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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews

Under Sink Water Filter System

Under Sink Water Filter System


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A fter the Flint incident, people all over the U.S. have realized that trusting the work done by municipality might not always be the right answer. Water is something that we cannot live without. We need it for hydration, cooking, cleaning, and washing. But it is not a matter of quantity alone as the quality of the water counts just as much, if not more, reliant on the use you intend for it and the specific pollutants that alter it.

Lead is the main water pollutant that caused the whole crisis situation in Flint, but there is a whole range of contaminants that you have to keep an eye out for. These impurities won’t only alter the taste and smell of the water, but when you wash with it or drink it, you expose yourself to a range of health issues. Some of these harmful common water pollutants and their side effects include:

  • Aluminum: Levels above 0.1 ppm give the water a weird, unnatural color.
  • Arsenic: Has both cancerous and non-cancerous health effects. The non-cancerous health effects include neurological issues, pulmonary issues, immunological issues, endocrine disruption effects, and cardiovascular issues. However, what is worse is that it leads to cancer of the skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, and bladder.
  • Barium: When concentration levels are above 2.0 mg/L, this particular contaminant causes increased blood pressure, damage to the liver, kidneys, spleen, and heart, stomach irritation, heart rhythm changes, breathing difficulties, and brain swelling.
  • Cadmium: The maximum accepted level is 0.005 mg/L. The short-term health effects of ingesting cadmium-infested water include vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, nausea, renal failure, and muscle cramps. The long-term health effects of hydrating with water that contains this pollutant include blood, bone, kidney, and liver damage.
  • Copper: When found in above 2.0 mg/L quantities in drinking water, copper causes anemia, kidney failure, liver poisoning, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, and abdominal pain.
  • Fluoride: When levels exceed 2.0 mg/L, it causes pitting of children’s teeth, teeth mottling in children under 9 years old, and skeletal fluorosis.
  • Lead: Levels above 0.1 mg/L produce harmful health effects, children being more at risk than adults. Some of these effects include brain, kidney, bone marrow, red blood cells, and nervous system damage, as well as decreased growth and reduced intelligence in infants.
  • Nitrites/nitrates: Most of the health effects of this particular pollutant affect infants under 6 months old, the most dreaded issue that can emerge being methemoglobinemia, which is known as blue baby syndrome.
  • Mercury: When present in concentrations that exceed 0.002 mg/L, mercury can lead to permanent brain and kidney damage, it negatively affects developing fetuses and causes unwanted effects on the way our brains function, leading to memory issues, hearing and vision problems, irritability, and tremors.
  • Radium: When levels exceed 1 Bq/l for radium 226 and 0.1 Bq/l for radium 228, people who consume the water are at bigger risk of developing cancer.
  • Selenium: In levels over 0.05 mg/L, it causes hair and fingernail damage, fatigue, irritability, and peripheral nervous system damage.
  • Uranium: When concentrations are higher than 0.030 mg/L, it can lead to kidney toxicity and increases the risk of developing cancer.

To fix these issues, you require a successful filtration means set, and, in this article, we will explore the capabilities of under-sink water filters. More convenient installation-wise as they are hidden from view and don’t need much space either, they offer the profit of pure potable water at the faucet. Their proficiency is comparable to that of whole-house systems, the sole dissimilarity standing in the detail that their action affects a single tap, rather than the entire house.

As more research has gone into development, their efficiency in pollutant removal has grown as well, and hereafter, we will present you with what we view as the most valuable models at the moment.

If you want to have clean, uncontaminated water pouring from all the faucets in your home, explore the best whole house water filters for well and install one to never have another water purity issue.

Top 12 Under Sink Water Filters Compared

Contaminants Removed
Filtration Stages
Filter Life

Best Overall
600 gallons
6 months
1 year

Editor’s Choice
1,500 gallons
Chlorine, chloramines, taste, odor, and more
6-12 months
1 year
2,000 gallons
Chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and more
1 year
5 years
Lead, chlorine, and other contaminants
1 year
1 year
Over 1,000 contaminants
6-12 months
1 year

Best for Hard Water
50,000 gallons
Heavy metals, chlorine, sediment, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste, odors, algae, molds, and more
5 years
5 years
Over 100 contaminants
6-12 months
1 year
1,600 gallons
99.99% of contaminants, including lead, heavy metals, chlorine , chromium 6, mercury, rust, and more
2 years
2 years

Best for RV
500 gallons
Chlorine, sediment, cysts, mercury, VOCs, and more
6 months
2 years
300 gallons
Pharmaceuticals, VOCs, lead, chlorine taste and odor, and other contaminants
6 months
2 years
2,000 gallons
Chlorine, sediment, VOCs, lead, TDS, and more
6 months
1 year
550 gallons
Over 99.9% of viruses, cysts, bacteria, lead, chlorine, sediment, and more
6 months
Satisfaction guarantee

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Under Sink Water Filters?

*Click on the name of a product to jump straight to its full review!

