

The product comes with an adapter that can be found inside the purifier, in the middle of the filter. Upon finding it, you’ll notice that the filter has a plastic bag cover on it. Be sure to remove the bag before turning on the device, otherwise, it can cause malfunctions.

Your color options are white or black, which makes it easy to integrate with any interior design.

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Toppin TPAP002 Spec Sheet
Area coverage up to 160 square feet
Air purification efficiency 95%
Filtration stages 4
Filter media Nano-Silver coated Pre-filter, H11 HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon filter, UV light
Air changes per hour 3
Air circulation 63.56 CFM
CADR rating 108m³/h
Energy Star certification
Noise output < 55dB
Filter life 3-6 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 3
Size 6.3′ x 6.3′ x 9.3′
Guarantee 12 months
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Toppin TPAP002 Air Purifier

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Before plugging in the TPAP002, set in on a safe, level surface and check to have a distance of at least 1 foot from any wall or other possible obstruction. When turned on, the inbuilt 3-layer air filtration system starts to work on freshening the air in the room, ridding it of any dust, pollen, dander, and other common allergens. It also deals with any unpleasant or persistent odors, like cat litterbox or cooking and tobacco smells. With up to 160 square feet area coverage and a 108m³/h CFM CADR rating, you can rest assured that your air will be clean and circulated in no time.

From the innermost layer to the last, the filtration system is made of:

  • an Activated Carbon filter – which captures unwanted odor
  • an H11 HEPA filter – tasked with capturing 95% of 0.1 micron-sized particles
  • and a Nano-Silver coated Pre-filter – which traps larger particles

The fan speed has 3 options to choose from. The Low Speed has a matching low noise level of <37dB, while the High Speed doesn’t go over 55dB. Customize the settings considering your air quality and the space you’re using the purifier in – the recommendation is to start on High and switch after half an hour to Medium or Low.

The filter life varies depending on how often you run the purifier and how low the air quality in the room is. For optimal performance, you should replace the filter every 3 to 6 months, which will cost less than $20. When doing so, always have the purifier unplugged. This also applies to moving or cleaning it, since you should periodically and carefully brush any dirt or dust off the device.

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When it comes to its features, the device has button controls, an indicator, an extra air cleaning component, a nightlight, and a fragrance sponge. The two buttons in front are one for fan speed and night light, and one for power and UV light. The indicator reminds when it’s time to change the filters.

Right in the middle, the TPAP002 also has a UV light. This UV light’s purpose is to disinfect the air by inactivating airborne pathogens, bacteria, mold, and more. When the air is pulled in it passes by the light, goes through a germicidal irradiation process, and comes out germ-free. The light is hidden because direct exposure, for even a few seconds, is damaging.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for the purifier’s other function, which is the blue light that you can turn on as a night light when it gets dark. To use the fragrance sponge just press the cap on the top to remove it, choose your preferred essential oil, and drop a little inside. Put the cap back on and turn on the purifier. The air will be a clean delight.

Warranty & Support

Toppin offers a 1-year warranty, and a 30-days money-back if you are not satisfied with the product. In case of a return, the item must be unused and in the exact condition in which it arrived, including having the original packaging. The receipt is needed as proof of purchase. For any question or technical issue, Toppin provides lifetime service support. Send them an e-mail at the address provided on their website and expect a 24-hour response rate.


With all these great features and the compact size of the Toppin TPAP002, you can make this under $60 investment without a second thought. It is comfortable in more ways than one and it will clean your air of dust, pollen, pet hair, kitchen smells, and bacteria so that you can enjoy your home even more than before. The moment your package arrives is the moment you say goodbye to common allergens and the spring sneezing fits.

Landon Callahan
Landon Callahan
Landon is the newest addition to the team. He is young, curious to learn as much as he can, and willing to put in the extra hours he needs to make sure every review and article comes out perfect and contains all the important info that might interest you, the reader. Impressive despite his young age, he always tries to diversify his work and write about new types of products so that his work won’t go stale.

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