  • Aquasana AQ-5300.56: Manufactured to handle a wider range of pollutants that most water purification systems, this Aquasana under sink model is, hands down, the best money can buy. It’s easy to install, a procedure that you won’t have trouble taking up on your own, and it doesn’t affect the speed with which water comes out the tap in the slightest.
  • Pelican PDF-1500: The only real competitor for the Aquasana entry we and many experts regard as the best under sink water filter system, the Pelican PDF-1500 is an acquisition you surely won’t regret. Aside from the fact that it reduces chlorine levels drastically, improving the taste and odor of the water as a result, it eliminates other 60 contaminants that lurk in it too. So, if you want to make sure the water you drink and use for food preparation is pure, this might just be the right filtration solution to opt for.
  • Home Master TMAFC Artesian: This Home Master RO under sink model is just as efficient at cleaning municipal water as it is for well water, so regardless of your water source, you can’t go wrong with this specific purification system. Moreover, when it comes to reducing total dissolved solids, no other filter system can match it since it boasts a 98% efficiency.
  • APEC WFS-1000: If one of the main culprits for the poor quality of your drinking water is chlorine, and you don’t have TDS pollution to deal with, this APEC under sink filter system is an option worth taking into account. It’s easy to set up (follow the instructions closely and you won’t have any problems in this department), and routine replacement is needed on an yearly basis, which reduces upkeep costs.
  • iSpring RCC7: Just like the Home Master TMAFC Artesian, this is a reverse osmosis system that you can count on to reduce chemicals, total dissolved solids, and heavy metals from your tap water. However, unlike the aforementioned system is comes at a much cheaper price, which makes it a more tempting option for customers who are on a budget.
  • CuZn UC-200: If you seek a water filter system that won’t require you to do filter replacement too often, this high capacity CuZn model is what we definitely recommend. It flaunts a bacteriostatic design that amps its efficiency since bacteria and germs don’t develop inside the cartridge, it’s easy to install, and it is as effective as it can get when it comes to reducing water hardness, an issue that woefully a lot of households are confronted with.
  • Express Water RO5DX: It might not be a breeze to install, that’s for sure, but what is guaranteed is that this Express Water filter system will give you a run for your money. It produces 50 gallons of clean water per day and does magic when it comes to reducing total dissolved solids, and all this for a fair price. Needless to say, the fact that extra filters are included at no extra cost is a plus on its own since it spares you of a few bucks you would have spent on routine maintenance work.
  • Frizzlife MK99: With a high flow rate of 2 GPM and a staggering water pollutant re3moval rate of 99.99%, it comes as no surprise that the Frizzlife filter system made it to our top. Although it does a more than honorable job at reducing various contaminants, the one major pollutant it is revered for combating is lead, which we all know how dangerous it gets when ingested.
  • Culligan US-EZ-4: Effective for softening water just as much as it is effective when it comes to chlorine removal, this Culligan system is worth acquiring regardless of the source of your water, whether it’s the well or the municipal system. It doesn’t cost much upfront, which is a plus, and replacement filters are fairly inexpensive too, so it’s a budget-friendly option you surely shouldn’t overlook.
  • GE GXK285JBL: With cheap replacement filters and not costly upfront either, this GE water filter makes for a good purchase if you are on a budget yet still want to drink water that doesn’t taste and smell like chlorine, and that is free of heavy metals and other pollutants. Since setting it up is a cinch, you get to save money that you would have otherwise handed to a professional for the task.
  • Filtrete 3US-PS01: Able to handle contaminant agents in the water that are down to 0.5 microns in size, which evidently makes it superior to most water filter systems when it comes to the range of pollutants it can remove, the Filtrete is a worthy option to consider. The filters aren’t expensive to replace either, which is an obvious plus since upkeep won’t cost you as much as it would with more complex systems.
  • EcoPure ECOP40: Easy on the wallet and quite effective when it comes to removing water pollutants the likes of microorganisms, lead, sediment, and more, the EcoPure is a prime example of the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a qualitative product. Filter replacement might be needed a bit too often, it’s true, but the cartridges aren’t absurdly expensive, so proper upkeep is not necessarily a major financial effort.

Are your issues related to hard water? Then you would be better served by a whole house water softener instead. Pick either a system that uses salt in the process or a salt-free unit. Do your research, pick what best suits you, and you won’t have to worry that water-using appliances might be subject to

1. Aquasana AQ-5300.56

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Included all-metal faucet available in 3 finishes to match your kitchen décor
👍 Does not eliminate beneficial minerals from your drinking water
👍 Removes 77 different water contaminants with a 99% efficiency rate
👍 High flow rate – water pressure won’t drop after installing the water filter
👍 Pre-filter removes impurities down to 20 microns
👍 It keeps you on top of maintenance work by alerting you when it’s due

This is our favored entry due to its performance and reasonable asking price. Moreover, as it is contrived by a leading brand, any issue related to manufacturing will be handled professionally and in record time. If you seek further proof of its quality, know that it flaunts quite a few NSF certifications, including 42, 53, 401 + P473. While the product is still under warranty, repairs are provided free of charge too. With the acquisition, you also receive a faucet that is available in multiple design options.

General Specifications

AQ-5300.56 Specs
Rated flow:
0.5 GPM
Working temperature:
40 – 90°F
Working pressure:
20 – 80 PSI
DIY installation:

Claryum Technology

The high 97% chlorine reduction proficiency is granted by this method, which also tackles other common toxins in your water. A pre-filter and 3 filter media stand at its basis and help retain naturally occurring minerals with health-boosting properties, like Mg, Ca, and K. It is one of the most effective water filters when it comes to chlorine reduction, in fact, the only model that might succeed its success rate when it comes to removing this particular water contaminant being the APEC WFS-1000.

The purification resources on which it relies in its operation include:

  • 20-micron pre-filter;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Catalytic carbon;
  • Ion-exchange.


The company grants a 90-day satisfaction pledge period during which you can inspect the product and return it to profit from a full reimbursement. The warranty is 1 year long, and the agreement covers faults in materials and workmanship. There are exceptions, situations where the warranty might even be voided, so we advise that you look into the assurance agreement provided to see how and when you benefit from free reparations and substitutions and avoid the unwanted situation where you unknowingly cancel the agreement because of improper use.


Filter media substitution guessing is out of the question as it lets you know via an alert when the task is required. Thus, you won’t ever be caught off-guard and utilize it when the cartridges can no longer clear out impurities.

This upkeep task is to be anticipated biannually or so, reliant on your domestic water use rate. The cases have a twist-off design that even eases your work when the time comes for upkeep, which is a plus as the procedure is not intricate or time-consuming.

Check out the best Aquasana whole house water filter systems if you want to take a closer look at more complex water decontamination units the manufacturer provides.

Aquasana AQ-5300-56 Performance Ratings – Tester’s Feedback

  • Chlorine water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Lead water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Mercury water contamination reduction: Score – 9.5/10
  • VOCs water contamination reduction: Score – 9.9/10
  • Cysts water contamination reduction: Score – 10/10
  • Water taste improvement: Score – 10/10
  • Water odor improvement: Score – 10/10
I bought and installed this under-sink filter in my own home – for the kitchen sink, to be specific. I didn’t want to risk voiding the warranty so I had a professional plumber come in for the task. The team wasn’t very happy about this since they all wanted to see how complicated the task is, but I didn’t want to take the chance. However, watching the plumber do the work and having him explain the procedure step by step made me realize that it wouldn’t have been that difficult to take it up myself. Returning to the topic of interest – the water purification efficiency of the Aquasana under sink filter system – I must admit the results were near perfect. Before having the system set up, I sent a sample of my tap water to the lab for testing, and these were the unveiled issues – contamination with chlorine, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and bacteria. After installing the Aquasana AQ-5300.56, I sent another sample, this time of purified water, and when the results came in the difference was quite considerable, none of the contaminants that my water contained being present in as high amounts as they were before. Even the taste and smell of the water differed greatly for the better since there wasn’t much chlorine left in it to affect its quality anymore. I am more than pleased with this purchase and recommend it strongly if you have high chlorine content in your drinking water too.

Marcus Mackay - Expert Tester and Reviewer

Aquasana AQ-5300.56 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 600 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 3
Water Filtration Media: 20-micron pre-filter, activated carbin, catalytic carbon, ion-exchange Filter Life: 6 months
Water Contaminants Removal: 77 Water Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 20 – 80 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 90°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 1 year

2. Pelican PDF-1500

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 The 1,700-gallon capacity implies that filter replacement is due only every 6 to 12 months
👍 The catalytic GAC carbon filters remove taste poor taste and odor-causing pollutants from the water
👍 Tool-free cartridge replacement makes routine maintenance a breeze
👍 A faucet is included free of charge
👍 DIY installation is viable – follow the provided instructions closely

A rather common problem with filters is that in their operation, they dispose of healthful minerals from your potable water, causing an imbalance in your body if you don’t replenish the stock from other food or drink supplies. This is not the situation here as the product utilizes 3 separate filtering steps without eliminating the healthful minerals as it gets rid of pollutants.

It utilizes a 25-micrometer residue filter and two granular activated charcoal filters. Each requires substitution after an estimated 6 to 12 months, the exact time fluctuating according to water consumption rates. Since it is fitted with two activated charcoal filters, you can count on it to greatly improve the taste and smell of your tap water. The same high efficiency in this specific department is offered by the APEC WFS-1000, so you have a viable alternative for the Pelican system if it doesn’t comply with your expectations for one reason or another.

It flaunts a 1,500-gallon capacity, which spares you of extra costs over time as upkeep is not demanding or required too often. During its operation, it is capable of getting rid of over 60 common tap water toxins, including VOCs, chlorine, chloramines, cysts, and others.

The purchase includes a stylishly designed faucet that is accessible in chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze. Moreover, it is warranted against defects for 1 year. Just install it as instructed and utilize it properly and you benefit from free repairs within this period.

On the hunt for a solution to have clean water through running through the pipes and coming out of all outlets in your home? Then check out the best Pelican whole house water filter systems and make an acquisition that will comply with these expectations.

Pelican PDF-1500 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 1,500 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 3
Water Filtration Media: 25-micron pre-filter, two catalytic GAC carbon filters Filter Life: 6-12 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Chlorine, chloramines, taste, odor, and more Water Flow Rate: 1 gallon per minute
Operating Pressure: 40 – 80 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 1 year

3. Home Master TMAFC Artesian

Check Price at Amazon

12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 It adds the beneficial minerals back into your drinking water
👍 Equally efficient at clearing pollutants from municipal water and well water
👍 Does not affect the faucet water flow
👍 Installation and upkeep instructions are easy to follow


👎 The included faucet is cheaply made and tends to leak
👎 Costly purchase

You don’t need more than basic DIY skills to connect this model and benefit from its effective water purification services right in your home, which is good news as, besides the great value it comes at, entails that you won’t spend extra cash on a professional mounting either. The accompanying owner’s manual explains the installation procedure in full, so even if you don’t have prior practice, you will certainly handle the task.

Per day, you can expect it to deliver upward to 50 gallons of clean water, so it works for large families when water intake is high. We cannot end without praising the industry-leading 5-year warranty provided by the company as it is a standout on its own.

This RO system differs from other entries as it re-mineralizes the water twice before outputting it to maintain pH balance and truly healthy hydration. During the 7-step filtration procedure, it eliminates upward to 98% of liquefied solids, compounds, and other pollutants, its effectiveness being granted by the pre-filters and the RO membrane.

While with most RO systems filter change can be quite a bother, the same cannot be said in this specific case as each filter sits in its own housing to make upkeep a cinch. Moreover, you do not necessitate any tools for the operation as it is performed by simply pulling out the old cartridge and inserting the new one.

If you want a solution only for drinking clean water whenever you’re thirsty and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your purchase, you might be better off acquiring a water filter pitcher instead.

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 2,000 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 7
Water Filtration Media: Pre-filters, sediment filter, catalytic carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane Filter Life: 1 year
Water Contaminants Removal: Chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and more Water Flow Rate: 50 gallons per day
Operating Pressure: 40 – 95 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 3/8” Warranty: 5 years

4. APEC WFS-1000

Check Price at Amazon

12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Filter replacement is needed only once per year – reduced upkeep costs
👍 Lead-free chrome faucet included with the purchase
👍 Does not affect water flow, so you won’t witness any pressure drops
👍 Preserves the beneficial minerals and upholds water alkalinity levels


👎 Does not remove total dissolved solids from the water
👎 The included fittings are not of the best quality

Seeing how the upkeep work related to filter change is only required once per year, there is not much hassle or money waste involved with this 3-step model. Needless to say, the accessible price makes it a favorite among customers.

In phase #1, it employs a 10-inch polypropylene filter that serves the aim of handling pollutants like residue, rust, and silt. In phase #2, the 10-inch extruded carbon block filter eliminates chlorine, which has a positive impact on the taste and smell of potable water, even solving the matter of cloudiness if this was ever a trouble. The third phase employs the same media utilized in the second step, to further diminish contamination issues and assure uncontaminated water. In this sense it is very similar to the Pelican PDF-1500 since both system use two carbon filters in their water purification process.

Setup is quite simple and you are likely not going to have any issues following through with it, especially seeing how every step is comprehensively explained in the accompanying manual. With a flow rate of 0.75 GPM, the force with which the water pours from the faucet is not influenced by this addition. Moreover, the product is backed against defects for 1 year. During this period the manufacturer covers repair costs free of charge.

APEC WFS-1000 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity:N/A Water Filtration Stages: 3
Water Filtration Media: 10” high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter, two extruded carbon block 10” media Filter Life: 1 year
Water Contaminants Removal: Lead, chlorine, and other contaminants Water Flow Rate: 0.75 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 20 – 85 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 3/8” Warranty: 1 year

5. iSpring RCC7

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Can tackle removing over 1,000 different water polluting agents
👍 NSF 58.ANSI certified for its high efficiency in total dissolved solids reduction
👍 Features a 3.2-gallon capacity pressurized metal tank
👍 Lifetime support provided by the manufacturer – whenever you encounter issues with the filter system, the company will instruct you on how to proceed


👎 For most customers, the included 10’ of plastic tubing did not suffice for the installation process
👎 It wastes a considerable amount of water during the filtration process

There might be an abundance of toxins that plague tap water, but seeing how this system removes over 1,000 pollutants it encounters, including chlorine, bacteria, giardia, lead, fluoride, and more, you will benefit from uncontaminated water as soon as you start using it. Its effectiveness is granted by the 5-step filtration method that gradually removes pollutants.

There are 3 pre-filters encompassed in the setup – a PP sediment filter, a GAC filter, and a CTO filter. Their role is to eliminate large-size pollutants and chemicals so that the RO membrane functions at its full capacity afterward. At the heart of it all sits the aforementioned RO layer that has the purpose of eliminating contaminants down to 0.0001 micrometers in size, pollutants that no other filtration method would handle. In the last stage, the GAC filter or post-carbon filter does one last refinement so that no elements escape and taint the water.

An all-metal, stylish faucet is included, as well as all the fitting hardware, so there are no extra costs involved from this point of view. Furthermore, iSpring backs it against defects for 1 year, so in case there are any manufacturing mistakes, you receive free repairs while the agreement is active.

Upkeep is needed either bi-annually or annually, consistent with the domestic intake rate, so you won’t spend much money on it over time. The residue filter case is clear, so you can see beforehand when replacement is due at a glance. Setup is not a demanding procedure and you can execute it without professional assistance to save money. What you must do is push to join the fittings, and the tubings are color-coordinated to make your work easier.

iSpring RCC7 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: N/A Water Filtration Stages: 5
Water Filtration Media: PP sediment filter, GAC filter, CTO filter, RO membrane, GAC filter Filter Life: 6-12 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Over 1,000 contaminants Water Flow Rate: 75 gallons per day
Operating Pressure: 40 – 70 PSI Operating Temperature: 100°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 1 year

6. CuZn UC-200

Check Price at Amazon

12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 High capacity filter that needs replacement only once every 5 years
👍 Professional customer support services – quick and helpful responses
👍 Bacteriostatic design – the interior of the cartridge won’t harbor microorganisms
👍 Best option for softening hard water


👎 Installation instructions need expanding upon
👎 Reduces the water flow

At a sensible price, you will gain from water purification in your own home for up to 5 years as it necessitates replacement only after purifying up to 50,000 gallons, exceeding its competitors in the capacity department. It sieves the water selectively to preserve beneficial mineral content.

The setup is straightforward as it just needs to be joined to the cold water line. A standout is the 2 GPM flow rate that doesn’t affect the force with which the water pours of the faucet so that you are not inconvenienced by its operation. It is the suggested choice for hard water and well water, so keep this aspect in mind before you make a specific choice as it might be the selection that best complies with your needs. Another option worth considering if you are dealing with water hardness is the Culligan US-EZ-4, so if you want an alternative, this cheaper system is your go-to.

The micro-sediment membrane eliminates silt and similar particles, while a mixture of KDF-55 media and catalytic coconut shell carbon impedes the formation of scale, eliminates chlorine to solve any issues related to unpleasant taste and smell, and eliminates other common tap water pollutants. Moreover, it flaunts a bacteriostatic design that prevents mold or bacteria development.

When it comes to backing, CuZn covers it for the first 5 years, so it is warranted throughout its entire lifecycle. Additionally, a 90-day money-back pledge is provided that grants a full reimbursement in case you want to return it.

CuZn UC-200 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 50,000 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 3
Water Filtration Media: Micro-sediment membranes, KDF-55 media, catalytic coconut shell carbon media Filter Life: 5 years
Water Contaminants Removal: Heavy metals, chlorine, sediment, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste, odors, algae, molds, and more Water Flow Rate: 2 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 65 PSI Operating Temperature: N/A
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 5 years

7. Express Water RO5DX

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Great performance when it comes to reducing TDS levels in the water
👍 Handles removing odor-causing compounds with higher efficiency than most water filters
👍 Extra filters are included with the package
👍 Produces upward to 50 gallons of clean water per day


👎 Installing it is trickier as opposed to other similar systems
👎 Uses too much water pressure to produce clean water

Effective against over 100 common contaminants, this RO system helps generate the purest drinking water due to its 99.99% removal efficiency rate when tackling contamination like chlorine, bacteria, lead, fluoride, calcite, pharmaceuticals, and more. Just like the other RO water filters we previously reviewed, the Home Master TMAFC Artesian and the iSpring RCC7, it is a great solution for dealing with total dissolved solids contamination of your drinking water.

It uses a 5-step filtration method that is comprised of a residue filter, a carbon block filter, a GAC filter, a RO membrane, along with a post-carbon filter. Each purification media is double sealed to ensure enhanced filtration efficiency.

Per day, it can clean up to 50 gallons of water, and the pour rate at which it is outputted is 0.8 GPM. It comprises a leak stop valve that senses excess water and closes the flow to prevent leaks.

It is intended to fit neatly under counter in a cabinet, is compatible with 3/8” and 1/2” connections, and comes with a housing wrench that comes in handy for media substitution. With the acquisition, you also receive a brass feed adapter and quick-connect adapter so that you may install it on your own without having to buy additional hardware.

It functions on 80 PSI tops, so there is a chance that you might need a pressure regulator. It is NSF Standard 58 certified, which implies that it flaunts a lead-free build and boasts high efficiency when it comes to dissolved solids reduction. Moreover, 1-year backing is provided against defects.

Express Water RO5DX Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: N/A Water Filtration Stages: 5
Water Filtration Media: Sediment filter, carbon block filter, GAC filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter Filter Life: 6-12 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Over 100 contaminants Water Flow Rate: 50 gallons per day
Operating Pressure: 40 – 80 PSI Operating Temperature: 100°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 1 year

8. Frizzlife MK99

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Greatly improves water flavor and smell due to its high water contaminant removal rate
👍 Filter replacement is due only once every 2 years
👍 You won’t see fluctuations or drops in water pressure as of installing it
👍 Among the best water filters when it comes to lead removal


👎 Seems to have issues removing sulfur odor from the water
👎 Not as efficient for chlorine reduction like the Pelican PDF-1500 and the APEC WFS-1000 are

Offering two filtering stages, the first one being designed to capture sediments down to five microns and the second one, a carbon block, having an efficiency of up to 99.99% against contaminants down to 0.5 microns, this model is a nice pick for a medium-sized household as it has a capacity of 1,600 gallons. In general, the filters last for up to two years, but this period may vary depending on the volume of water that is consumed daily.

The kit consists of a plastic casing, which encapsulates the two filters, and all the necessary hardware you will need for the installation. The setup process is straightforward, so there’s no doubt that you will be able to do it yourself, and it will only take you a few minutes. It matches both 3/8” and 1/2” water lines (cold), and the converters are included, so there’s nothing complicated here. With the quick twist mechanism, you won’t even need tools. Plus, when it comes to changing the filters, you won’t even need to close the waterline as the filter cap presents a special valve. You will just need to close it and do your job. Once again, a matter of minutes.

It has an excellent flow rate of 2 GPM if run at the recommended pressure of 40 PSIG, unlike other models that force you to wait longer until filling a glass of water. Thus, you will be able to use it for various household activities that require more water, like cooking or washing vegetables. It is backed by a 1-year service assurance.

Frizzlife MK99 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 1,600 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 2
Water Filtration Media: Block carbon filter cartridge with 0.5 micron precision, Sediment filter cartridge with 5 micron precision Filter Life: 2 years
Water Contaminants Removal: 99.99% of contaminants, including lead, heavy metals, chlorine , chromium 6, mercury, rust, and more Water Flow Rate: 2 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: @40 PSI Operating Temperature: 39°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 3/8” or 1/2” Warranty: 2 years

9. Culligan US-EZ-4

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Viable option for reducing water hardness
👍 High chlorine removal rate – the water will taste and smell better after installing this system
👍 Costs less than most under sink water filters
👍 Twist on, twist off filter mechanism for easy replacement work


👎 The plastic connections included with the package are a bit flimsy
👎 It’s not the easiest system to install

Yet another well-known brand makes an appearance here, Culligan impressing with this single-stage system that requires upkeep work only once every 500 gallons of water are cleaned of impurities. Thus, replacement is likely necessitated only on a bi-annual basis. The installation hardware and a lead-free faucet are included in the package to spare you extra expenses. You are instructed in regards to how you should install it in the user manual, so you needn’t ask for professional help which would cost you a pretty sum of money.

The quick-connect fittings ensure that media replacement will be a cinch. It integrates a LED filter life indicator that comes in handy as it lets you know when the procedure is needed so that you won’t forget to do it on time.

The rated service flow is 0.5 GPM, and it works with temperatures from 40F to 100F. Furthermore, it can manage a pressure range from 30 to 100 PSI. Another mention-worthy performance aspect is that it can handle purifying water which contains a maximum of 5 NTU turbidity, so keep this aspect in mind.

Culligan US-EZ-4 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 500 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 1
Water Filtration Media: RC-EZ-4 Filter Life: 6 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Chlorine, sediment, cysts, mercury, VOCs, and more Water Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 30 – 100 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 2 years

10. GE GXK285JBL

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Filters water contaminants down to 0.5 microns
👍 Electronic timer lets you know exactly when filter replacement is due
👍 Easy to install and use
👍 Available at an accessible price


👎 Flow rate tends to lower with time after you set this system up
👎 Included tubes are longer than necessary

Provided with a twist and lock fitting method, this model installs in minutes, and there’s no need for you to hire a professional for this job. You just need to connect it to the cold water line (you won’t need any tool, and all the hardware is provided) and test the clean water it delivers for the first time. As it has a dual design, the flow rate is increased to 1.1 GPM, which is a good value compared to what other models offer.

The filter is efficient against contaminants that have a size between 0.5 and 1 micron and was tested and certified by the NSF. Thus, it was proven that it can capture a wide array of VOCs and pharmaceutical substances, along with the more common pollutants like lead and chlorine. It also neutralizes bad odors and tastes, so the water will not only be cleaner but will taste better.

For optimal functioning, it needs to be connected to a water pressure between 35 and 125 psi, and the water temperatures should remain between 30F and 100F. Maintenance should be performed every 6 months to ensure proper efficiency, and this model displays a LED that will light on when it’s time for this action.

The electronic timer will count the days, and you will need to reset it after replacing the filter. Moreover, you will receive a chrome controller that will help you switch between filtered and unfiltered water with ease, an option that will help you prolong the life of the filter. For any malfunctions that may occur during its functioning, this model comes with a 1-year company backing.

GE GXK285JBL Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 300 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 2
Water Filtration Media: Carbon Filter Life: 6 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Pharmaceuticals, VOCs, lead, chlorine taste and odor, and other contaminants Water Flow Rate: 1.1 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 35 – 125 PSI Operating Temperature: 33°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: Quick connect Warranty: 1 year

11. Filtrete 3US-PS01

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Removes water contaminating agents down to 0.5 microns in size
👍 Install it with your existing faucet – easier setup since you won’t have to install a new fixture
👍 Works for municipal water, but it’s better suited for well water
👍 Replacement filter cartridges are cheap


👎 Tends to cause drops in water pressure
👎 A few reports regarding filter housing leaks – watch out for this specific issue

It is renowned for drastically reducing chlorine taste and odor, as well as eliminating 0.5-micron sediments without any hassle. Moreover, it does it all while still maintaining a cheap asking price that is topped by the cheap cartridge you only need to substitute after filtering 2000 gallons of water. It does not feature an indicator to show you when replacement is due, but there is a sticker that serves as a reminder for this upkeep task.

It takes less than 30 minutes to install and you do not need any plumbing skills to follow through with the procedure. It is NSF certified for standards 42 and 53, so it has a few aspects in common with the top-rated Aquasana AQ-5300.56. These certifications indicate that it effectively reduces non-health-related pollutants like chlorine, chloramine, particulate, manganese, iron, zinc, and TDS, as well as health-related contaminants like lead, chromium, and VOCs.

It maintains a full water flow at 2.25 GPM so that there won’t be fluctuations in pressure after you install it. Moreover, a 1-year guarantee is provided against manufacturing defects. Within this period, it is repaired free of charge if needed.

Filtrete 3US-PS01 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 2,000 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 1
Water Filtration Media: N/A Filter Life: 6 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Chlorine, sediment, VOCs, lead, TDS, and more Water Flow Rate: 2.25 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 25 – 125 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 0.25” Warranty: 1 year

12. EcoPure ECOP40

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12 Best Rated Under Sink Water Filter Systems – In-Depth Reviews


👍 Over 99.9% efficiency when it comes to removing bacteria, chlorine, and other common water pollutants
👍 Automatically shuts off when filter replacement is due until you perform this mandatory routine task
👍 Space-saving under sink model that is easy to install even by a first-timer
👍 Encapsulated filter design makes filter replacement a cinch


👎 Cannot remove total dissolved solids
👎 Some customers complained that they replace the filters after only 2-3 months

During the 3-step operating process, it effectively eliminates over 99.9% of sediment, pesticides, industrial solvents, bacteria, germs, cysts, herbicides, insecticides, and more.

However, it makes sure to not tamper with beneficial minerals in the water so that it won’t only taste better but maintain an active contribution to boosting your health as a whole.

Filter replacement is needed by-annually or after it purifies an estimated 550 gallons of water, so maintenance costs aren’t an issue. Moreover, the smart automatic shut-off feature halts the water flow when you follow through with changing the filter so that tainted water does not break through and put your health in peril.

Woefully, we cannot say much about its warranty, but what we can highlight is the inclusion of all the hardware necessitated to follow through with the installation. Moreover, the setup is simplistic due to the color-coded tubing featured by the system. Thus, you are likely to install it without requiring professional help, which ends up saving you money.

EcoPure ECOP40 Specifications Sheet

Water Filtration Capacity: 550 gallons Water Filtration Stages: 3
Water Filtration Media: N/A Filter Life: 6 months
Water Contaminants Removal: Over 99.9% of viruses, cysts, bacteria, lead, chlorine, sediment, and more Water Flow Rate: 0.75 gallons per minute
Operating Pressure: 40 – 100 PSI Operating Temperature: 40°F – 100°F
Fitting Size: 3/8” Warranty: Satisfaction guarantee

Installation and Maintenance Guides

The huge improvement of the new filter types is that they can be effortlessly mounted, and the upkeep no longer requires professional assistance. In fact, some models come with quick-fit designs that don’t even require the use of tools, so the time spent with this operation is now considerably reduced. Accessibility and ease of use are even more important when it comes to maintenance as these models go under the sink, and complex tasks surely would make this job more complicated. Luckily, all the units on this top have easy-fitting designs that won’t give you lots of trouble.

This being said, let’s have a quick look at how both installation and periodical upkeep work.

How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter System

Keep to the steps below, and you will be consuming pure water in just a few minutes:

  1. Switch off the cold water – as the filter will be affixed to the cold water line, you will want to close it to avoid making a mess. Try to locate it underneath the sink. It is typically positioned to the right side.
  2. Clear the line of any remaining water – open the faucet and let the remaining water flow, so no water remains locked upstream of the line.
  3. Mount the adapter – each kit includes one or maybe two. Pick the one that corresponds to your line and connect it to the hose.
  4. Attach the tubing – it’s a plastic element with two openings. Read the instructions to see which goes to the connecter and which goes to the filter.
  5. Attach the second tubing to the water shut-off valve.
  6. Test – Open the waterline and let the water run first for 5 minutes and then for 10 more minutes. This will help activate the carbon and make the media function optimally.

The operation should run pretty smoothly, and you will soon notice the water flowing clearer and with an improved taste. Nonetheless, to maintain it this way, you shouldn’t neglect maintenance, which is an essential task in this case.

Under Sink Water Filter Maintenance Guide

You need to verify the included user manual to see the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often the filters should be changed. This hinges on their type but also the sum of gallons consumed per day. Some models may last for 2 years or more, while others may require substitutions every few months. If your product comes with a LED indicator, check to see if it is lit, as this signals that the media has run its course.

Here are a few useful indications for changing the filters:

  1. This time you won’t need to turn off the waterline as you have previously installed a shut-off valve, so just make sure to close it. Once again, open the tap to release any water that may be stuck on the upper side of the line.
  2. Detach the housing(s). Sometimes, they will come off easily but, in other cases, you may need a wrench. Check the O-rings to make sure they are in good shape. If they aren’t have a couple prepared to change them.
  3. Clean the housing by using a solution made of water and soap. Use a brush to loosen any debris and dirt. Then, disinfect them with a solution made from water and bleach (2-3 spoons of bleach to a gallon of water should be sufficient). Pour the solution into the housing(s) and reconnect the whole system but without the media. Let the water run for a few seconds, then let the solution disinfect the system for half an hour. Finally, disconnect the housing by using the same procedure and discard the solution.
  4. Place the new filters in the cartridges and reconnect them to the system. Run the water for 5 minutes to activate the carbon.
  5. Don’t forget to check for leaks.

To maintain everything clean and tidy, periodically wipe the containers with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Also, if, when detaching the filters, you observe great deposits of scale, you should consider replacing them more often as this indicates that the water in your area is hard and may decrease the system’s efficiency.

Under Sink vs Countertop Water Filters

Under Sink Water Filters – Pros & Cons

  • Out of sight: What is undoubtedly the most noticeable gain of this system is that it stays out of sight. This implies that it won’t meddle with the design of your kitchen, allowing you to preserve the room as you like when it comes to its appearance.
  • Free up counter space: Counter space is valuable, especially in small-sized kitchens. With it, you can be certain that no space will be lost as it doesn’t reside on the counters you need for placing appliances and cooking tasks.
  • Great filtration rate: When pinned side by side, these models generally boast better filtration rates as opposed to their countertop counterparts. This implies a higher efficiency in decontaminating the water, and thus are a better choice for your health.
  • Keeping healthy minerals: What quality systems have in common is the fact that they help preserve healthful minerals. Thus, you won’t only hydrate with clean water, but the liquid you consume will offer you the requisite minerals for improved overall health.
  • More challenging to install: In contrast to countertop models, they are more problematic to install as they demand some level of handy work. However, you need not get discouraged as the setup process is generally simplistic and explained in detail in the manual that accompanies each product.
  • Larger in size: Don’t get us wrong, when we refer to the unit being large, we mean when paralleled to countertop models. Evidently, their footprint is larger, but it isn’t all that big as to become an issue, and seeing how they install below the sink where it is unlikely that you keep anything else, size won’t ever be an actual issue.

Countertop Water Filters – Pros & Cons

  • Small footprint: As they are intended for placement on the counter, these products tend to boast a small size that makes them quite a discrete addition to the kitchen.
  • Easy to install: As these systems generally only require a connection to the faucet, they are simpler to install, the procedure usually taking only a few minutes.
  • Slow filtration: These systems take a longer amount of time to filter the same volume of water as under-sink models do, which is an obvious downside as it compromises their efficiency.
  • Occupy useful space: No matter how compact the system is, one thing is for sure – it takes up counter space. For those who have small kitchens where the counters are already cluttered with other useful appliances, this aspect is a negative one for sure.
  • Design wreckers: If you care for the aspect of the kitchen, you won’t be delighted by ruining it with the addition of a bulky and mismatched appliance.

Common Tap Water Contaminants

While the list of potential pollutants that could be afflicting the tap water quality is in the order of thousands, there is a shorter list of pollutants you are most likely dealing with, irrespective of the area you live in. Woefully, the effects these pollutants have on your health can be devastating depending on the period of ingestion, pollution levels, and your health state when exposed to them. Water decontamination is the sole solution to keep the health effects of these contaminants at bay. To increase awareness regarding potable water purification, we will talk a bit about some of these common pollutants.

Intentionally added by multiple community water systems into the water supply to regulate the growth and spreading of microbes, chlorine not only impacts human health through direct consumption or bathing, but it can cause air quality to decrease indoors when it evaporates from the bath/shower and causes an unpleasant taste and odor of the water.

Chlorine – Health Effects
Nose irritations, Skin irritations, Eye irritations, Dry hair, Dry skin

Generally added as an extra measure of disinfecting water in the municipal system, chloramines form when free chlorine water is mixed with ammonia.

Chloramines – Health Effects
Aggravation or causation of respiratory problems, Asthma, Mucous membrane damage, Skin irritations, Eczema, Red eyes, Digestive disorders, Gastric cancer, Ammonia toxicity

A toxic metal that is dangerous even at low levels and that you must make sure to never consume.

Lead – Health Effects
Learning disabilities, Growth retardation, Weakened hearing, Impaired formation of blood cells, Peripheral nervous system damage, and Short stature in children, as well as Increased blood pressure, Raised incidence of hypertension, Reproductive problems, and Decreased kidney function in adults

Synthetic chemicals that are found in medication and pharmaceuticals are common in water streams because of improper disposal and uncontrolled manufacturing facilities.

Pharmaceuticals – Health Effects
Developmental issues in children

Microbial parasites that are resistant to the disinfection processes used by municipalities enter the water through sewage and leaks.

Cysts – Health Effects
Intestinal illnesses, Nausea, Breathing difficulties

Volatile organic compounds:
VOCs are chemicals emitted as gases, and your body absorbs them when water is heated and vaporized.

VOCs – Health Effects
Eye irritation, Nose irritation, Throat irritation, Headaches, Kidney damage, Liver damage, Central nervous system damage, Allergic skin reaction, Dyspnea, Fatigue, Emesis, Epistaxis, Cancer

A liquid metal that enters our water through landfill runoff, cropland runoff, erosion of natural deposits, and discharge from factories.

Mercury – Health Effects
Brain damage, Kidney damage, Vision and hearing quality decrease, Memory problems, Irritability

MTBE, which is short for methyl tertiary butyl ether, is used to reduce ozone and carbon monoxide levels from auto emissions in gasoline. It ends up in our tap water through spills, pipelines, discharge from engines, and seepage of underground storage tanks.

MTBE – Health Effects
Headaches, Nausea, Dizziness, Throat irritation, Liver damage, Cancer


While not as proficient as whole house systems, but not as limited as pitchers, under-sink units provide an effective means to enjoy purified water as they capture contamination from the water that runs from the tap to which you connect them.

Here, we have presented the best models of the moment, but before we end, we want to go through some of the entries among them so that you get a clearer picture of what unit is most beneficial for your needs and expectations.

Best Overall: Aquasana AQ-5300.56

Brand reputability is the undeniable backing factor to make this acquisition without questioning its quality seeing how Aquasana is the most reliable manufacturer on the market. This 3-phase system is among their standout products as it eliminates upward to 77 pollutants, the likes of which even include chlorine and lead. Upkeep is required on a bi-annual basis, reliant on your domestic water consumption rate. Thus, costs related to running it are not high. Moreover, the manufacturer covers it against defects during the first year so that repairs are covered free of charge.

Editor’s Choice: Pelican PDF-1500

The 1,500-gallon capacity model is suited for all-size homes. What convinced us of its quality, though, is that it tackles over 60 common pollutants found in tap water, so regardless of the issues you are dealing with, it likely caters to your needs. It brings in a faucet at no extra cost and does not demand much in the way of upkeep seeing how the replacement is necessitated only annually or bi-annually, so it actually makes for an economical means to guarantee clean water running from the tap.

Best Under-Sink Water Filter for Hard Water: CuZn UC-200

The premium media are the ones making it the most suitable for softening hard water at the tap. As you install it, scale formation won’t be an issue anymore, and you can safely use the water it purifies in the coffee maker without worrying anymore about the state of the appliance. We must also emphasize the 50,000-gallon capacity that surpasses industry standards and ensures upward to 5 years of use before any upkeep work is necessary.

Best Under-Sink System for Chlorine: APEC WFS-1000

Chlorine is used in the treatment of water by municipalities, and while its efficiency is undeniable for decontamination, there’s a major issue with this chemical – it alters the taste and smell of the water, even leaving it looking cloudy. If your tap water suffers from any of these issues, then this APEC system is what you ought to look into since it specializes in the removal of chlorine and chloramines. Furthermore, it employs another 2 filtration stages to ensure proper contaminant reduction.

Best Under-Sink Water Filter for RV: Culligan US-EZ-4

Small and efficient in its operation, this Culligan entry is quite a common choice among RV owners who seek to have clean water for consumption and cooking consumption when they hit the road. Upon receiving the box, you will observe a surprising extra accessory that comes in handy with the setup, more precisely a lead-free faucet. Thus, no extra expenses follow as of acquiring it. We also like that it is fitted with a LED filter life indicator that takes the guesswork out of upkeep so that you won’t find yourself accidentally forgetting to perform on time, which would otherwise decrease the system’s efficiency.

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